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The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Rarities Vol.2 (Flac)

The second volume of this serie. Thanks to Jamie37 for sending me this one to share here. Check photos for tracklist.

Patti Smith - Coliseu, Lisboa, Portugal - 21.09.2015 (Flac)

My master, unfortunately I had major battery problems, so the concert is incomplete, but for now it's the only recording of this concert to surface. Very good sound, but the crowd is going bananas as usual on Portugal so expect lots of claps and cheers, but also some very nice interaction with Patti.

Taper: circle
Gear: Sony MZ-R91 MD + Sony ECM-717 Mic
Lineage: MD -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (level 8)


01. Gloria
02. Redondo Beach
03. Birdland
04. Free Money (cut)
05. Kimberly
06. Break It Up
07. Land
08. Elegie
09. Pissing In A River
10. VU Medley (Rock & Roll/I’m Waiting For My Man/White Light, White Heat)
11. Beneath The Southern Cross (cut)
(Because The Night)
(People Have The Power)
(My Generation)

Do Not Sell!
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The Boys Next Door - 3RRR Xmas Party, Storey Hall, Melbourne, Australia - 21.12.1978 (Flac)

Very good Radio Broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

Lineage: CDR/EAC/TLH

01. Boy Hero
02. Conversations
03. Shivers
04. Mouth To Mouth
05. A.K.A.
06. Dive Position
07. The Nightwatchman
08. Caroline Says II
09. Don’t Split It
10. I Mistake Myself
11. Personality Crisis
12. Grand Illusions
13. Somebody's Watching Me
14. China Girl

Prick / Nine Inch Nails/ David Bowie - Riverport Ampitheater, Maryland Heights, MO, USA - 11.10.1995 (Flac)

Very good SBD from this massive tour. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

-=A Stacy Master=-

Source: Mono SBD > XLR > DBX 160XT (leveling) > Sony TCD-D8 > TDK DC4-90 (16/44)
Transfer: Sony TCD-D100 > Custom S/PDIF Cable > M-Audio Microtrack II > Kingston CF/16GB-S2
Lineage: Wavelab 6 (Q10 de/pre, env) > CD Wave Editor (FLAC6) > Live Show Tagger
Marshall Stacy - recording and DAT loan!
Kobi ( - gear loan
James E / BlingFree - transfer, edit, track and FLAC

Prick Set:
01 Communique *
02 Riverhead *
03 Other People
04 No Fair Fights
05 Animal
06 Tough

* dropout due to tape issues, Master starts late.
Master DAT broke at the end of transfer. Backup up your reels, folks!

NIN / DB Set:
01 Terrible Lie ^
02 March Of The Pigs
03 The Becoming
04 Sanctified
05 Piggy
06 Burn
07 Closer
08 Wish
09 Gave Up
10 Down In It
11 Eraser
12 Subterraneans * **
13 Scary Monsters **
14 Reptile **
15 Hallo Spaceboy %
16 Hurt $
17 Look Back In Anger
18 I'm Deranged
19 Heart's Filthy Lesson
20 The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
21 I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
22 Outside
23 Andy Warhol
24 Breaking Glass
25 The Man Who Sold The World
26 We Prick You
27 Joe The Lion
28 A Small Plot Of Land
29 Nite Flights
30 Under Pressure
31 Teenage Wildlife

^ master starts late
* Trent Reznor - saxophone
** Bowie with NIN
% Full NIN and Bowie band
$ NIN leaves Reznor with Bowie band

The Residents - Etrange Festival, Paris, France - 09.09.2015 (MP4)

The Residents still going, now without the Eyeball masks, but still unknown. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Source: CultureBox HD webcast
Transfer: AdobeHDS --> .flv --> MKVtoolnix --> .mkv **no re-encoding**

Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 25fps - bitrate: 2300kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo
Length: 1:29:00

Rabbit Habit
Fever Dreams
Golden Guy
"The Butcher" movie
Herman, the Human Mole
Harry the Head
Benny (The Bouncing Bump)
"The Libertine" movie
They Are the Meat
Is He Really Bringing Roses?
"The Garbage Man" movie
Blue Rosebuds
Weight-Lifting Lulu
"The Diver" movie
Easter Woman
My Second Wife
Loss of Innocence
"The Engineer" movie
Melon Collie Lassie
Hard and Tenderly
Ship of Fools
Mourning Glories

Brian Eno - Arena "Brian Eno - Another Green World" Documentary (ProShot DVD)

Very good documentary. Thanks to screen54 for sharing it on MWP.

