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RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - The Boxing Club, Drogheda, Ireland - 20.10.1990 (Flac)


The first concert of TSOM after the demise in 1985, under the name "Speed Kings". This concert was already on the blog, in MP3, probably with the same source. time for an upgrade to FLAC. Very good sound. I actually own these two bootlegs on Vinyl, but it's not my rip. Thanks to uuughh for his upload on DIME.

Two single LP's, titled 'Speed Kings Live 90' and 'Speed Kings 90'

LP -> Cool Edit -> wav -> Flac Frontend -> flac

Sounds like audience recording, quality maybe B+.
Artwork included.

Disc 1 (Speed Kings Live 90):

First and last and always
Lucretia my reflection
Body and soul
Temple of love
Vision thing
Detonation boulevard

Disc 2 (Speed Kings 90)

When you don't see me
Gimme shelter
This corrosion
Doctor Jeep
Something fast

Total time: 88:24


RE-UPLOAD: Bauhaus - Scamps, Oxford, UK - 11.08.1980 (Flac)


A fairly clear early audience recording. Thanks to NW for sharing this recording on DIME

? - ? - (M1 or M2 Tape Trade - Circa 1981) - Sony CHF60 - Yamaha KX-393 - Adobe Audition (Adjustments) - CD Wave (Split Tracks) - Wav - Flac

1. Double Dare
2. In the flat field
3. Boys
4. Telegram Sam
5. Dancing
*  A God in an alcove
6. Small Talks Stinks
7. Terror couple kill colonel
8. Stigmata martyr
9. St. Vitus Dance

*  A God in an alcove (Not recorded on my copy)
Also includes a review of the show.


The Cramps - Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland - 21.04.1986 (Flac)



Excellent FM broadcast wich is the source of numerous bootlegs. Thanks to the original uploader on TTD.

Original Info File:

FM > analog FM > analog cassette tape (2nd gen./azimuth optimised) > SB > Adobe
Audition (acquisition/editing) > Wav > Trader's Little Helper (level 6/sb aligned) > WAV
> Goldwave (splitting tracks 16 & 19) > Trader's Little Helper (level 8/sb aligned)

The Lyon Tapes Collection (volume 153). This is the 153rd upload of my personal concerts collection. The Cramps were recorded during their "A Date With Elvis" tour in ZŸrich. I received this tape, by a trade, at that time.

No DJ chatting along the tape, i think it's a pre-FM professionally recorded.

01. Heartbreak Hotel
02. Chicken
03. How Far Can Too Far Go?
04. The Hot Pearl Snatch
05. People Ain't No Good
06. Cornfed Dames
07. What's Inside A Girl?
08. Blue Moon Baby
09. Georgia Lee Brown
10. Lonesome Town
11. Do The Clam
12. Aloha From Hell
13. (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed
14. Love Me
15. Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love
16. You Got Good Taste
17. TV Set
18. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
19. Surfin' Bird
20. Human Fly
21. Sunglasses After Dark
22. It's Just That Song

Lux Interior (vocal/harmonica)
Poison Ivy Rorschach (guitar/theremin)
Fur (bass)
Nick Knox (drums)

Genitorturers - Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX, USA - 27.10.1999 (Flac)


Good sounding audience recording. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

[CSC>D7] 16bit/48kHz

DAT>Echo Mia 2496 (via coax)>Cool Edit>Audition (Normalization/Balance)>CD WAV>FLAC (level 8)

01 Machine Love
02 Razor Cuts
03 Terrorvision
04 Liar's Lair
05 One Who Feeds
06 Flesh Is The Law
07 Four Walls Black
08 Asphyxiate
09 House Of Shame
10 Crucified
11 Stitch In Time
12 Lecher Bitch
13 120 Days
14 Sin City
15 Squealer

Taped, transferred, and seeded by SM/Psychgrave.


Alice Cooper - Seattle, USA - xx.xx.1971 (Flac)


Good sounding Soundboard recording. thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File.

A Panda Production for dime

1.  Sun Arise
2.  Caught in a Dream
3.  I'm 18
4.  Is It My Body (ending 'wind that's blowing' only--song itself released officially)
5.  Second Coming
6.  Ballad of Dwight Frye
7.  Black Jojo

I've done a lot of remastering here.  Hope you like it.
Re-Balanced the channels, brand new EQ, and some very slight hiss reduction.

This will never be a stunning sounding show, but it's the only sb show of the LITD tour, which makes it a must have.
It took a bit of work, but I'm pretty happy with it.


White Zombie - Santa Barbara, California, USA - 25.05.1988 (Flac)


A very early concert from White Zombie, still very far away from their signature sound of the 90's. Very good FM broadcast. Thanks to creatured for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

KCSB-FM broadcast > unk gen cass > Azimuth > Audacity(Normalised,track,tagged) > Flac8

Will need some help with the setlist;


Goblin - Center Church on the Green, New Haven, CT, USA - 11.12.2013 (Flac 24/96)


Excellent audience recording, Thanks to the original uploader n TTD.

