Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Sisters Of Mercy - University Of East Anglia, Norwich, UK - 19.11.2016 (Flac)

Excellent audience recording. Thanks to the taper for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

SP-CMC-8 cardioids -> MM-CBM-Mini battery box -> Yamaha Pocketrak C24 (16-bit 44100Hz PCM) -> Adobe Audition (some EQ) -> Trader's Little Helper (FLAC)

Duration: 01:27:31

01 More
02 Ribbons
03 Doctor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard
04 Amphetamine Logic
05 Body Electric
06 Crash And Burn
07 Alice
08 Marian
09 No Time To Cry
10 Arms
11 Dominion/Mother Russia
12 Summer
13 Jihad
14 Valentine
15 Flood II

16 Something Fast
17 Lucretia My Reflection
18 Vision Thing

Encore 2:
19 First And Last And Always
20 Temple Of Love
21 This Corrosion

The Cure - Live 1985-1986-1987 - BBC FM (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader on TTD.

Original Info File:

Birmingham NEC 20th September 1985 broadcast on BBC Radio 1 7th December 1985 as Radio 1 In Concert.
Glastonbury 21st June 1996 Broadcast on BBC Radio 1 as Radio 1 In Concert.
Birmingham NEC 6th December 1987 Broadcast 1988 on BBC Radio 1 as Radio 1 In Concert.

BBC FM>BBC Radio 1 FM>Marantz ST320L Tuner>Aiwa or Teac cassette recorder (master cassettes)>wave capture, track markers & burned to cdr using Magix ACL>accuraterip to flac level 8.

1985 band: Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams, Laurence Tolhurst
Setlist 1985:
01 - The Baby Screams
02 - Play For Today
03 - A Night Like This
04 - Primary
05 - Kyoto Song
06 - The Blood
07 - The Hanging Garden
08 - Cold (a few seconds of the start missed due to tape flip)
09 - Inbetween Days
10 - Let's Go To Bed
11 - The Walk
12 - Push
13 - Screw
14 - Sinking
15 - Charlotte Sometimes
Run time: 00:59:51

1986 band: Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams, Laurence Tolhurst
Setlist 1986:
01 - Primary
02 - Charlotte Sometimes
03 - A Strange Day
04 - Kyoto Song
05 - Inbetween Days
06 - The Walk
07 - A Night Like This
08 - Close To Me
09 - One Hundred Years
10 - Push
11 - A Forest
12 - Sinking
Run time: 00:58:39

1987 band: Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, Boris Williams, Roger O'Donnell, Laurence Tolhurst
Setlist 1987:
01 - Torture
02 - A Japanese Dream
03 - Catch
04 - If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
05 - Like Cockatoos
06 - The Walk
07 - Inbetween Days
08 - The Perfect Girl
09 - The Snakepit
10 - A Forest
11 - Charlotte Sometimes
12 - Why Can't I Be You
Run time: 00:59:11

Mazzy Star - The Academy, NY, USA - 21.10.1994 (Flac)

Very good sound. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

(opening for JAMC)

01 Flowers in December
02 Halah   
03 She's My Baby 
04 She Hangs Brightly
05 Wasted
06 Ride It On
07 Leaving On A Train (a.k.a. Let That Be)
08 Fade Into You
09 Blue Flower (Slapp Happy cover)

Another fine show from Scott Simpson's collection, one he received in
trade. A well recorded show. It's a unique Mazzy Star show as it contains
what I believe is the only live version of the song "Wasted" I personally
have ever heard. I looked through track lists of other shows I have, and
couldn't find "Wasted" anywhere else among mine (unless I overlooked something).

This was the tour when Hope would come out during JAMC's set and sing the
duet, "Sometimes Always" with Jim Reid which JAMC had released as a
single that year. Hope and William Reid were a couple at the time.