Original Info File:

Broadcast: BBC4, Astra @ 28E, 22nd January 2010

Video Source: DVB-S Transport Stream
Lineage: TM9100 > Ethernet > ProjectX > TMPGEnc MPEG Editor (M2V +MP2) > IFOEdit
Transfer Rate: VBR ~3.6Mbps
Format 720x576i, 25fps, PAL

Audio : MPEG1, Layer 2, 48kHz, 256kbps
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Author: kosher
Menu: No
Chapters: Yes, random, 5 minute intervals
Number of discs: 1
Disc Type: DVD5

TRT: 0hr 59min 07sec

It should first be noted that the GOP size of this BBC broadcast is not strictly DVD compliant. So as to avoid any re-encoding, it was authored using IFOEdit which will often cause hiccups for Mac owners using Toast. If in doubt, test with a rewriteable.

An interesting collection of Eno's thoughts with images of him at work in his studio and talking with colleagues.

The Clash - Lochem Festival, De Ontdekking, The Netherlands - 20.05.1982 (Flac)

Very good FM broadcast. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

LDB Vintage Series #010

Hi there! After closing both my Master and Special series I took a break from seeding, enjoying life and most of all preparing for a new series! This is not going to be as frequent as my previous ones, I'll be seeding shows from time to time so don't expect massive volumes here.

Why a "vintage" series? Because music in the 70's and 80's was really different, so special with "that" kind of sound which you don't find anymore. That was the era of real music without the internet, of long tours and enjoyable live shows spanning from metal to new wave, progressive, jazz, fusion, pop. So many bands were born and disappeared during those
two decades.

I am then celebrating the 70's and the 80's and their unmistakeable sound in this LDB Vintage Series. You will find many bands I have never seeded in the past but that I still enjoy listening to. Most of these come from low generation tapes that were traded around that period, many radio broadcasts and overall lots of surprises.

Hope you will enjoy this new series!


01.London Calling
02.Safe European Home
03.The Guns of Brixton
04.Train in Vain
05.Clash City Rockers
06.Know Your Rights
07.The Magnificent Seven
08.Ghetto Defendant
09.Should I Stay or Should I Go
10.Police and Thieves
11.Brand New Cadillac
13.Complete Control
14.Career Opportunities

TT 55:44

Lineage: FM Radio broadcast > n generation tape > TEAC Tape Deck AD-RW900 > Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D >
HD > SoundForge Pro 10.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Joe Strummer – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Mick Jones – lead guitar, vocals
Paul Simonon – bass guitar, backing vocals
Terry Chimes – drums, percussion

Coming to volume 10 already, and already covered quite a wide range of "sounds" of 70's and 80's spanning across reggae, heavy metal, new wave, gothic rock, folk and country. Punk was missing, though. Being a progressive rock big fan, I confess not being very comfortable with punk
and its "two notes" songs that at the end gave a hard time to genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant or Jethro Tull. Nevertheless its contribution cannot be neglected and bands like The Clash are somehow in the history of rock. By the 80's they lost their wild nature and positioned them in a more "poppy" fashion. This is taken from that period, from a nice radio broadcast in Belgium, which was basically the beginning of the band's disintegration. They would last 4 more years before splitting up.

Sounwise this is an almost perfect quality and the band is still on fire. I believe this is one of the earliest shows with Terry Chimes on the drumkit since he had rejoined the band.

The Horrors - Festival Reverence Valada, Valada do Ribatejo, Portugal - 29.08.2015 (Flac)

A troubled FM broadcast... HUGE Thanks to ziggy for sharing it on Dime.

Original Info File:

Source: Amplifier Technics SU-V500>Tuner Denon TU-460>Zoom H2 (WAV - 44,10 kHz / 16 bit)

01. Mirror's Image
02. I Can See Through You
03. Who Can Say
04. In and Out of Sight
05. Sea Within a Sea
06. Scarlet Fields
07. Endless Blue
08. Moving further Away

I am not sure if this is the full show but it is for sure a full broadcast.

