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Nine Inch Nails - Uncoiled (Flac)

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On February 21, 1995, Stephanie Nahas posted to about meeting up with Danny Lohner, who mentioned at the time that Coil had remixed Eraser for an upcoming remix album. Sometime in the next few months, someone with reliable contacts with the Coil and NIN camps let on that several remixes were completed by Coil, but not all of them made the remix album. The Nine Inch Nails discography was updated to add the following tracks to "NIN PHANTOM SONGS"

Eraser (a version with worms)
The Downward Spiral (a gilded sickness)
The Downward Spiral (fullblown)

These were added a few lines below this existing entry:
Gave Up(remix by coil, used in movie Young Americans, faster than fixed version and uses the same sound template according to John Balance of Coil. fixed version appears on soundtrack)

Over the years, NIN fans helped dig up tracks on that PHANTOM NIN SONGS list, but these proved elusive. Peter Christopherson was asked in 2007 about any unreleased remixes for the launch of
"Thanks for writing and listening over the years, but sorry - to the best of my recollection everything we did was already used by Trent in public, except the Broken Movie, which I understand is available from some type sites."

With the passing of John Balance and Peter Christopherson, I took the rumors of those remixes of The Downward Spiral and Eraser to be figments of the creative imagination of someone on - as to the remix of Gave Up that appeared in Young Americans, that concretely existed. In 2012, longtime Echoing the Sound forum member Wizfan, hailing from Greece, contacted Danny Hyde:

"I had seen a YouTube video of yours a couple of years ago. You showed a box with the Nothing logo on it. Do you still have it? Could you tell us about it? We are interested in unreleased songs/remixes by Coil, NIN or other artists."

The response he got was pretty exciting -
"sure i have many unreleased versions of Gave up and closer, mixes created on the days but different and unheard even by trent
I also have versions of the downward spiral and eraser mixes on a dat somewhere"

Eight months later, with the help of over fifty members of, remixes that have sat on DATs - some for over two decades - are now available for you to enjoy.

Special thanks to Wizfan for getting the ball rolling, to David D. Yuhnke for chasing down all the other phantom NIN tracks, Marius Andrei Dima for coming up with photography in very short order, and Danny Hyde for making this possible.


01. Gave Up (Open Your Eyes)
02. Closer (Unrecalled)
03. The Downward Spiral (A Gilded Darkness)
04. Eraser (Reduction)
05. Gave Up (Flim Mix)
06. Gave Up (Coldcutter)
07. Gave Up (In Your Face)
08. Gave Up (Full Mix)
09. Gave Up (Full Mix+)
10. Gave Up (More Perc)
11. Gave Up (More Perc No Bass)


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