Scott's original notes say: "(opening for JAMC) probably 1st Gen"

Lydia Lunch and Weasel Walter - 4AD, Diksmuide, Belgium - 21.10.2016 (Flac)

Thanks to the taper for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

lineage: audience master
source: Core Sound binaurals > battery box > Edirol R-05
mastering: Cool Edit Pro > CD Wave Editor > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC

time: 39 mins

01. WGW
02. You Said I Would Save Your Life
03. WGW
04. I'm Feeling Murderous
05. In The Beginning
06. WGW
07. Some Days/Some Nights
08. WGW
09. Oxygen/Dirty White Honeysuckle
10. WGW
11. Bitterness/Alone
12. WGW
13. Tomorrow/Time
14. WGW
15. Hot
16. WGW

line-up: Lydia Lunch (vocals) and Weasel Walter (drums, sound effects)

notes: "Brutal Measures", a longform composition featuring tense spoken word versus manic free drumming outbursts, glued together by cryptic electronics.

Basically one long piece, but I devided it in sections and titled the pieces, just for convenience sake.
"WGW"= Weasel Goes Wild (Ginger Baker style).
One of Lydia's 2 mics was faulty which caused some distortion in the left PA.

Dead Kennedys - Pine Street Theatre, Portland, USA -16.10.1984 (Flac)

Very good soundboard. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Source\ Lineage:  SBD(1)> Onkyo TA-RW344 w\ azimuth correction>Goldwave>.wav>CD Wave>flac (level 8)

***Metzler Tapes, Vol 9***

Taper: Nathan

1) >intro<
2) Soup Is Good Food
3) Hellnation
4) This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be Everywhere)
5) >chat<
6) When You Get Drafted
7) Terminal Preppie
8) MTV Get Off the Air
9) A Child and His Lawnmower
10) >chat<
11) Jock-o-Rama
12) Moral Majority
13) >chat<
14) Kill the Poor
15) >chat<
16) Macho Insecurity
17) >chat<
18) Police Truck
19) >chat<
20) Goons of Hazard
21) >chat w\ Truckin’ tease<
22) Government Flu
23) Bleed for Me
24) >chat<
25) Short Songs
26) Nazi Punks Fuck Off

A smokin’ set of a tape that has seen some circulation, but never from this low of a gen, as far as I know. The date here is indeed correct (yay!)…no revamps of info should be needed, as a poster of the show is included in torrent to prove it!...

The Corvallis show, originally thought to be part of this stint, actually turns out to be from 1982…still need to do some digging on that date, as it appears to have eluded even the most ardent DK fans…

anywho, try this one on fer size, but please!…

I was lucky enough to develop a pretty solid virtual friendship with Chris Metzler, and seemingly was able to succeed where many others have not: getting him to open up his vast collection of recorded material to digitally transfer. The many requests he received over the years were impossible to fulfill, and he honestly felt badly about ‘hoarding’, but there was little way to oblige all of them over the decades of taping, trading, and collecting

Perhaps Chris saw in me the chance to get his tapes transferred for himself, and also out to the many folks who had requested them since his last trading days many moons ago...

What we have in Chris’ collection is a brilliant snapshot of the Portland \ Eugene \ Corvallis, Oregon scene in the early to mid-1980’s. Then, after a prolific spell taping his favorite bands in and around Portland, Chris scored a job working for Touch’n’Go sister label Blast First Records out of the UK. He became label support for Band of Susans, and worked closely with many of the stalwarts during the heyday of Touch’n’Go.

Chris has also worked closely with many other bands, in various capacities; including Wire and Nick Cave (at Mute Records); the Buzzcocks, after their reformation in 1989; as well as many, many others…far too many to mention. This series does not even begin to scratch the surface of his collection; much of which is privately recorded and cannot be released to the public without the bands’ permissions. Still, what has been offered up is a pretty amazing collection of recordings, nonetheless, and certainly will bring to light a wealth of new material as well as many upgrades which have remained elusive for far too long.

Allow me to give a big thanks to Chris for his trust in me, and for opening up his vaults to we fans!


Terminal Gods/Still Patient?/Burning Gates - Gotham Sound Festival, Area 51, Hilden, Germany - 30.04.2016 (Flac)

HUGE Thanks to Chris for taping and sending me the links to share here.

Taper: C.F. (Chris)
Gear: Sony ICD-SX850

Lineage: Wav -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 8)
Terminal Gods

(no Setlist)

Time: 55.42 min
Still Patient?

(no Setlist)

Time: 72.56 min
 Burning Gates

(no Setlist)

Time: 43.41 min

Do Not Sell!