Those wankers from the radiostation kept s sound line from another stage open during the first 2 songs. So, the two sounds are mixed for those songs but on the first it is mostly line check and at the end of the second song there is already a full band performing over The Horrors broadcast but at the beggining of the third song they correct the issue. After that until the end it is a clean sound broadcast.
Enjoy and share.

RE-UPLOAD: Billy Idol - La Riviera, Madrid, Spain - 19.07.2012 (Flac)

Photo copyright by Solarpix

Bet you weren't expecting this one :) Well Mr Idol is touring again, and after a walk through the desert this last decade and a half. he seems to straighten his act. The main focus of the setlist are songs from Generation X and his 80's albuns,  so he really can't miss and not only him but the entire band is in top shape.

Another excellent recording from dtsom, that he kindly decided to share here. I promised some artwork, but  still wasn't able to do it... Will try to do it this week. Huge THANKS to dtsom for his generosity.

Note: Due to some unforeseen equipment trouble, 2 tracks are missing, fortunately one of them it's Billy forgetable cover version of LA Woman originally by the Doors.

Taper: dtsom
Tracksplitting: circle

Gear: Roland R05 + Church Audio 9100 + CA 11 Cards (24-48)

Lineage: WAV -> Remastered in Adobe Audition -> Splitted in Audacity -> TLH -> FLAC (Level 8)


01. Ready Steady Go (Generation X song)
02. Dancing With Myself (Generation X song)
03. (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows
04. Postcards From The Past
05. Flesh For Fantasy
06. Too Far To Fall
07. Hot In The City
08. Sweet Sixteen
09. Eyes Without A Face
10. Kings and Queens of the Underground (New song 2010)
(Heaven's Inside)
(L.A. Woman)
11. King Rocker (Generation X song)
12. Running With The Boss Sound (Generation X song)
13. Love Like Fire (Generation X song)
14. Blue Highway
15. Rebel Yell
16. (Encore Break)
17. White Wedding
18. Drum Solo
19. Mony Mony (Tommy James & The Shondells cover)


RE-UPLOAD: Escape With Romeo - Sala Ramdall, Madrid, Spain - 06.04.2013 (Flac)

Excellent sound. Huge thanks to dtsom for sending me his recording to share here. Cover made by me.

Taper: D.E.
Gear: Edirol R05-CA9100 + CA 11 Cards
Lineage: WAV -> Audacity -> TLH - > Flac (Level 8)


01. Intro (Hola Madrid)
02. Simulationen
03. Everyone Against Everyone
04. Helicopters On The Falling Rain
05. Glitter In The Snow
06. Hre Comes The Night
07. Ground Control
08. Darknesstaker
09. Somebody
10. It's Lonelyness
11. Anteroom For Your Love
12. Tears Of Kali
13. Teargas Baby
14. Te Ama
15. (Encore Break)
16. Skeletons
17. Escape With Romeo

Do Not Sell!


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Jerusalem Pop & Rock Club, Valencia, Spain - 12-09.2015 (Flac 24/96)

RLYL first concert in Spain. HUGE Thanks to dtsom for taping and sending me the recording to share here.

Taper: D.E.

Gear: roland r05- church audio 9100- ca11 cards


Talk About The Weather
Happy To See Me
Hollow Eyes
I Can See Stars
Cut Down
Chicken Feed
Strange Kind Of Paradise
Last Train
Safe As Houses
The Rise
Walking On Air
Piece Of My Mind
Take It All
Big Stick
She Said
Shooting Stars
Driving Black
Hold Yourself Down
Save My Soul

Never Know
Walking On Hands
Nothing Wrong

Do Not Sell!
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Patricia Morrison - Reflect on This (Flac/MP3)

This is what makes me happy about the log, I request a lossless version of this record to the readers and in a couple of days there's already three versions being handed out. Excellent :)

Thanks to JEmber for sharing this MP3 version with us. To R.A.T for the torrent Flac version and to Gonzalo for a second Flac version, that I uploaded to Mega.


