Sunday 30 October 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Kama Sutra - (Flac)

This is a double CD bootleg, the second disc is the Boblingen 1991 concert wich it's already here in a variety of versions,but never in FLAC. The first disc,  contains demos and sessions (most of wich are already posted here).

Disc 1: Demos
01. Body Electric
02. Train
03. Afterhours
04. Kiss The Carpet
05. Jolene
06. Heartland
07. Burn
08. Valentine
09. Alice
10. Floorshow
11. 1969
12. Anaconda
13. Dominion
14. Lucretia
15. Temple of Love
16. Gimme Shelter

Disc 2: Sporthalle, Boblingen - 07.05.1991

01. Body And Soul
02. Alice
03. Dominion/Mother Russia
04. Ribbons
05. Amphetamine Logic
06. Detonation Boulevard
07. This Corrosion
08. Gimme Shelter
09. Something Fast
10. Jolene
11. Marian
12. Flood II
13. Temple Of Love
14. Valentine
15. Vision Thing

Gene Loves Jezebel - O2 Academy, Brixton, UK - 22.10.2011

Photo: Bourgol

I really liked this band in the 80's, but lost track of them for over two decades. Here it's the recording of their support slot with the Mish at Brixton. They are in fine form! Listening to the recording I learned that they played with the Mish in Lisbon also and that got me a littler pissed off, since none of the promotion of that concert refered to them...

Thanks to Cyberbio for letting me share his recording.

taper: cyberbio
position: FOB
lineage: SP-CMC-8 Hypercards - SP-SPSB-11 (no roll off) - Edirol R09HR (24/4)


01. Promise
02. Heartache
03. Who Wants To Go To Heaven?
04. Why Can't I?
05. Break The Chain
06. Desire

Björk - No Place Like Home - Reykjavik, Iceland - 06.10.1999 (2 DVD ProShot)

Thanks to cEnda for these ones.

PAL VHS Master from Icelandic TV > JVC HR-S5980 Worldwide S-VHS VCR >
Datavideo TBC-1000 (Time Base Corrector) > Datavideo DAC-100 (DV Bridge) >
Scenalizer Live! (capture) > Tmpgenc Xpress (MPG2 compression) >
Dvd Lab Pro (Authoring)

DVD Bitrate: 2pass VBR 6000bps avg, 8000max, 2000min
DVD Author: Steve Bennett
DVD source: Anonymous
artwork by:  goudwater
Project Coordinator: danlynch

A HUGE amount of thanks to "Anonymous" for lending me the VHS PAL master,
and trusting the Bjork Hub to do it right, and to Steve for a tremendous
job of authoring the DVD. 
danlynch 2005-03-11

Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu
03 Hunter
04 Come to Me
05 All Neon Like
06 You've Been Flirting Again (Icelandic)
07 Isobel
08 Immature
09 Possibly Maybe
10 Venus as a Boy
11 I Go Humble
12 5 Years

Disc 2
01 Human Behaviour
02 Bachelorette
03 Hyperballad
04 Violently Happy
05 Pluto
06 Um Akkeri\Anchor Song (Icelandic)
07 Alarm Call
08 Joga
09 Play Dead

PLEASE SUPPORT BJORK.  If you download or trade for this DVD, go immediately
to and buy the official DVDs.

This DVD is for FREE SHARE only.  If you attempt to sell this DVD, you will
be breaking the law, and the trust of the people who made this possible.

Friday 28 October 2011

Fields of the Nephilim - O2 Academy, Brixton, London - 22.10.2011

Photo copyright: Ennan Hamill / Photoghost

The Nephs supporting the Mish last weekend. Huge thanks to Cyberbio for letting me share his excellent recording.´

Setlist :

Straight To The Light
Preacher Man
From the Fire
Last Exit

Monday 24 October 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Tuska Metal Festival, Helsinki - 30.06.2006 (Flac)

Excellent sound in this recording. Huge Thanks to DrSisters for sendiong me his master to share here.

Source: SONY TCD-D8 + MM-HLSC-3 @ 48kHz >> PC >> Adobe Audition >> 44.1khz >> TLH >> FLAC8.

Sisters perform in daylight in front of drunk Finnish metal heads, there was some technical issues with Chris guitar during the whole show. but apart from that the sound was ACE, Eldritch vocals is crystal clear

Eldritch just before Slept : "On The Ku'damm"

Eldritch before Anaconda: "How Many Grimreapers do we have in the crowd exactly ? I see two " was directed to the guys in front disguised as Grim reapers with plastic scythes..