Original Info File:

Lineage : SP-CMC-4U > SP-SPSB-10 > DR-08 2496> SD CARD > SFORGE > TLH

The Band
Fabio Pignatelli - bass
Agostino Marangolo - drums
Massimo Morante - guitar
Maurizio Guarini - keyboards
Aiden Zammit - keyboards


Magic Thriller
Mad Puppet
Dr Frankenstein
E Suono Rock
Non Ho Sonno
Death Farm
Zombi Tenebre
Band Intros
School At Night
Profondo Rosso

Recorded by Doctorzap 

The Undead - Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ, USA - 17.03.1989 (Flac)



The band Bobby Steele formed after leaving The Misfits. Very good soundboard. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Recording: SBD > Master Cassette
Transfer: unknown

Master Recording & Transfer by Anonymous
Source provided by Ted Mattes
Edited & Mastered with Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
July 21, 2020

- Most of the source material in this series originated from Master DATs but some are cassettes & unfortunately that info wasn't passed along.
- t11 is cut near the end
- t17 fades out
- possible incomplete show

The Players
- Bobby Steele; guitar, vocals
- Tim Taylor; bass, vocals
- Tony DiLeo; drums

- setlist -
t01 - Verbal Abuse
t02 - The Way We Behave
t03 - I Want You Dead
t04 - Eve of Destruction
t05 - Evening of Desire
t06 - I Don't Wanna Go
t07 - We Don't Want the Poor in New York City
t08 - Hollywood Boulevard
t09 - Social Reason
t10 - Gimme Your Autograph
t11 - American Dream
t12 - When the Evening Comes
t13 - Undead
t14 - R.A.T.T. F.I.N.K.
t15 - [want more]
t16 - A Life of Our Own
t17 - Slave to Fashion

Total Run Time; 45:58.640

Checksums created in xACT

Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file.
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files.
If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped,
however audio data will remain unaffected. If you must
transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use ffp or st5 to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.
[J.Noel 21 July 2020]

RE-UPLOAD: John Carpenter - Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, Spain - 02.06.2016 (Flac)


Original Info File Audio:

 Broadcast over 91.1 WFMU-FM, Jersey City, NJ USA.

WFMU-FM > Sony XDR-F1HD > Edirol R-09HR (44.1/16) >
Sony Soundforge 10 > FLAC level 6 aligned on SB

Note: There are a few quick dropouts during the broadcast
that I was not able to patch.


01 - Escape From New York: Main Title
02 - Assault on Precinct 13: Main Title
03 - Vortex
04 - The Fog: Main Title Theme
05 - They Live: Coming To L.A.
06 - The Thing: Main Theme - Desolation
07 - Distant Dream
08 - Big Trouble in Little China: Pork Chop Express
09 - Halloween Theme: Main Title
10 - In the Mouth of Madness
11 - Prince of Darkness: Opening Title
12 - Christine: Christine Attacks (Plymouth Fury)

Total Running Time: 51min 57sec


John Carpenter - keyboards
Scott Seiver - drums
John Konesky - guitar
John Spiker - bass
Daniel Davies - lead guitar
Cody Carpenter - lead synthesizer

John Carpenter Info:


Please do not trade this in lossy format.
Convert to lossy for personal use only. 

Sunday, 25 October 2020

The Sisters of Mercy - Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland - 12.05.1984 (Flac)

Good sounding audiencce recording. Thanls to falpke for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's UK Spring Tour in 1984.

Good quality recording.

Lineage: Unknown source transfer

Quality: 4 (out of 5)


- Burn
- Heartland
- Walk Away
- Anaconda
- Body And Soul
- Floorshow
- Emma
- Adrenochrome
- Alice
- Body Electric
- Gimme Shelter
- Sister Ray

Rise and Reverberate 

The Cure - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 28.03.2014 (1080p)

Only 30 minutes long, but utterly exxcellent in any way. Thanks to indykid for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Teenage Cancer Trust
(broadcast date: October 18, 2020)

Lineage: "LIVE" Webcast -> Streamlink -> FFmpeg (edit) -> uncompressed .ts
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 16:9 3900 Kbps 30.00 fps
Audio: AAC 128 Kbps 48.0 KHz stereo

The Hungry Ghost
Wrong Number
One Hundred Years

TRT = 31:19
(incomplete set - complete broadcast)

Note: This is a perfect capture of the webcast.
No imperfections were inherent in the broadcast.

Captured and uploaded to DIME by indykid.

ID                                       : 1 (0x1)
Complete name                            : The Cure - 2014-03-28 Teenage Cancer Trust, London, England [1080p].ts
Format                                   : MPEG-TS
File size                                : 903 MiB
Duration                                 : 31 min 19 s
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 4 028 kb/s

ID                                       : 256 (0x100)
Menu ID                                  : 1 (0x1)
Format                                   : AVC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile                           : High@L4
Format settings                          : CABAC / 1 Ref Frames
Format settings, CABAC                   : Yes
Format settings, RefFrames               : 1 frame
Codec ID                                 : 27
Duration                                 : 31 min 19 s
Width                                    : 1 920 pixels
Height                                   : 1 080 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate mode                          : Variable
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Scan type                                : Progressive
Color range                              : Limited
Color primaries                          : BT.709
Transfer characteristics                 : BT.709
Matrix coefficients                      : BT.709

ID                                       : 257 (0x101)
Menu ID                                  : 1 (0x1)
Format                                   : AAC LC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity
Format version                           : Version 4
Muxing mode                              : ADTS
Codec ID                                 : 15-2
Duration                                 : 31 min 20 s
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Channel layout                           : L R
Sampling rate                            : 48.0 kHz
Frame rate                               : 46.875 FPS (1024 SPF)
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Delay relative to video                  : -131 ms

ID                                       : 4096 (0x1000)
Menu ID                                  : 1 (0x1)
Duration                                 : 31 min 19 s
List                                     : 256 (0x100) (AVC) / 257 (0x101) (AAC)
Service name                             : Service01
Service provider                         : FFmpeg
Service type                             : digital television

Captured and uploaded to DIME by indykid. 