01. O
02. The Living End
03. Alone
04. Love Never Dies
05. Saviours
06. Reflection
07. D
08. Reflection (Hidden)

David Bowie - 1997 Compilation of Soundboard Recording(Flac)

Thanks to bofinken57 for the upload to mwp in 2014
David Bowie - 1997.08.14
The Student Island Festival
Budapest , Hungary

Excellent Soundboard Recording

01. Quicksand
02. Queen Bitch
03. Waiting For The Man
04. The Jean Genie
05. I'm Afraid Of Americans
06. Battle For Britain
07. The Man Who Sold The World
08. Fashion
09. Seven Years In Tibet
10. Fame
11. Stay
12. Looking For Satellites
13. Under Pressure
14. Hallo Spaceboy
15. Scary Monsters
David Bowie
Capital Theatre, Port Chester, New York, USA

Source: TV
SQ: Ex.

02-Jean Genie
03-Im Afraid Of Americans
04-Look Back In Anger
05-Scary Monster
06-Little Wonder
08-Hallo Spaceboy
09-All The Young Dudes
David Bowie
Almost Acoustic
FM Broadcast

KROQ 'Almost Acoustic Christmas' Show
Universal Amphitheatre
Los Angeles, USA
December 6, 1997:

01-The Jean Genie
02-Panic In Detroit
03-I'm Afraid Of Americans
04-The Man Who Sold The World
07-Scary Monsters > Little Wonder

CFNY Acoustic Radio Show
CFNY 102.1 Studios
Toronto, Canada
September 26, 1997

08-Dead Man Walking
09-Always Crashing In The Same Car
10-I Can't Read

Savages - Haldern Pop Festival, Rees-Haldern, Germany - 14.08.2015 (HD TS)

Savages are getting better and better. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

(partial HDTV broadcast)

Telestar Diginova HD (dvb-s2, WDR HD [Aachen], Astra 19.2°E, 720p, AC3 448 kbps / 48 kHz)
=> USB  => TSDoctor 1.2.171 (trim, join *.ts files)

Date of first broadcast:
2015-05-24, 00:15-02:45

Televised tracks:
01 - Interview
02 - Husbands
03 - Adore

Full setlist:
01. City's Full
02. Shut Up
03. The Answer
04. Sad Person
05. Slowing Down The World
06. I Need Something New
07. Evil
08. Adore *
09. I Am Here
10. Hit Me
11. She Will
12. Husbands *
13. Fuckers

Jehnny Beth - vocals
Gemma Thompson - guitar
Ayse Hassan - bass
Fay Milton - drums

ID                                       : 1111 (0x457)
Complete name                            : savages-haldern-20150814-wdr2hd-rockpalast-dvbs2.ts
Format                                   : MPEG-TS
File size                                : 687 MiB
Duration                                 : 11mn 40s
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 8 227 Kbps

ID                                       : 5601 (0x15E1)
Menu ID                                  : 28544 (0x6F80)
Format                                   : AVC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile                           : High@L4.0
Format settings, CABAC                   : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames                : 4 frames
Codec ID                                 : 27
Duration                                 : 11mn 40s
Bit rate                                 : 6 980 Kbps
Width                                    : 1 280 pixels
Height                                   : 720 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate                               : 50.000 fps
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Scan type                                : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 0.151
Stream size                              : 583 MiB (85%)

Audio #1
ID                                       : 5602 (0x15E2)
Menu ID                                  : 28544 (0x6F80)
Format                                   : MPEG Audio
Format version                           : Version 1
Format profile                           : Layer 2
Codec ID                                 : 3
Duration                                 : 11mn 40s
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 192 Kbps
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Sampling rate                            : 48.0 KHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Delay relative to video                  : 53ms
Stream size                              : 16.0 MiB (2%)
Language                                 : German

Audio #2
ID                                       : 5603 (0x15E3)
Menu ID                                  : 28544 (0x6F80)
Format                                   : MPEG Audio
Format version                           : Version 1
Format profile                           : Layer 2
Codec ID                                 : 3
Duration                                 : 11mn 40s
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 192 Kbps
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Sampling rate                            : 48.0 KHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Delay relative to video                  : 5ms
Stream size                              : 16.0 MiB (2%)

Audio #3
ID                                       : 5606 (0x15E6)
Menu ID                                  : 28544 (0x6F80)
Format                                   : AC-3
Format/Info                              : Audio Coding 3
Mode extension                           : CM (complete main)
Format settings, Endianness              : Big
Codec ID                                 : 6
Duration                                 : 11mn 40s
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 448 Kbps
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Channel positions                        : Front: L R
Sampling rate                            : 48.0 KHz
Bit depth                                : 16 bits
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Delay relative to video                  : 71ms
Stream size                              : 37.4 MiB (5%)
Language                                 : German

