Monday 29 April 2013

Tool - The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, USA - 23.11.1996 (Flac)

A classic bootleg, with an invented concert date, you can read the info text taken from one  of  Tool fansites. Excelent sounding soundboard.

Conversion: SBD>Silver>CDWAV>Soundforge8(Edit)>CDWAV>FLAC


AKA: Dirge, Third Leg, Third Eye, Cullen Auditorium

Source C: DAT --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony TCD-D7 (Oade Bros Mod) - Front of Stack

Dec. 12, 1996 in Houston, TX, USA @ Cullun Auditorium never occurred. Those are simply this recording, the silver disc bootleg known as Dirge/Vagina Whistles/Third Leg and also this date. I am sure that someone simply pulled that date & venue out of thin air.
Don't even discuss MP3's as this show probably has the most conversions of any other bootleg out there, there is no way you could keep track...
All MP3 & silver disc versions are incomplete recordings of the complete CSB>D7 source. At the end of 2003, the complete, 2 CD version, of this show + same source info surfaced after years of just this incomplete version. The question that is my mind is, how did this end up on a silver disc?
Was there a connection with the taper? I'm not passing judgment on the taper, I don't care & if any damage was done, it was done long ago.

the answer, to how  this ended up being sold onto a silver disc in the first place if the taper is around (master-holder as it is). From what I was told, the: Italian Mafia had a lot to do with it as does one poor judgment in error as far as trading goes. One thing for sure is that this recording is of very high caliber & quality, even the incomplete recording is good to hear if that's all you can find.  I find this particular show interesting because it was so highly spread on commercial & even home-made "bootlegs" sold in stores throughout North America &, reportedly, this was sold as "Dirge" in London, England as a CDR bought by a fan in Camden Town, London.

"Ever have someone love you so much that they tried to kill you? Or perhaps suck you down into a hole? And you had to kill them to get away? Me either."

01. [06:57] Third Eye
02. [06:52] Forty-Six and Two
03. [09:35] Eulogy
04. [07:09] Prison Sex 'O.T.R.M'
05. [11:00] Pushit
06. [06:25] H
07. [11:50] Sober
08. [07:09] Opiate
09. [06:48] AEnema

Time: 74:00

Third Leg

The Tubes - Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany - 14.05.1983 (ProShot DVD)

Wild theatrics... Very good ProShot, thanks to the original uploader.


01.Sushi Girl
02.Don't Want to Wait Anymore
03.Wild Women of Wongo
04.She's A Beauty
07.White Punks on Dope


Type O Negative - Die Röhre, Stuttgart, Germany - 15.12.1991 (Flac)

Very Good soundboard recording. The last 3 tracks are labelled demos, but are of dubious origin.


01 - Are You Afraid to Die
02 - Gravitational Constant
03 - Race War
04 - Prelude to Agony
05 - Xero Tolerance
06 - Hey Peter
07 - Xero Tolerance (reprise)
08 - Predator
09 - Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infedelity
10 - Subhuman
11 - Black Sabbath


Big Black - Hammersmith Clarendon, London, UK - 24.07.1987 (ProShot DVD)

Thanks to Bandit999 and to S+©kmªÑ for the links.

Original Info File:

Bandit999 Presents
Big Black - Pig Pile (1992)

Source:- Original Retail VHS

Alright here's the Big Black Pig Pile Video from 1992 which was recorded live at
the Hammersmith Clarendon, London, England (24th July 1987) this is direct from
the retail VHS so the quality is great. I also included a custom DVD cover too...

Another excellent addition to everyones ever growing Punk Rock DVD library...

Fully authored and ready to burn as usual enjoy, your friend Bandit999 


01 - Intro
02 - Fists Of Love
03 - L Dopa
04 - Passing Complexion
05 - Dead Billy
06 - Cables
07 - Bad Penny
08 - Pavement Saw
09 - Kerosene
10 - Steelworker
11 - Pigeon Kill
12 - Fish Fry
13 - Jordan, Minnesota
14 - Heartbeat
15 - Outro

Running Time:- 61 Minutes
Format               : MPEG 2
File size            : 4.3 GB
Bit rate             : 9000 Kbps
Width                : 720 pixels
Height               : 576 pixels
Frame rate           : 25.000 fps
Standard             : PAL
Bit rate             : 192 Kbps
Bit rate mode        : CBR
Channel(s)           : 2 channels
Sampling rate        : 48 KHz
Resolution           : 16 bits
If you appreciate all the time and hard work
I put into everything i bring you...........

A simple thanks sure does mean a lot........

Credits to Bandit999 for authoring and sharing
Stealthsteve for the Cover art




Boss Hog - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI - 28.02.1996 (Flac)

Very good sound. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Boss Hog: Jon Spencer, Cristina Martinez, Jens Jurgensen, Hollis Queens, Mark Boyce


Source: Audience Recording

Equipment: Sony PC-62 > Sony WM-D3 (Dolby Off)

Lineage: Master Cassette (TDK SA90) > Yamaha KX-500U (Dolby Off) > Audacity (16 bit/44.1 kHz) > WAV > xACT (Fix SBE) > FLAC (Level 8)

Recorded and transferred by Phil H. (phil183)

Length: 46:23

Tracks [Time]:
01. (Intro) [0:38]
02. Winn Coma [2:45]
03. White Sand [2:36]
04. What The Fuck [1:58]
05. Ruby [3:00]
06. Not Guilty [1:43]
07. Sam [3:14]
08. Beehive [1:44]
09. I Idolize You [2:58]
10. Soultrap [2:44]
11. Strawberry [1:51]
12. I Dig You [2:57]
13. The Black Betty (Aborted) [0:46]
14. Sugar Bunny [1:40]
15. [1:34]
16. Green Shirt [1:44]
17. 12XU [2:26]
18. Ski Bunny [2:12]
19. Cream Agent [2:10]
20. Punkture [2:20]
21. Sick [3:23]

a) This is the complete set.  Wayne Kramer opened.
b) An edit exists on crowd noise at the split between Tracks 17 and 18 for the tape flip during the encore break.