RE-UPLOAD: Swans - Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA, USA - 07.10.1989 (Flac)


The quieter phase of the Swans, not as loud but with the same intensity. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Audience recording: Sony ECM-909 > Sony WM-D6 > Maxell XLII-90
Transfer: analog master cassette > Nakamichi CR-5A > Edirol R-09

01 I Remember Who You Are
02 The River That Runs With Love Won't Run Dry
03 We Will Survive
04 Jane Mary, Cry One Tear
05 ("I have a suggestion to those of you that think we suck...")
06 See No More
07 ?
08 God Damn The Sun
09 Let It Come Down
10 ?
11 (audience)

12 Can't Find My Way Home
13 Mona Lisa, Mother Earth

* Tape flip between tracks 8 and 9.
* Track 9 has some phasing on the master from the D6.


Recoil + Joe Richardson - Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY, USA - 18.05.2010 (Flac)


Very good audiece recording. Thanks to Ryan for sharing it on Dime.

Original Indo File:

Selected Tour - A Strange Hour

Equipment: Sony TCD-D8 + Sony ECM-717 [line-in, 44.1]
Location: 10 Ft. from the left stack.
Taper: Ryan J. (
Transfer: Sony D8 -> 7-Pin-> M-Audio CO2 Converter-> Optical In-> Macbook Pro->Soundbooth (Inc Treb./Small reduce in bass) -> WAV -> CD-WAVE (Track)-> FLAC [encode 8]-> You


Joe Richardson-

01. Intro W/ Alan Wilder
02. Joe Richardson speaking on how he got involved w/ Subhuman
03. Backslider
04. 5000 Years
05. The Killing Ground
06. Song from Joe's Album

Recoil [Alan Wilder + Paul Kendall]-

01. Intro
02. Prey (Shotgun Mix)
03. Want (w/ Nicole Blackman on vocals)
04. ???
05. Drifting (Poison Dub)
06. Strange Hours '10
07. Allelujah (Noisy Church Mix)
08. Killing Ground (Solid State Mix) (w/ Joe Richardson on Vocals)
09. Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro mix)
10. Warm Leatherette
11. Black Box (Excerpt)
12. Stalker (Punished Mix)
13. The Faith Healer (LFO Disbeliever Mix)
14. Shunt (Panasonic Mix) - End Credits

Notes: Flew in from Detroit to see this show the day of. Pretty cool little club. It was very very hot in there. The show also started very late (9:30) and recoil did not go on until 10:45. Alan Wilder came out and introduced Joe Richardson, which if you do not know, is the blues singer that does most of the vocals on Subhuman which is absolutely incredible. Joe did a whole acoustic set with how the Subhuman album originally sounded (or what joe recorded) and he did one song from one of his albums. During the Recoil set, Joe Richardson came out and sang some vocals along with Nicole Blackman doing a few songs. Douglas McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb was also supposed to be in attendance this night to presumably to sing on "Faith Healer". But because of the volcanic ashes near the UK he could not make it. The recording came out very good. The sound was really good and with only about 500 people in attendance for the show, as it was a very small club, it was a rather quiet show. Enjoy the recording!


Glenn Branca - Navy Pier, Chicago, IL, USA - 07.07.1982 (Flac)


Excellent FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:


1 DJ Intro
2 Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses
3 DJ outro

Perspectives of New Music - Vol. 20, No. 1/2 (Autumn, 1981 - Summer, 1982), pp. 609-622 (14 pages) states Branca played on Day 3 of the festival, so that would have been July 7th.

Thurston and Lee (and Ned Sublette) performed with Glenn Branca's ensemble. According to Ned, this was the fourth installment of a movable festival called "New Music America" (which had begun at The Kitchen in New York City in 1979 under the title "New Music New York"). The Chicago version was officially called "Mayor Byrne's New Music America" (after Mayor Jane Byrne).
The piece was written for 10 soprano guitars -- guitars strung only with high E-strings. Broadcast by WFMT-FM.

"Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses" was recorded in 1981, and officially released in 2007.  Wikipedia states it was recorded in 1982, but I am fairly certain it is from 1981 as John Cage gave a scathing review of it, which is included on the same release under the title "So That Each Person is in Charge of Himself."

From the same festival, there is a cassette release, Chicago '82: A Dip in the Lake, but it contains "Excerpt from Symphony No. 2: The Peak of the Sacred" which is a different piece.

I'm certain that this is a live version and not officially released.

Lineage: FM broadcast > unknown gen analog tape > Tascam 202MKVII USB out > CDWAV > Audacity (normalization, fades, merges, noise reduction) > CDWAV (splits) > DBPowerAmp (FLAC)

RE-UPLOAD: The Wolfgang Press - Cabaret Metro, Chicago, USA - 18.02.1989 (Flac)


Excellent sound. Thanks to the original uploader.

unknown cassette -> Wav -> Editing with Soundforge -> flac with dbPoweramp...

Received in a trade, no additional information whatsoever. Sounds like a SBD or FM recording, check the sample.

Do not sell. For trading only.

Track listing:
01 See My Wife
02 Dig A Hole
03 Raintime
04 Bottom Drawer
05 Respect
06 The Holey Man
07 My Way
08 Kansas
09 Shut That Door
10 Sweatbox

Total time 45:47


Lush - Black Session, Paris, France - 28.06.1994 (Flac)


 Very good FM Broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

FM > CD-R > EAC > FLAC level 8 > CD-R


03.Lit Up
04.For Love
05.The Childcatcher
06.Kiss Chase
08.Desire Lines
09.De Luxe
10.Sweetness And Light
12.Sunday Girl (cut)
13.Sunday Girl
15.Baby Talk

I don't know if the quality of this version is better than the posted here previously but is complete.