SWEETHEAD - Mortal Panic EP (Free Download)

Conceived in 2008 by Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens Of The Stone Age) and Serrina Sims, SWEETHEAD was immediately catapulted onto the road opening for bands like Snow Patrol, Them Crooked Vultures, Puscifer and Eagles of Death Metal. With QOTSA on hiatus, it’s time for SWEETHEAD to pick up where they left off. Ahead of their LP release in 2016, SWEETHEAD is offering the new song “Mortal Panic” along with other rare tracks.

Monday, 14 September 2015

The Sisters Of Mercy - Mercy Maxi-Single - Bootleg (Flac)

A recent greek bootleg (2014) that is a collection of tracks included in CD singles, hence its unimaginative title. Thanks to Lee for sending me this one to share here.


01 - Torch
02 - When You Don't See Me {German Release}
03 - Lucretia My Reflection (Extended Version)
04 - More (Edit)
05 - Temple Of Love (1992) (Touched By The Hand Of Ofra Haza)
06 - I Was Wrong {American Fade}
07 - Vision Thing (Canadian Club Remix)
08 - This Corrosion
09 - Alice (1993)
10 - Under The Gun (Jutland Mix)
11 - When You Don't See Me - CDS
12 - Dance On Glass
13 - Floorshow (Digital Radio Session)
14 - Good Things (Digital Radio Session)

Bauhaus - Coliseu do Porto, Porto, Portugal - 17.02.2006 (Flac)

Huge Thanks to ziggy for sharing his excellent recording on Dime.

Original Info File:

Beautiful concert by Bauhaus on a rainy night and a sweet recording i believe.
This is the first time i am sharing my master here on Dime. I believe i traded it before but i am not sure if it ever made its way here.

This comes directly from my master and the only thing i did was to work on new track split for tracks 11 to 15 And insert a fade in on track 01.

Source:MD Sharp MD-MS702>Mic Sony ECM-717
Lineage: Amplifier Technics SU-V500>Tuner Denon TU-460>Minidisk Deck Sony MDS JE-510>optical cable>cd recorder Marantz DR 700>CD>dBPoweramp CD Ripper>WAV>Flac


01. Intro
02. Burning From The Inside
03. In The Flat Field
04. A God In An Alcove
05. In Fear of Fear
06. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
07. Swing The Heartache
08. She's In Parties
09. The Passion of Lovers
10. Silent Hedges
11. Kick In The Eye
12. Hollow Hills
13. Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
14. Stigmata Martyr
15. Hair of The Dog
16. Dark Entries
17. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
18. Severance
19. Transmission - Bauhaus version incl. St. Vitus Dance
20. Telegram Sam
21. Ziggy Stardust - w/ reprise
22. Bela Lugosi's Dead

Enjoy and share.

The Birthday Party - Junkyard Sessions, Armstrong's Audio Visual Studios, Melbourne, Australia - xx.12.1981 - xx.01.1982 + Mutiny! Studio Sessions, Hansa Studios, Berlin, Germany - xx.04.1983 (Flac)

Huge Thanks to tbeat03 for sharing these recordings on Zomb.

Junkyard Sessions
Armstrong's Audio Visual Studios
Melbourne (Decemnber 81 - January 82

01 Several Sins
02 The dim Locator
03 Junkyard
04 Dead Joe
05 Big Jesus Trash Can
06 6'' Gold Blade
07 She's Hit

+ April 1983, Hansa Studios, Berlin
Mutiny! Studio Sessions

08 Drumming
09 Drumming + Jennifer's Veil
10 Jennifer's Veil
11 Jennifer's Veil + Studio Conversation
12 Jennifer's Veil + Studio Conversation
13 Jennifer's Veil
14 Swampland(Nick Vocal)
15 Bass Track

The The - Festival Paredes de Coura, Paredes de Coura, Portugal - 13.08.2000 (Flac)

HUGE Thanks to ziggy for sending me this recording to share here, maybe someone has a true lossless version and wants to share it?