Eldritch before Temple Of Love: "Deep down bad to the bone wrong" Guess that was a reference to Vision Thing and This War Is Wrong.

Enjoy !!

1. Intro
2. Crash And Burn
3. Ribbons
4. Dr Jeep - Detonation Boulevard
5. Still
6. Flood 1
7. Will I Dream
8. Dominion - Mothe Russia
9. Summer
10. Giving Ground
11. Slept
12. Alice
13. Anaconda
14. Something Fast
15. We Are The Same, Susanne
16. This Corrosion
17. Lucretia My Reflection


18. Top Night Out
19. Vision Thing
20. Temple Of Love

Echo and the Bunnymen - Bootleg VHS #1 (ProShot DVD)

A friend of mine bought a VHS tape on eBay, containing three hours of 80's Bunnymen material,
but he didn't had any way of seeing it, so asked me to transfer to DVD, in exchange I could
post whatever I wanted from it.

The tape was quite beaten up, but watchable.  I decided to just include this two performances on volume 1, more volumes to follow.

I must warn you that during the Tube performance, there's quite a lot of interference, due to
the tape being the must damaged in that zone. That is slightly annoying but doesn't really affect
the viewing too much, with the exception of Thorn Of Crowns wich is unwatchable  during one minute,
I thought hte tape would break at that point, but it passed through it and the reat of it was OK.
Surely these are not the definitve versions of this two ProShot performances, maybe this will
motivate someone to share a better version. If that doesn't happen, there still quite good.

Anyway, check the screenshots before downloading.


Lineage: Bootleg VHS Tape -> Phillips DVD Recorder -> DVD5
Image: ProShot
Format: PAL
Frame: 720 x 576 (4:3)
Frames per second: 25,000
Stereo - AC3 codec 48000Hz 256 kb/s
Basic Menu with 3 titles, chapters every 6m when title is longer than that.
Total Running Time: 46.49m

Title 1 (29.22m):

Pop Carnival
Sefton Park, Liverpool, England
August 26th, 1982
- Rescue
- All My Colours (Zimbo)
- The Back of Love
- Heads Will Roll
- Heaven up Here
- Over the Wall
- Do It Clean

Title 2 (13.50m):

The Tube
December, 1984
- Nocturnal Me
- Ocean Rain
- Thorn of Crowns (tape damaged during 1 minute)

Title 3 (3.37m):

The Tube
December, 1984
- Killing Moon


Share Freely.
Support the artists by going to the concerts and buying merchandise.

Anna Calvi - Kampnagel, Hamburg - 14.08.2011 (Flac)

Excellent FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Source: Digital Cable Radio Broadcast (320kbps/mp2 Stream, Stereo), German Radio "NDR Info" on 12th October 2011, complete Concert

Lineage: DVB-C Radiobroadcast (my own Recording) -> uncompressed Recording/Digital Receiver/HDD -> Transfer PC -> dbPowerAmp (mp2/48kHz to Wave 16Bit/44,1 kHz -> Audacity (Trackmarker, Fades) -> FLAC 8 -> DIME

01. Rider To The Sea
02. No More Words
03. Blackout
04. I'll Be Your Man
05. First We Kiss
06. Surrender (Elvis Presley Cover)
07. Moulinette
08. Suzanne And I
09. Morning Light
10. Desire
11. Love Won't Be Leaving
12. The Devil
13. Jezebel (Édith Piaf Cover)


Ghost Dance - Reading Festival, Reading, UK - 26.08.1988 + Various Bonus Including Skeletal Family (DVD)

Excellent compilation of live videos from Anne-Marie 80's bands. Huge thanks to Egg_Crisis.

VHS(TDK HS E180 except Bradford=Polaroid E180) > LG DVD/VCR combo > DVD-RW disc > TMPGenc DVD author(add chapters & menu,no re-encode) > VIDEO_TS folder

Chapters at the start of each track

Video: MPEG2 Video 720x576 (4:3) 25.00fps 6556Kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 256Kbps

Reading & Manchester - audience
Bradford - pro-shot

Reading - unknown gen. From a trade in 1990.  Gary Marx gets hit by a full glass of beer(or something else) within seconds of the first song starting!

Manchester - 2nd gen. From a trade in 1990.  The guy I got it from got it from the filmer.  The reason there's only 2 songs is because the guy who video'd it would only copy those 2 songs.  A shame because what there is of it is quite good.