Enjoy and please share if you have more Lush recordings.


RE-UPLOAD: Plasmatics - Prairie Capitol Convention Center, Springfield, IL, USA - 26.02.1983 (Flac)


Thanks to Nashwolverine for sharing this one on DIME.

Soundboard Recording - Lineage Unknown Coup D'Etat Tour - Support To Kiss 

Setlist (Incomplete):

Mistress Of Taboo
No Class
Path Of Glory
Put Your Love In Me
Fuck And Roll
Just Like On TV (cut)


RE-UPLOAD: Rosegarden Funeral - Demo Tape - xx.xx.1988 (Flac)


Excellent surprise. I didn't knew this band until now, but its a must if you like old school goth music:) HUGE Thanks to Egg_Crisis for sending me this recording to share here. 

Cassette(TDK D46). Tape given away free in a little basement shop in Leeds, April 1988.

Demos, 1988

01 Vendetta
02 An Acid Valentine
03 Angel
04 Hollow Heart

Length - 15:09

Sunday, 18 October 2020

UPGRADE: The Sisters of Mercy - Solitaire, Swindon, UK - 27.04.1983 (Flac)


A total upgrade on the MP3 version I posted a decade ago, sounds better and it's lossless. HUGE Thanks to falpke for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Part of the UK Spring Tour in 1983

Wonderful recording demonstrating the enthusiasm of the early line-up.
Jolene and Heartland rock

Simon Clifford master tape

iZotope: declipped left channel
Adobe Audition 3.0: normalised / phase-correction / speed-adjustment @ 97.7%

Quality: 4 out of 5

- Kiss The Carpet
- Alice
- Anaconda
- Burn
- Jolene
- Heartland
- Adrenochrome
- Floorshow
- Gimme Shelter
- Body Electric

Rise and Reverberate


RE-UPLOAD: Siouxsie & The Banshees - Polytechnic, Leeds, UK - 10.11.1977 (Flac)


A very early Banshees gig with good sound. Thanks to the original uploader

Gen ? (Tape Trade - 1980ish) - TDK D-C60 - Yamaha KX-393 - Adobe Audition (Adjustments) - CD Wave (Split Tracks) - Wav - Flac

1. Helter Skelter
2. Mirage
3. Make Up To Break Up
4. Carcass
5. 20th Century Boy
6. Suburban Relapse
7. Love In A Void
8. The Lord's Prayer


Depeche Mode - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 06.12.1983 (Flac)


Beyond excellent FM broadcast of  DM at the Paradiso, probably not the complete set but the complete broadcast, assembled with two sources. Includes tracks from the first 3 albuns of DM, that  quickly disapeared from the setlist, still during the 80's. HUGE Thanks to the original uploader on TTD.

Original Info File:

Construction Time Again tour

Complete FM broadcast
Lineage: Source 1 sped up by 2.0% using Audacity 2.0.5 -> WAV -> in Adobe Audition CC: automatic phase correction (most accurate settings), normalized to -1.0dB and any DC bias removed, left channel amplified by +1.5dB of source 2 between "Photographic" and "Told You So", manual click removal of a few clicks at source transitions -> FLAC level 8 using foobar2000 v1.2.9 and FLAC 1.3.0 64-bit, tracked using cuesheet
auCDtectTaskManager log included

An excellent FM broadcast. I used the following sources to complete this recording:

Source 1: dimenew's stellar sounding master tape of the original broadcast (Sony CHF60 master cassette -> Yamaha KX-493 tape deck -> Creative SoundBlaster AWE32 -> Wavelab 4.0), originally seeded on DIME around 2008
- provided the core recording
Source 2: Dutch broadcast of 7 tracks on April 21, 2005 recorded by Jerommeke (FM -> Sony MD313 -> Creative SoundBlaster Live!), reseeded on DIME by me - provided "Now, This Is Fun" and about 12 seconds at the end of "Photographic" through the beginning of "Told You So" since there was a fade on source 1 between these with missing music

Many thanks to dimenew for sharing his excellent FM master tape source, _Riven_ for sending me links to the recording, Jerommeke for recording the more recent rebroadcast, and Vince for helping ensure quality.

Reworked and shared by ligushka on DIME December 6, 2013.

Track list:

01. [5:55] Everything Counts
02. [3:41] Now, This Is Fun
03. [4:09] See You
04. [3:24] Get The Balance Right
05. [4:39] Love In Itself
06. [5:36] Pipeline (*)
07. [4:20] Photographic
08. [4:42] Told You So
09. [4:12] New Life
10. [6:10] More Than A Party
11. [3:08] The Meaning Of Love
12. [5:04] Just Can't Get Enough
Total time: 55:00

Line up:
Dave Gahan - lead vocals
Martin Gore - keyboards, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (*)
Andrew Fletcher - keyboards, backing vocals
Alan Wilder - keyboards, backing vocals

All songs written by Martin L. Gore, except for "Photographic", "New Life", and "Just Can't Get Enough" which were written by Vince Clarke.


Enjoy! Support the artist and buy the officially-released items (to the best of my knowledge & as of this writing)


The B-52's - Anola Gay - Bootleg (Flac)


This transfer of a tape copy of the double vinyl bootleg, lasted a couple of hours until it got banned from Dime, due to lack of info on the concerts dates.  Maybe someone has more info regarding this bootleg that can share here?