Peter Burns: The Last Interview (MKV 720p)

The last interview and a review of the career of the late Peter Burns.

Elastica - Black Session, L'Aéronef, Lille, France - 31.03.1994 (Flac)

Very good session. Thanks to dimitroy for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Source : radio broadcast live > radio France Inter
Generation: master
Quality: very good+

Lineage:  my analog chrome tape (TDK SA 100min) > Luxman k-110w tape deck > cd audio standalone > cd-ex (extracting the .wav files) >  cd wave (for splitting and renaming the tracks) > Trader's little Helper (flac 6)

00 Intro from DJ Bernard Lenoir
01 Spastica
02 Rockunroll
03 Line Up
04 Annie
05 Connection
06 S.O.F.T.
07 Stutter (cut for radio News)
08 Waking Up (debut missing)
09 2:1
10 See That Animal
11 Vaseline

Total length : 34'06"

File size : 267 Mo (.wav) / 181 Mo (flac)

Transferred by Dimitroy, October 2016

notes : first Elastica concert in France.

The Pop Group - Marc Riley Session, Media City, Manchester, UK - 08.11.2016 (MP2)

Excellent session. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Digital Satellite (live) broadcast 2016-11-08 MPEG1 layer 2 48kHz @ 160kbps:
BBC Radio 6 Music > DVB-S > TBS 6984 > DVBviewer > .mp2 >
Mpeg2Schnitt (trimming) > .mp2. Tags added with Mp3tag.

"Pure Ones" was broadcast on Gideon Coe show immediately following the Marc Riley show,
(and was recorded, not played live for Gideon Coe).

  1. Introduction
  2. Zipperface                       7:47
  3. Introduction
  4. Days Like These
  5. Interview
  6. Little Town
  7. Closing comments                17:43
  8. Pure Ones                        4:02
Total Time : [29:32]

Sunday, 13 November 2016

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - Cooperative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrand, France - 29.11.2011 (Flac)

Huge thanks to dirtyboots for sharing his audience master at DIME.

Zoom H1 with Internal Mics > SD Card > PC > magic audio cleanic > Wave > Flac (level 8)


01 Crash And Burn
02 Ribbons
03 First And Last And Always
04 Train and Detonation Boulevard
05 Alice
06 Marian
07 Amphetamine Logic
08 Giving Ground
09 No Time To Cry
10 Arms
11 Dominion/Mother Russia
12 Summer
13 This Corrosion
14 Neverland
15 Flood II
16 Encore Break
17 Rain From Heaven
18 Top Nite Out
19 More
20 2nd Encore Break
21 Lucretia My Reflection
22 Vision Thing
23 Temple Of Love

Killing Joke - Dynamo Grosser Saal, Zurich, Switzerland - 11.11.2016 (Flac)

HUGE THANKS to Eggi for sending me his recording to share here. Setlist taken from the net, it may be wrong.

Taper: C.E.
Gear: SP-CMC-8(Cards/SP-ATMIC-MODIF) -> SP-SPSB-11(no roll off) ->Edirol R09-HR( 24 bit/48 khz)
Lineage: WAV->Audacity(only normalization)->flac 16/44.1


01. The Hum
02. Love Like Blood
03. Eighties
04. Autonomous Zone
05. New Cold War
06. Exorcism
07. Requiem
08. Change
09. Turn to Red
10. European Super State
11. I Am the Virus
12. Complications
13. Empire Song
14. Unspeakable
15. The Wait
16. Pssyche
17. Wardance
18. Pandemonium

Do Not Sell!

Leonard Cohen - "Rock-Pop Special", ZDF Studios, Munich, West Germany - 31.10.1979 (ProShot DVD)

RIP Leonard. We Pay hommage with three posts today. He will be sorely missed. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

PAL DVD5 with C&M. No artwork.