Original Info File:

The The in Portugal for the second time and with a great album and a great concert but i believe people were off of them. It was a pitty because it was really great.
I got a recording of the show on cd but can't remember by whom but i know that this did not come from the guy who recorded it. I traded it with somebody else. The recording is quite good but my cd was recorded from mp3 files and that is the reason i never traded this one before. But i believe it is time for this historic recording find its way into other The The fans and for that here it is for your own pleasure.

Source: Unknown


01. Intro/ Boiling Point
02. Dogs of Lust
03. Voidy Numbness
04. Soul Catcher
05. Global Eyes
06. Heartland
07. This is the Day
08. December Sunlight
09. Shrunken Man
10. Swine Fever
11. The Beaten Generation
12. True Hapiness This Way Lies
13. Love is Stronger Than Death
14. Armageddon Days Are Here Again

Share and enjoy.

RE-UPLOAD: The Young Gods - Studio 15, RSR Studios , Lausanne, Switzerland - 16.11.2010 (Flac)

This one is too good to pass. Excellent sound. Huge Thanks to zionpower for sharing this one over at DIME.

Pre-FM recording->CDR->extract->.flac

This is not the broadcast, but the raw file from the radio archive of the concert recording. That is why the interview at the beginnig sounds very distant (captured by the concert mics and NOT the radio mixing desk)

No need to say, the sound is absolutely stellar, with no FM compression or anything.
Moreover, the last song, Kissing the Sun, was not broadcasted! So this is the first time it is publicaly available.

This is one of the very first shows with 4th members, Vincent Hänni. (or is it THE first?)


Listen, Seed and Dance (but never ever sell.....)


1. interview
2. sirius business
3. blooming
4. no land's man
5. supersonic
6. about time
7. mister sunshine
8. tenter le grillage
9. everythere
10. once again
11. skinflowers
12. kissing the sun

Bad Brains - "Onrust" VPRO Studio, Hilversum, Holland - xx.xx.1989 (ProShot DVD)

Brilliant stuff. Thanks to Dutch for sharing on Dime.

DutchPunk's 1st gen PAL upgrade with audio replacement from BC's version for tracks 1-4.
Authored by BONG.


01 interview
02 With The Quickness
03 The Prophet's Eye
04 I Against I
05 I & I Survive (incomplete, 1min broadcast) *

*VPRO Moord TV transmission 1990

Inca Babies - Peel Session, Maida Vale Studio 5, London, UK - 08.07.1986 (Flac)

Huge Thanks to chrispoor for letting me share the complete session here.

Peel session #4
8th July 1986 (recording date)
First broadcast on 21st July 1986

Master FM recording

Lineage (original recording) :-

BBC Radio 1 FM -> Roof Aerial -> Marantz ST151L Tuner -> Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck -> TDK SA-90 (Type 2, aka 'pseudo-chrome') cassette tape

Conversion to FLAC:-

Master TDK-SA or TDK-AD source tape -> Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck -> PC's built-in Soundmax sound chip (line in) -> CoolEdit Pro 2.1 (digital recording + manual track splitting*) -> WAV -> TLH -> FLAC 8 & .ffp
(*SBE's also checked and fixed after track splitting, using TLH, to ensure all tracks are sector bounhdary aligned)

Complete tracklisting :-

01 - The Depths
02 - Dresden
03 - Opium Den
04 - Plenty More Mutants

Sunday, 6 September 2015

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - Rock City, Nottingham, UK - 03.09.2000 (Flac)

TSOM didn't do many concerts in 2000, so the number of bootlegs is small. Here's another one, the sound it's little muddy but quite enjoyable. Originally From Tarquinlive blogspot.


Train / Detonation Boulevard
On The Wire / Teachers
Dominion/Mother Russia
Giving Ground
Crash And Burn
Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
Will I Dream?
We Are The Same, Susanne
Romeo Down
Flood I
War On Drugs
Temple Of Love

Encore 1
Something Fast
Flood II

Encore 2
Top Nite Out
Vision Thing

PIL - The Studio, Bristol, UK - 08.11.1983 (Flac)

Very good soundboard. Thanks to the original uploader.


01. Intro
02. Public Image
03. Low Life
04. Annalisa
05. Religion
06. Memories
07. Chant
08. Solitaire
09. The Flowers Of Romance
10. Anarchy In The U.K.
11. This Is Not A Love song
12. Attack