Thanks to Dimitroy for sharing it.

Original Info File:

Various Dates & Locations
source: 2 LP bootleg vinyle "Anola Gay"
Generation: unknown gen
Quality: good+

Lineage: analog tape Maxell UR 90 min (tape from JohnnyBoy collection) > TravisBickle1963 transfer to .wav file (tapedeck Denon 790R + Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (external sound card) + Ableton 10 Lite (software) > cd wave (for splitting and renaming the tracks) > trader's little helper (for encoding to flac 6) > Dime

no setlist
A1 52 Girls     
A2 6060-842     
A3 Lava     
A4 Private Idaho     
A5 Devils In My Car     
B1 Give Me Back My Man     
B2 Running Around     
B3 Rock Lobster     
B4 Strobe Light     
C1 Planet Claire     
C2 Hero Workship     
C3 52 Girls     
C4 Devils In My Car     
D1 Downtown     
D2 Lava     
D3 Modine     
D4 Strobe Light     
D5 Rock Lobster

Total length : 79 min 08

File Size : 798 Mo / 390 Mo (.flac)

Dimitroy edit 2020

Bambara - Doug Fir, Portland, OR, USA - 05.03.2020 (Flac)

Excellent band, that reminds me a lot of The Birthday Party, Inca Babies, The Veils, The Gun Club and also the inicial recordings of the Bad Seeds. Very good audience recording. Thanks to the taper for sharing on Dime.

 Original Info File:

Core Sound Cardioids -> Battery Box -> Tascam DR-05 (16/44.1) ->  WavePad split tracks -> TLH convert to FLAC

01 Miracle
02 Doe-Eyed Girl
03 Sunbleached Skulls
04 All The Ugly Things
05 Heat Lightning
06 Wild Fires
07 Stay Cruel
08 Serafina
09 Ben & Lily
10 An Ill Son
11 Monument
12 Death Croons
13 Jose Tries To Leave

set time 51:42 

RE-UPLOAD: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - The Palace, Hollywood - 23.04.1986 (Flac)



Another Lorries concert shared by nashspacerocket, this one has very good sound and it's in Flac. Use HJsplit to join the files. This month we will be doing a small flood od RLYL here on DCR, if you want to join just send your links.


01, Intro Tape
02. Blitz
03. Shout At The Sky
04. Last Train
05. Jipp
06. Wich Side
07. Hold Yourself Down
08. Talk About The Weather
09. Walking on Your Hands
10. Hand On Geart
11. Mescal Dance
12. Save My Soul
13. Hollow Eyes
14. Strange Dream
15. Chance

RE-UPLOAD: Death In June / NON / Der Blutharsch / Forseti - Der Tod Im Juni Festival, Burg Falkenstein, Harz, Germany - 05.06.1999 (Flac)


Very good sound. Thanks to KCfan for sending it to me to share here.

CD 1

Death In June (Set 1)
01. The Honour Of Silence    
02. Rocking Horse Night         
03. Fall Apart    
04. Runes and Men       

05. Untitled         
06. Untitled    
07. Untitled         
08. Untitled       

Der Blutharsch   
09. Untitled
10. Untitled         
11. Untitled             
12. Untitled              
13. Untitled             
14. Untitled    
15. Untitled   
16. Untitled    
17. Untitled   
18. Untitled    

19. Untitled   
20. Everlasting Fire       
21. Untitled       
22. Total War       
23. Untitled   

CD 2

Death In June (Set 2)
01. Smashed To Bits (In The Peace Of The Night)    
02. Death Of A Man    
03. Bring In The Night    
04. The Bunker    
05. Only Europa Knows    
06. Despair    
07. Little Blue Butterfly    
08. Frost Flowers    
09. Little Black Angel    
10. Death Of The West    
11. Kameradschaft    
12. Giddy Giddy Carousel    
13. Ku Ku Ku    
14. Rose Clouds Of Holocaust    
15. Hullo Angel    
16. Luther's Army    
17. Symbols Of The Sun    
18. Fields Of Rape    
19. Heaven Street    
20. C'est Un Rêve     

RE-UPLOAD: The Cassandra Complex - Le Truc[K], Lyon, France - 09.12.1988 (Flac)


Excellent soundboard recording,  any help with the tracklist is very welcomed. Thanks to the taper for sharing his recording over at DIME.

Lineage : preFM master
master cassette (Sony UX90) on Nakamichi BX-300E (azimuth optimized) > SB live > Adobe audition 3.01 (acquisition  & edition) > Wav > Flac files with TLH (SB aligned-Level 8)

Line up :
Bass, Saxophone - John Marchini
Guitar - Andy Booth , Dave «The Law» Wilson
Keyboards - Andy Booth , Rodney Orpheus

Setlist :
1. Gunship
2. Beyond Belief
3. God John
4. Too Stupid To Sin
5. Ground
6. Prairie Bitch
7. One Millionth Happy Customer
8. Something Came Over Me
9. Symphony For The Devil
10. Power
11. March
12. E.O.D / Moscow Idaho
13. Beyond Belief

total time : 82'09"

Original Notes :
This is the 386th upload of my concerts collection recorded between 1982-1990.
For recording the show, i've only used soundboard outputs + ambiance microphones (Sennheiser), on a tripod, to a Sony TCD5M.
I've made in mistake for tagging the CC tracks (1988 not 1989) ....