3sat 1993 rebroadcast) > VHS master > SuperHG VHS copy (=1st gen) > NV-FJ612 (playback) > DMR-E55 (capture in XP mode) > Mpeg Video Wizard DVD > TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 > .dvdf


Video: MPEG-2 | 9110kbps | 720 x 576 | 4:3 | 25fps | PAL
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3 | 48kHz | 224kb/s | stereo | CBR


TT: 44:28.44

1. (3sat introduction)
2. So Long, Marianne
3. The Window
4. Famous Blue Raincoat
5. Passin' Through
6. Memories
7. The Guests
8. Suzanne// (faded out)


The band is:

Leonard Cohen - vocals, acoustic guitar, blues harp

Sharon Robinson - vocals
Jennifer Warnes - vocals

Mitch Watkins - guitars
Roscoe Beck - bass
Raffi Hakopian - violin
John Bilezikjian - oud, mandolin
Paul Ostermeyer - wind
Bill Ginn - keyboards
Steve Meador - drums


Len Talk:

***before THE WINDOW:
This is another song. It's from my new album. It's called 'The Window'. It's a kind of a prayer to, you know, bring two parts of the soul together. It's called 'The Window'.

***after THE WINDOW:
My great violinist, Raffi Hakopian from Armenia!

***before MEMORIES:
This is a song that I wrote a couple of years ago with the great genius of darkest Hollywood, Phil Spector. And it's a song based on my extremely boring and pathetic life at Westmount High School in Montreal. It's called, 'Memories'.

***after MEMORIES:
Sharon Robinson! Jennifer Warnes! Paul Ostermeyer! Bill Ginn! Raffi Hakopian! Steve Meador! Roscoe Beck! Mitch Watkins! John Bilezikjian! Let's do another song...

***before THE GUESTS:
This is a new song and I'm very surprised that this song has gained any kind of popularity, because it is a kind of a difficult song. I think most of its popularity is due to the fact that Raffi Hakopian plays on it. And John Bilezikjian. But... It's a song about how a new soul comes into the world looking for the feast, feeling completely separated from everything, feeling isolated and in exile. And how the Great Author of this dismal catastrophy, this vale of tears, pulls each of these souls into the feast and into the banquet. And no one knows where the night is going. No one knows why the wine is flowing. And, oh love, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you...

***before SUZANNE:
It's not a matter of my wanting or not wanting to play, but I think that the television programme is over and it's time for all of us to go home...
[Director cuts in:] Leonard, do us a favour - one more.
Yeah. One more? Sure! It's pleasure. We have time? Yes. Okay.


Last rev. 15May07

Leonard Cohen - Laugardalshöll, Reykjavik, Iceland - 24.06.1988 (Flac)

HUGE Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

SBD > Cass-M > DAT > CD-R(2?) > EAC > FLAC

Disc One:

01-Welcome Applaud
02-Dance Me to the End of Love
03-Ain't No Cure for Love
04-Who by Fire
05-Bird on the Wire
06-I'm Your Man
07-Sisters of Mercy/Heart with No Companion
08-First we take Manhattan
10-Chelsea Hotel
11-Tower of Song

Disc Two:

01-Stranger Song
02-Everybody Knows
03-Joan of Arc
04-Story of Isaac
06-Passing Through
07-Take this Waltz
08-The Partisan
09-If it Be Your Will
10-Coming Back to You
12-So Long, Marianne

Disc Three:

01-I Can't Forget
02-A Singer Must Die
03-First We Take Manhattan (2)
04-Famous Blue Raincoat
05-I Tried to Leave
06-Wither Thou Goest
07-L.Cohen with the Icelandic press

Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Life (MKV 576p)

Very good documentary, that never got a DVD release. Takem from the recent BBC broadcast. Live tracks from carnagie Hall, NY.


01. First We Take Manhattan    
02. Suzanne    
03. Chelsea Hotel No. 2    
04. Take This Waltz    
05. Hallelujah    
06. Who By Fire    
07. Bird On A Wire    
08. Red River Valley    
09. So Long, Marianne    
10. Famous Blue Raincoat    
11. The Partisan    
12. Joan Of Arc    
13. Ain't No Cure For Love    
14. Tower Of Song    
15. Dance Me To The End Of Love

Simple Minds - Hackney Empire, London, UK - 10.11.2016 (Flac + HD Video)

Simple Minds preview of their acoustic tour.  Thanks to the original uploaders on Dime:

Audio Info:

Lineage: BBC Radio 2 Broadcast > Sony FM Receiver > PC > Audacity > WAV > FLAC (Level 8)

On the eve of the release of their acoustic album, Simple Minds take to the stage
at the Hackney Empire to perform a stripped down and re-imagined version of songs
spanning their entire careeer.