Bradford - unknown gen.  It's pretty good though and not losing its colour like some versions I've seen.

Promo video - unknown gen.

Uploaded by Egg_Crisis for Dark Circle Room

Ghost Dance
Reading Festival, Reading, UK, 1988.08.26
01 The Grip Of Love
02 Celebrate
03 This Way Up
04 The Blood Still Flows
05 Down To The Wire
06 Cinder Road
07 I Will Wait
08 Sea Of Faith
09 Heaven And Beyond
10 Walk In My Shadow
11 Last Train
12 Doctor Love
13 When I Call


Manchester International 2, Manchester, UK, 1989.10.17
14 This Way Up
15 Rock It


Skeletal Family
Benefit for Bradford City Fire Disaster Fund, St. George's Hall, Bradford, UK, 1984.08.02
16 Mixed Feelings
17 Watch Me
18 Trees


Promo video, 1985
19 Promised Land


Total - 79:45

Gary Numan - Apollo, Manchester, UK - 26.09.1979 (Flac)

Thanks to starboy for sharing this one on DIME.

Original Info File:

Philips Hipster(ALC)>TDK D-90> Technics deck azimuth adjusted)> CoolEditPro2 (balancing; slight EQ)> WaveLab (track Splitting)> TLH (Flac Lv8)

01 Airlane
02 Me - I Disconnect From You
03 Cars
04 M.E.
05 You Are In My Vision
06 Something's In The House
07 Random
08 Every Day I Die
09 Conversation
10 We Are So Fragile
11 Bombers
12 Remember I Was Vapour
13 On Broadway
14 The Dream Police
15 Films
16 Metal
17 Down In The Park
18 My Shadow In Vain
19 Are 'Friends' Electric?
20 Tracks

Following the hits Are ‘Friends’ Electric? and Cars, the Touring Principle was an unknown quantity.
Featuring Billy Currie (ex Ultravox) expectations ran high, and the Essex boy certainly did his best to entertain.  Robot cars, neon lighting, and a version of On Broadway to round out the influences - to this day Gary Numan is still a performer who wants to give his audience a good show.
This tour was immortalised on film and on record as Living Ornaments, but is presented here, warts and all.

Recommended Track: Cars; Bombers; Are 'Friends' Electric? or (my personal favourite) Down In The Park.

 This guy writes *songs*, and this gets overlooked too often.  Tunes you can whistle, too!

Björk - Björk Gudmundsdóttir - 1977 (FLAC)

Thanks to cEnda for this one.

Label: Parrot Records
Catalog: PAR-116
Format: CD, Album, Unofficial Release
Country: Australia
Released: 1977,1996

Björk's child album was released officially only on the Fálkinn label on vinyl and cassette and vinyl reissue in a limited run of 1,000 copies.
All "Fálkinn" CD releases are bootlegs in fact, available in many similar variations with the same artwork but different discs

Album credited under her full name: Björk Gudmunsdóttir.

Very first recording originally released in 1977 when Björk was only 11 years old.

Guest artists: Björgvin Gislason, Ólafur Haraldsson, Hildur Hauksdóttir.

"Jóhannes Kjarval" is a flute tribute to the artist by the same name. "Búkolla" is sung to the tune of ""Your Kiss Is Sweet" written by Syreeta Wright & Stevie Wonder. "Álfur Út Úr Hól" is sung to the tune of "The Fool On The Hill" by The Beatles

01. Arabadrengurinn  5:00
02. Búkolla          3:16
03. Alta Mira     2:30
04. Jóhannes Kjarval  2:15
05. Fúsi Hreindýr  3:27
06. Himnaför     2:32
07. Óliver       2:47
08. Álfur Út Úr Hól  3:04
09. Músastiginn  2:44
10. Baenin        2:00

Producer – Pálmi Gunnarsson, Sigurdur Karlsson, Tony Cook

Thursday 20 October 2011

The Sisters of Mercy - Crystal Palace, London - 31.07.1993 (MultiCam DVD)

I already posted a DVD of this concert, but this one is something totally diferent! This is a MultiCam made by Sisterstekland Aka Lasyboylive, using the two different video angles from this concert, both cleaned up of  some imperfections on the image, synched with a remastered sound from the "Enjoy The Puppet Show" bootleg. He was kind enough to let me share it, so all thanks go to him for his hard work and generosity.