MJ Guider - Green Plastic (Free Download)



Just heard this band last week. They already have 3 albuns, all of them really good. If you like 4AD bands past and present and 90's shoegaze bands, you will be interested in this, First album is avaiable for free and you can listen to the other 2 or buy them if you want.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

The Sisters of Mercy - Kabuki Theater, San Francisco, USA - 01.06.1985 (Flac)



This is an upgrade in quality to the previous shared version. Thanks to Falkpe for letting me share his transfer here.

Original Info File:

This recording has a powerful bass sound, and the band displays real energy.

Tape sourced from ebay (ALEXM collection), transferred by FALKPE and restored by WATERISNAT

Quality: 4 (out of 5)

00. intro
01. First And Last And Always
02. Body And Soul
03. Marian
04. No Time To Cry
05. Possession
06. Walk Away
07. Emma
08. Amphetamine Logic
09. A Rock And A Hard Place
10. Floorshow
11. Alice (internal cut in intro)
12. Gimme Shelter
13. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
14. Train
15. encore break
16. Body Electric

Rise and Reverberate


Siouxsie & The Banshees - De Nieuwe Kade, Tiel, Netherlands - 07.07.1981 (Flac)


Excellent sounding FM recording. Thanks to the original uploader on TTD.

Original Info File:

Equipment : (see lineage)
Type : FM recording
Generation : Masterclone from Analog Metal Cassette Master !!

Lineage; FM via Marantz tuner > Marantz Cassette deck > Maxell METAL tape > Playback on Nakamichi BX2 (dolby B) >
               Roland HD Recorder > WAV > (WeTransfer) > Audacity (splitting) > TLH > FLAC level 8 (SB Aligned) 16/44,1kHz


01. Israel
02. Halloween
03. Spellbound
04. Arabian Knights
05. Placebo Effect
06. Pulled To Bits
07. Tenant
08. Headcut (false start)
09. Headcut
10. Nightshift
11. Sin In My Heart
12. Supernatural Thing
13. But Not Them
14. Voodoo Dolly
15. Happy House (**)

(**) was transmitted on a later date with songs already broadcasted

Total Running Time : 01:01:34
Size (FLAC) : 395,94 MB

Notes; Thanks to GARAGEROCKER i may present you the final upgrade of Tiel 1981
Look at that lineage, quality equipment and media was used. There's absolutely
no hiss in this footage and it's clear as crystalwater. The übersuprise is the last
track (Happy House) that was transmitted on a later date during a second broadcast.
I don't know really where it was played in the setlist, there's not much info on this
gig besides the 57' broadcast you get presented here.

I take my hat off for the efforts of Garagerocker, i hope you do too !!

New Model Army - Exit Club, Chicago, IL, USA - 10.12.1986 (Flac)


Very good soundboard recording. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

SBD-->1st gen cassette-->digitized using unknown equipment-->TLH (FLAC level 8)-->you

Set list:
01 christian militia
02 my country
03 waiting
04 heroes
05 love songs
06 in the name of the people
07 no rest
08 no man's land
09 51st state
10 lights go out
11 poison street
12 brave new world part 2
13 brave new world part 2 (con't)
14 the hunt
15 notice me
16 young, gifted, and skint
17 smalltown england
18 betcha
19 let's dance
20 great expectations

Band lineup:
Justin Sullivan - guitar, vocals
Jason Harris - bass
Robert Heaton - drums

Board tape that I got from a former Exit employee. I'm not that familiar with the band but
I believe this was their first US tour. Sound quality is excellent.

Sonic Youth / Swans - Group W Cable Studios, Dearborn, MI, USA - xx.xx.1982 /Flac)

Recorded during the "Savage Blunder" tour that took place in November/December 1982. Good sound and a espectacular document of both band really at the begining of their careers. Thanks to the original  uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

SY: Boombox>FM(?)>ANAx>CDR>EAC>FLAClv8
Confusion is Next
Shaking Hell
Making the Nature Scene
Burning Spear


I have no idea of the generation of these recordings. I received them in trade, from two different folks, so it's possible both generations are different. They are included here because they were recorded together.

Please support the artists:

Thanks to Chris Lawrence's superb SY ConChron for the following info:
Here's a quote from the guy who taped this show (courtesy of Jim):

"Anyways, the Sonic Youth/Swans thang: What he's talking about is the tape I made of both bands at a cable TV studio. They were on tour together for the 1st 12" ep's, with a gig that night in Ann Arbor. They came by the studio in the afternoon (I knew one of the camera guys) to record short sets (not together!). They sound like instumentals because there was no p.a., but there were monitors on the stage, so vocals are there - buried. I just sat in the middle of the studio with a boom box...The studio was Group W Cable in Dearborn for the record. They also shot sets by DOA and MDK, but I heard from the camera guy that all tapes were destroyed/erased. There are tapes around from the next year of Misfits, Negative Approach, and some other local punk on a show they did "Why Be Something You're Not."

Originally seeded at DAD on Dec15, 2005 by Brett Robinson

RE-UPLOAD - Ministry - Live Twitch - 1986 (Flac)



Excellent recording of the tour promoting "Twitch" including some covers and never released songs. Very Good sound. Artwork by circle. Now in Flac as requested by Jenya.

Recorded Toronto - 10.04.1986

01. Everyday Is Halloween
02. My Possession
03. We Believe
04. All Day
05. Just Like You
06. Over The Shoulder
07. Isle Of Man / Where You At Now

Recorded Chicago - 06.06.1986

08. Eyes of Christ
09. Thrill Kill Kult
10. No Devotion
11. Ricky's Hand

Discharge - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA - 17.10.1982 (Flac)


 I've been listening this band a lot lately, nive soudtrack for the end of the world. Big Thanks to Foxtrotter for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Another recording from the Foxtrotter collection-o-tapes.