01 - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
02 - See The Lights
03 - Glittering Prize
04 - Stand By Love
05 - Waterfront
06 - Andy Warhol (David Bowie Cover)
07 - Chelsea Girl
08 - Someone Somewhere In Summertime
09 - Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith Group cover)
10 - Speed Your Love To Me
11 - Promised You A Miracle (with Sarah Brown)
12 - Don't You (Forget About Me)
13 - Sanctify Yourself


14 - Long Black Train
15 - Alive and Kicking
16 - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (With Steve Harley)

Video Info:

Lineage: BBC iPlayer Webcast -> AdobeHDS script -> FFmpeg (edit) -> .ts
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 16:9 5000 kbps 50.00 fps
Audio: HE-AAC 96 Kbps 48.0 KHz stereo
(Note: The HE-AAC 96 Kbps audio is equivalent to AAC 192 Kbps)

On the eve of the release of their acoustic album, Simple Minds take to the stage
at the Hackney Empire to perform a stripped down and re-imagined version of songs
spanning their entire careeer.

New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
See the Lights
Glittering Prize
Stand by Love
Andy Warhol (David Bowie cover)
Chelsea Girl
Someone Somewhere in Summertime
Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith Group cover)
Speed Your Love to Me
Promised You a Miracle (with KT Tunstall)
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Sanctify Yourself

Long Black Train
Alive and Kicking
Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) (Steve Harley cover with Steve Harley)

TRT = 01:32:07

ID                          : 1 (0x1)
Complete name               : Simple Minds - 2016-11-10 Hackney Empire, London, England [720p50].ts
Format                      : MPEG-TS
File size                   : 3.49 GiB
Duration                    : 1h 32mn
Overall bit rate mode       : Variable
Overall bit rate            : 5 419 Kbps

ID                          : 256 (0x100)
Menu ID                     : 1 (0x1)
Format                      : AVC
Format/Info                 : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile              : High@L3.2
Format settings, CABAC      : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames   : 4 frames
Format settings, GOP        : M=8, N=96
Codec ID                    : 27
Duration                    : 1h 32mn
Width                       : 1 280 pixels
Height                      : 720 pixels
Display aspect ratio        : 16:9
Frame rate                  : 50.000 fps
Standard                    : Component
Color space                 : YUV
Chroma subsampling          : 4:2:0
Bit depth                   : 8 bits
Scan type                   : Progressive
Color range                 : Limited
Color primaries             : BT.709
Transfer characteristics    : BT.709
Matrix coefficients         : BT.709

ID                          : 257 (0x101)
Menu ID                     : 1 (0x1)
Format                      : AAC
Format/Info                 : Advanced Audio Codec
Format version              : Version 4
Format profile              : HE-AAC / LC
Muxing mode                 : ADTS
Codec ID                    : 15
Duration                    : 1h 32mn
Bit rate mode               : Variable
Channel(s)                  : 2 channels
Channel positions           : Front: L R
Sampling rate               : 48.0 KHz / 24.0 KHz
Frame rate                  : 23.438 fps (1024 spf)
Compression mode            : Lossy
Delay relative to video     : -640ms

ID                          : 4096 (0x1000)
Menu ID                     : 1 (0x1)
Duration                    : 1h 32mn
List                        : 256 (0x100) (AVC) / 257 (0x101) (AAC)
Service name                : Service01
Service provider            : FFmpeg
Service type                : digital television

The Specials - Gino, Stockholm, Sweden - 02.03.1995 (Flac)

Excellent recording of The Specials MkII. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Broadcasted on Swedish Radio 1995-05-10

What a lovely band Specials was and
They sound terrific good on this recording

1st generation cassette (Master)
Transfered it to Flac files with Pioneer CT-900S-Nero Wave Editor-
dBpowerAMP Music Converter

Time: 47 min.