You can check a clip here:


01. Ribbons
02. Floorshow
03. Giving Ground
04. More
05. Detonation Boulevard
06. Alice
07. Amphetamine Logic
08. Body Electric
09. First And Last And Always
10. Temple Of Love
11. This Corrosion
12. Flood II
13. Vision Thing

Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard - The Venue, London, UK - 02.12.1991 (Flac)

I already posted a different version of this concert before, but the setlist is different and this version is in Flac. Very good sound. Lydia lunch is probably the only common link inbetween this and last month's theme of the blog. Huge thanks to sam1 for sending me the files to post here.


-In My Time Of Dying
-Pigeon Town
-Solar Hex
-What Is Memory?
-Cisco Sunset
-Still Burning
-Burning Skulls (cut)

Björk - Gling-Gló - Channel 2, Reykjavik, Iceland - 30.08.1990 (ProShot DVD)

A short but excellent ProShot video. The interview is in Bjork natural language (Icelandic), so not many of you will understand much.. A great share by cEnda.

Gling-Gló - Rehearsals and TV Performance

01. Luktar-Gvendur
02. Björk Interview
03. Brestir Og Brak
04. Kata
05. Kata (edit)


Skinny Puppy - The Kitchen, New York - 14.07.1987 (video)

Another Skinny Puppy video share by sisteruli. Huge Thanks to him. I've taken the setlist from the web, but somehow it didn't fell like it was correct by seeing the video. Maybe someone can help with this subject?

01. Anger
02. The Choke
03. Addiction
04. Assimilate
05. First Aid
06. Dig It
07. One Time One Place
08. Deep Down Trauma Hounds
09. Chainsaw
10. Brap
11. Smothered Hope

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares - Maida Vale Studios, London - 23.09.2011 (Flac)

Excellent FM broadcast. thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

'Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares' perform and talk on BBC Radio 3 "World Routes" 2011.10.09  FLAC master

BBC Radio 3 HD Stream 320 kbps AAC/Adobe Audition<Tracks>fades>Flac 6
Checksum files done in Traders Little Helper

Lucy Duran meets 'Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares', the choir of Bulgarian women who for the past three decades have brought the complexities and subtleties of traditional Bulgarian polyphonic singing to a world audience. Plus a review of new world music tracks.

'Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares'  started out life as the Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir. In 1975 the Swiss musicologist Marcel Cellier released a compilation of their recordings with the title 'Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares', which was later picked up by the English band Bauhaus and rereleased to great acclaim. The choir won a Grammy in 1990, and have performed across the globe. Their style is influenced by Bulgarian folk singing and also by the area's Byzantine and Ottoman heritage, with modal scales, dissonant hamonies and the use of glissando. Their music has been described as ""the marriage of the avant-garde and the Middle Ages", and also as "somewhere between the Muslim call to prayer and the Beach Boys.".

01  Introduction
02  Moma Houbava (A Beautiful Young Girl)
03  Talk
04  Polegnala E Todora (Theodora is Dozing)
05  Talk
06  Vocal Sextet (authentic songs from the Shope area)
07  Talk
08  Ergen Deda
09  Outro

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Kirlian Camera - Das Rind, Russelgheim - 17.10.1996

Thanks to Ricardo for this one.  He's looking for some more Kirlian camera and Blutengel bootlegs, if someone is willing to share some here, it would be great.

01 Tauko (2.03)
02 Solaris IV/A (7.31)
03 Vienna (4.06)
04 Heldenplatz (4.13)
05 Hugging Shadows (2.13)
06 Your Face In The Sun (6.36)
07 Sea Of Memory (2.58)
08 Raindome (2.29)
09 Ascension (5.18)
10 In The Endless Rain (4.47)
11 U-Bahn V.2 "Heiligenstadt" (5.09)
12 Eclipse (6.09)
13 Fields Of Sunset (4.56)
14 Erinnerung (7.03)
15 Twilight Fields (3.15)
16 Hermaphrodita (2.19)

The Cult - Jonathan Ross Show - 26.11.1989 (ProShot DVD)

Back in the late 80's , just after Sonic Temple had been released, the Cult appeared on the Jonathan Ross show. They blow the house down.

01. Sun King
02. Born To Be Wild

Sunday 16 October 2011

Björk - W Festival, Sopot, Poland - 12.07.2003 (ProShot DVD)

And good DVD from Bjork shared by cEnda,


01. All Is Full of Love
02. Desired Constellation
03. Heriloom
04. An Echo, A Statin
05. Bachelorette
06. Hyper-Ballad
07. It's In Our Hands
08. Pluto
09. Generous Palmstroke