Aud unk gen > Azimuth > Audacity(Normalised, tracked & tagged) > FLac8

01. Never Again
02. Hear Nothing See Nothing, Say Nothing
03. Final Bloodbath
04. Fight Back
05. Protest & Survive
06. Nightmare Contimues
07. Why
08. Possibility of Life's Destruction
09. Hell on Earth / Cries of Help
10. It Is To Be
11. Drunk With Power
12. Realities of War
13. I Won't Subscribe
14. Ain't No Feeble Bastard
15. Decontrol

RE-UPLOAD: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Fire - Bootleg (Flac)


A rip of the classic Vinyl Bootleg from the Lorries, this version excludes the last two tracks that were from a Peel Session and were already shared here. Huge Thanks to Ledl33 for sharing this one.

Source: audience (very good)
Lineage: CD-R (trade)>EAC>FLAC(5)>Dime

Tracks 01-06 live at UK 11-84
Tracks 07-09 live at US 3-85 Original

Info TXT:

I got this CD by trade but I have no info about the date and location. That's why I waited so long to post it here. It sounds like early 84 shows, very clear. It must be an audience cleaned recording. I don't know how to find those infos. If someone can help... Also, it would be highly appreciated if someone could upload some Lorries material, anything, even a re-seed. I'll upload other gigs in the weeks to come.


01- Push
02- Feel a piece
03- Hollow eyes
04- Talk about the weather
05- Monkeys on juice
06- See the fire
07- Take it all
08- This today
09- Chance

RE-UPLOAD: The Clash - The Lyceum, London, UK - 28.12.1978 (Flac)


Excelent soundboard recording.

 Original Info File:

TITLE: Flash Bastards Remastered
ARTWORK: Included (taken from original torrent, slightly altered)

01. Safe European Home
02. I Fought the Law
03. Jail Guitar Door
04. Drug Stabbing Time
05. City Of the Dead
06. Clash City Rockers
07. Tommy Gun
08. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
09. English Civil War
10. Stay Free
11. Cheapskates
12. Julie's In the Drug Squad
13. Police and Thieves
14. Capital Radio
15. Janie Jones
16. Garageland
17. Complete Control
18. London's Burning
19. White Riot

TOTAL RUNTIME: 1hr 6mins 1sec

LINEAGE: Pro SBD > ? analog > CD-R > xAct (flac)>WAV>Cool Edit Pro v1.2>FLAC 6

I'd like to begin by thanking j-blokhed for this recording. Here is an amazing Clash show from late '78. This was a great period for the band who are in fine form and are complemented here by an excellent soundboard source. I decided to remaster this recording since I liked the performance so much and wanted to hear it in as high quality as possible. For the remastering, I applied virtually the same edits to all tracks. A couple of tracks were slightly different in frequency response and were adjusted accordingly. There were also a couple of drop-outs which I corrected as good as possible. No noise reduction of any kind has been used here. A low amount of hiss is present after equalizing but not enough to be a distraction or even heard at most levels. The equalization used is light in general as the recording only needed a cut in a few resonating frequencies and a slight boost in some higher frequencies. I hope you like what I've done and consider this an improvement over the original source. Enjoy!

upped by: theface07

Big thanks to j-blokhed for the source of this recording!


THE CLASH - 28 December, 1978
The Lyceum, London

Here's another SBD - and one of my favorites. The Clash played three shows around New Year's 1979 that were recorded for possible use in the film Rude Boy. The dates were Dec 28-89, 1978, and Jan 3, 1979.

The first of these shows to fall into collector's hands was a very good audience recording released first on LP, and then on CD, as "Sort It Out". This is NOT that show. The exact dates of these recordings has been in question, but I believe that "Sort It Out" (also released as "USA 1979" [sic] as well as other, later, titles) is in fact Jan 3, 1979. I think that this recording is Dec 28, 1978.

This tape fell into my hands indirectly from an inside source (KV), and was probably 2nd-3rd gen when recorded to CD-R. It has since spread throughout collector's circles, and the artwork included here is strictly homemade "fan club".

This is one of the very best - enjoy!

RE-UPLOAD: The Only Ones - Peel Sessions - 1977/1980 (FLAC)


Thanks to Old Punk Rocker for sharing and to S+©kmªÑ for the link.

01 - Oh Lucinda
02 - No Peace For The Wicked
03 - Oh No
04 - The Beast
05 - In Betweens
06 - Another Girl, Another Planet
07 - Language Problem
08 - From Here To Eternity
09 - Lovers Of Today
10 - Why Don't You Kill Yourself
11 - Telescopic Love
12 - Flaming Torch
13 - Miles From Nowhere
14 - Prisoners
15 - The Happy Pilgrim
16 - The Big Sleep

Tracks 3, 5, 9, 11 recorded 13/9/1977 
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7 recorded 5/4/1978
Tracks 8, 12, 13, 14 recorded 19/12/1978 
Tracks 1, 10, 15, 16 recorded 21/5/1980

Monday, 5 October 2020

The Sisters of Mercy - Mudd Club, Gothenburg, Sweden - 15.05.1985 (Flac)

Very good audience recording. Thanks to falkpe for sending it to me to share here.

Original Info File:

Part of The Sisters' Armageddon Tour 1985... and another gig on the birthday of Andrew Eldritch.
As the latter turned 26 on that day, the according line in First And Last And Always, which usually
started the gigs during that tour, also changed from "25" to "26".,_15-May-1985

Excellent gig - a must for your collection!