1.Guns Of Navarone
2.(Dawning of A) New Era
3.Rat Race
4.It's Up to You
5.Man at C & A
6.Pressure Drop
7.Message to You Rudy
8.Too Much Too Young
9.Concrete Jungle
11.Monkey Man
12.Nite Klub
13.Ghost Town

Go out and buy there records or see them live

Check Out
And Keep Up The Gooooood Music!!

The Last Cry / Sweet Ermengarde / The Escape - Dark Skies Over Witten II, Excalibur, Witten, Germany - 09.04.2016 (Flac)

Thanks to Chris for taping and sendinf me his recordings to share here.

Taper: C.F. (Chris)
Gear: Sony ICD-SX850

Lineage: Wav -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 8)

The Last Cry

(no Setlist)

Time: 58.24 min


Sweet Ermengarde

(no Setlist)

Time: 63.28 min
The Escape

(no Setlist)

Time: 61.15 min
Do Not Sell!

RE-UPLOAD: The Nefilim - Lindepark, Potsdam, Germany - 18.12.1993 (Flac)

An excellent surprise from Northern Nephilim.


Factory pressed Silver CD -> EAC (See logfile for info) -> TLH: FLAC Level 8


Bootleg CD ran from a pirate pressing plant in Germany, limited to 500 pcs.
Scans of Coverartwork and Disc included.

Very good sound quality for a recording that was made 1993.
Unknown equipment - very good audience recording.
Very powerful Gig, one of the best live renditions of "Chord of Souls".
Wish they would play live like that again ^^


01 - Intro, Exodus
02 - Pazuzu (Black Rain)
03 - Shine
04 - Moonchild
05 - Love Under Will
06 - Zoon 3 (Wake World)
07 - Penetration
08 - Venus Decomposing
09 - Last Exit for the Lost
10 - Chord of Souls


recording made by ???

Share created by NorthernNephilim (DIME: TimeBandit )

Do not transcode to lossy formats or remaster!

Not for Sale !!! Sharing is Caring, do not trade the FLAC´s without info file, checksum

If you like the band, please visit their concerts and buy their records.

official homepage:


Thank You, Very Much!

RE-UPLOAD: Society - Saturn Girl (MP3)

The return of nashspacerocket, who decided to share with us this deleted single from Society (post danse society group). He say that to be honest it's a bit crap, but some people might want it for completion (like me and him). A big Thank You to him.

01. Saturn Girl
02. Love It

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - De Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands - 03.12.2011 (MP3)

Photo: Batty Von Blingtrash

The last concert from the 2011 XXX tour, and on all accounts, a brilliant way of ending the year. with the (by now) usual Phantom of the Opera ode to Jurgen the sound engineer and the best version of John I'm Only Dancing so far. Huge Thanks to Eggi for sharing his recording.

Taper: C.E.
Taping position: balcony

SP-CMC-8(Cards/SP-ATMIC-MODIF) -> SP-SPSB-11(no roll off) ->Edirol R09-HR( 24 bit/48 khz)->Audacity(only normalization)->cd wave(splitting)->MP3(320 kb/s)


01. Intro
02. Crash and Burn
03. Ribbons
04. First and Last and Always
05. Train / Detonation Blvd
06. Alice
07. Logic
08. Marian
09. Gift that Shines
10. No Time to Cry
11. Arms
12. Dominion / Mother Russia
13. Summer
14. John, I'm Only Dancing
15. This Corrosion
16. Romeo Down
17. Flood II
18. Lucretia My Reflection
19. Vision Thing
20. Temple of Love
21. Something Fast
22. Phantom of The Opera
23. Top Nite Out
24. More

Killing Joke - BBC Session (for Marc Riley show), Maida Vale Studios, London, UK - 24.10.2016 (MP2)

Thanks to smiler40 for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Jaz Coleman
Paul Ferguson
Martin "Youth" Glover
Kevin "Geordie" Walker
Reza Udhin

Backing tracks recorded 2015-11-12
Jaz Coleman vocals & keyboards recorded "last week" (according to Marc Riley on 2016-11-02);
website describes the tracks as "6 Music session for Marc Riley 24th Oct 2016".


Digital Satellite broadcast 2016-11-02 MPEG1 layer 2 48kHz @ 160kbps:
BBC Radio 6 Music > DVB-S > TBS 6984 > DVBviewer > .mp2 >
Mpeg2Schnitt (trimming) > .mp2. Tags added with Mp3tag.

"Dawn Of The Hive" broadcast during Gideon Coe show.

  1. Wardance           3:30
  2. Euphoria           3:32
  3. Autonomous Zone    5:46
  4. I Am The Virus     4:00
  5. Dawn Of The Hive   5:49

Total Time : [22:39]


Fields of the Nephilim - Essigfabrik, Cologne, Germany - 19.03.2016 (Flac)

Huge Thanks to Chris for sending me his recording to share here. There's some distortion due to the recording level being to high.

Taper: C.F. (Chris)
Gear: Sony ICD-SX850

Lineage: Wav -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 8)

01. Intro
02. Dawnrazor
03. Moonchild
04. For Her Light
05. Love Under Will
06. From the Fire
07. Zoon III (Wake World)
08. Psychonaut
09. Equinox
10. Prophecy
11. Encore Break
12. Last Exit for the Lost
13. Encore Break 2
14. Mourning Sun

Do Not Sell!
Support the band!

RE-UPLOAD: Siouxsie - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium - 27.10.2007 (DVD)

Very good audience video, thanks to renezand for taping and sharing and to sisteruli sending it to me to post here..

Mantaray and more tour

Audience shot from balcony

Linage: Sony DCR-DVD100E dvd camcorder-->maxtor one touch hdd-->nero- trial version-->TDK dvd -R disk

Format: Pal 4:3
Codec: MPEG-2
Resolution: 704 x 576
Framerate: 25.000
Bitrate: 4093
Audio codec: AC3 256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)


01 They Follow You
02 About To Happen
03 Here Comes That Day
04 Dear Prudence
05 Drone Zone
06 Loveless
07 Kill you (missing intro cos of dvd flip)
08 Sea Of Tranquility
09 One Mile
10 Spellbound
11 Into A Swan


12 Hong Kong Garden
13 Cish Cash

Encore 2:

14 Hello I Love You

Show was cut short, have no idea why...
According to the setlist they should have played "Nightshift", "Arabian Knights" and "Heaven And Alchemy" too.

The Kills - Coliseu, Lisboa, Portugal - 03.11.2016 (Flac)

3 November 2016Taper: circle
Gear: Roland R05 with internal Mics
Lineage: WAV -> Audacity (tracksplitting and normalise) -> TLH -> Flac (8)


01. Heart Of A Dog
02. U.R.A. Fever
03. Kissy Kissy
04. Hard Habit To break
05. Impossible Tracks
06. Black Ballon
07. Doing It To Death
08. Baby says
09. DNA
10. Tape Song
11. Echo Home
12. Future Starts Slow
13. Whirling Eye
14. Pots and Pans
15. Monkey 23
16. (encore break)
17. That Love
18. Siberian Nights
19. Love Is A Deserter
20. Sour Cherry

Do Not Sell!

Missing Persons - US Festival, Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, CA, USA - 30.05.1983 + Promo Videos (ProShot DVD)

Huge thanks to DamageINC777 for sharing on TTD.

Original Info File:


Mental Hopscotch
Noticeable One
It Ain't None of Your Business
Bad Streets
U.S. Drag
(followed by band introductions)
Here and Now
Walking in L.A.
I Like Boys
Destination Unknown
No Way Out

Promo Videos
Right Now
Destination Unknown
Surrender Your Heart
I Can't Think About Dancing

MTV Interview +  Mental Hotscotch
MTV Commercial

Video:VHS? >PC
NTSC / 4:3
Video Bit Rate: 4417 kbps
Video Frame Rate: 29.97 fps

Audio: Source/Lineage
Audio codec: AC3
Audio Bit Rate: 48000Hz  256 kb/s tot

Band Lineup
Dale Bozzio - vocals
Terry Bozzio - Drums
Warren Cuccurullo - guitars, vocals
Patrick O'Hearn - bass, synthesisers
Chuck Wild - keyboards, synthesisers

Obtained via snail mail trade years ago now.

Pro shot. My best guess is this is a 1st or 2nd generation transfer. The best I have seen. And I have collected multiple copies of a lot of the US Fest stuff over the years.
Very clean and a good watch.