Tape sourced from ebay (ALEXM collection)
Speed adjusted 101.35%
Train (* tracks 16 & 17) sourced from No Time To Cry bootleg

Quality: 4 (out of 5)

Set list:
00. intro
01. First And Last And Always
02. Body And Soul
03. Marian
04. No Time To Cry
05. Possession
06. Walk Away
07. Emma (fades out)
08. Amphetamine Logic
09. A Rock And A Hard Place
10. Floorshow
11. Alice
12. Gimme Shelter
13. break
14. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
15. break
16. return to stage (*)
17. Train (*)

Rise and Reverberate


Siouxsie & The Banshees - Finsbury Park, London, UK - 25.07.1987 (Flac)



A request from Jeny. HUGE thanks to Johnnyboy,TravisBickle1963 and Dimitroy for making this recording available on Dime. 

If you want to buy a print of the photo of the post go to this link:

Original info File:

source : audience recording
Generation: very low gen
Quality: very good

************* constrast clause **************
Two different audience recordings had been already shared on Dime. This a THIRD different audience recording (different chatting near the mic between song)

Lineage: analog tape 90 min (tape from Johnnyboy collection) > TravisBickle1963 transfer to .wav file (tapedeck Denon 790R + Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (external sound card) + Ableton 10 Lite (software) > cd wave (for splitting and renaming the tracks) > trader's little helper (for encoding to flac 6) > Dime

01 Dazzle
02 Overground
03 The Hall Of Mirrors  (Kraftwerk cover)
04 Christine
05 Melt
06 Swimming Horses
07 92 Degrees
08 Take Me Back
09 This Wheel's On Fire  (Bob Dylan cover)
10 Suburban Relapse
11 I Promise
12 Red Light
13 Cities in Dust
14 Song From the Edge of the World
15 Spellbound
16 Israel
17 Hong Kong Garden  (then cut, edited)
18 Playground Twist
19 Slowdive
20 Trust in Me
Total length : 91 min 06

File size : 919 Mo (.wav) / 482 Mo (.flac)

Dimitroy edit 2020

Please note there are here & there some tiny cuts (due to mic probems?) for example at the start of track 11.


The Sex Pistols - Finsbury Park, London, UK - 23.06.1996 (Flac)


Very Good FM broadcast. Rhanks to elegymart for sharing on Dime.

Original setlist:

FLAC master, 23 July 2020, by elegymart:
Analog radio broadcast (stereo): BBC Radio 1 FM broadcast > analog audio cassette master > 1995-97 European TDK SA-X "EA" (Type II CrO2) 90-minute analog audio cassette {from the Stonecutter Archives} > Sony TC-WE435 (azimuth adjustment) > Roland R05 (24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (audio cleanup, convert to 16/44) > SHNtool (fixed SBE) > CD Wave (track splits) > TLH (WAV > FLAC8).
Created this text file.

Total running time  [63:22]
01  introduction [0:27]
02  Bodies [3:20]
03  Seventeen [2:35]
04  New York [3:33]
05  No Feelings [3:59]
06  Did You No Wrong [3:27]
07  God Save the Queen [3:31]
08  Liar! [2:56]
09  Satellite [4:05] >
10  (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone [3:12]
11  Holidays in the Sun [3:53]
12  Submission [4:51]
13  Pretty Vacant [3:55]
14  E.M.I. [3:58]
-- encores --
15  Anarchy in the U.K. [3:21]
16  Problems [4:54]
17  No Fun [7:15]

Band line-up:
Johnny Rotten – lead vocals
Steve Jones – guitar, bass, backing vocals
Glen Matlock – bass, backing vocals
Paul Cook – drums



Now we're coming to the point where there's unfinished busy-ness on top of inflows and outflows of a wealth of material, while we run into NAB and other questionable forks in the road, and the blurring of TGPC and the Stonecutter Archives along with one's own. After hitting the Vol. 150 mark of TGPC, it's time to rummage through the old storage and get some unshared older and newer transfers out there in a parallel race to the finish line, so we can accelerate this and move on to the elegymart archives before that turns to dust. The previous shares of the Stonecutter Archives weren't named or numbered, because there was no foresight that the bot would one day disappear into thin air. Thankfully we now have that database salvaged, but since the numbered series functioned so well to keep track of TGPC, we're applying the same approach here.
So here's the next major drop courtesy of the Stonecutter Archives. There was a thought about calling it Ticket to Ride, but that seemed to connote some exchange of currency, while Free Ride would mistakenly lead others to believe this series focuses on Foghat or Edgar Winter uploads (apologies to those of you who just had your hopes squashed there). For the rest of you, buckle yourself in, because you want to do this safely -- let's see if you can all handle having TGPC and the R.O.Y.A.L. series running neck-in-neck. That's if we don't crash over here first. For now we won't divulge who has the inner or outer track, but brace yourself for the ride.
Never mind the Buzzcocks (their set already's been shared), here's the Sex Pistols from Finsbury Park.
This set was three shows into the Pistols' Filthy Lucre tour and it was a day-long concert which featured a bevy of support bands including the aforementioned Buzzcocks before the band took to the stage .
As the name of the tour unabashedly advertised, it was filty lucre indeed. A little over a month later, Virgin released "Filthy Lucre Live" which covered the entirety of this set with the exception of "No Fun." However, it was given a major facelift, with overdubs throughout on the lead and backing vocals.
What you get here is the raw BBC broadcast, sounding just perfect with no artificial sweeteners or additives, "E.M.I." getting clipped short being its only flaw.