Thursday 25 April 2013

Skinny Puppy - Land of Technology (Bootleg)

 A classic bootleg with mixed content, demos and live tracks from 1986 and 1988.

01 - Smothered Hope (Live Tour 1988)
02 - Assimilate (Live Tour 1988)
03 - A Perfect Simulation (Demo)
04 - Incision (Demo)
05 - Addiction (Demo)
06 - Glass Houses (Germany 1986)
07 - Brap (Germany 1986)
08 - Far Too Frail (Germany 1986)
09 - Icebreaker (Demo)
10 - Christianity (Demo)
11 - Glass Houses (Demo)
12 - The Choke (Live Tour 1988)
13 - Addiction (Live Tour 1988)
14 - Falling (Demo)
15 - Deadlines (Germany 1986)
16 - Resistance (by Bill Leeb)

Land Of Technology

Echo & The Bunnymen - VHS Tape #3 (ProShot DVD)

And the last of the videos included on the 4 hours bootleg tape I had from the Bunnymen. I called the other two Bootleg VHS, but in this case, since the videos included are mostly unavaiable official VHS's, I decided to alter the name of the post.

"Pictures On My Wall"

01 Pictures On My Wall   
02 Rescue        
03 Stars Are Stars   
04 Over The Wall       
05 The Puppet       
06 A Promise    
07 The Back Of Love        
08 Porcupine       
09 Higher Hell        
10 The Cutter        
11 Going Up       
12 All That Jazz       
13 Do It Clean       
14 The Killing Moon
15 Thorn Of Crowns       
16 Crocodiles   
17 Seven Seas


18 Crocodiles (Futurama Festival 2, Queens Hall, Leeds - 13.09.1980)
19 The Puppet (Lyceum Ballroom, London - 07.09.1980)
20 Zimbo ( Derbyshire, Buxton - 17.01.1981)
21 Crocodiles (Derbyshire, Buxton - 17.01.1981)
22 Never Stop (Royal Albert Hall, London - 18.07.1983)


Lou Reed, Nico & John Cale - Le Bataclan, Paris, France including Soundcheck - 29.01.1972 (Flac)

I posted some videos of this concert, time for the audio including the soundcheck.


01. Conversation
02. Instrumental Check
03. Pale Blue Eyes Check
04. Pale Blue Eyes False Start
05. Pale Blue Eyes Restart
06. Candy Says - Conversation
07. Black Angel's Death Song - Different Lyrics
08. Heroin - Slow Version


01. Waiting For My Man
02. Berlin
03. Black Angel's Death Song
04. Wild Child
05. Heroin
06. Femme Fatale
07. Abscheld
08. Frozen Warnings
09. Janitor Of Lunacy
10. I'll Be Your Mirror
11. Ghost Story
12. The Biggest, Loudest, Haitiest Group Of All
13. Empty Bottles


The Cramps - Numbers, Houston, Texas - 07.11.1997 (DVD)

Very cool audience video. Thanks to the original uploader.

The Band:

Lux Interior
Poison Ivy Rorschach
Slim Chance
Harry Drumdini


Cramp Stomp
Love Me
Garbage Man
Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon
God Monster
It Thing Hard On
Queen Of Pain
Teenage Werewolf
Sunglasses After Dark
Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
What's Inside A Girl?
Hot Pearl Snatch
Mean Machine
Ultra Twist
TV Set
Psychotic Reaction
Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
Human Fly
Surfin' Bird


Bad Brains - Azkena Rock Festival, Campa de Mendizabala, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain - 2011 (ProShot DVD)

OK here's a great show by the Bad Brains from the 2011 Azkena Rock Festival.
This is a fully authored pro-shot show i got from another site, so thanks to
kigonjiro The quality is great and theres also a DVD cover included...
Also this is my 150th upload this year, quite an achievement...
Another excellent addition to everyones ever growing Punk Rock DVD library...

Fully authored and ready to burn as usual enjoy, your friend Bandit999
 This is a PAL DVD

DVB-T Broadcast by ETB3
Recorded with Topfield 5400
Authored with DVD Studio Pro
55.31 minutes
Artwork included

Video: MPEG-2, 720 x 576, 4/3, 25 fps
Audio: MP2 stereo, 48 kHz, 192 kpbs
Data bit: 4,25 Mbps

All credits to Bandit999
 Track List:-

Right Brigade
Jah Love
Give Thanks and Praises
Universal Peace
I & I Survive
Banned in D.C.
Soul Graft
I Luv I Jah
At The Movies
Pay To Cum
I Against I

Running Time:- 55 Minutes

Radiohead - Canal Plus Studios, Paris - 28.04.2001 (ProShot DVD)

Very good ProShot. Sourced on the russian silver bootleg DVD.

01. Intro
02. Morning Bell
03. The National Anthem
04. You And Whose Army
05. Dollars And Cnts
06. How To Disappear Completely
07. I Might Be Wrong
08. Knives Out
09. Pyramid Song
10. Idiotheque
11. Everything I n The Right Place

Amnesiac in Paris

Adorable - Glastonbury Festival, UK - 26.06.1993 (Flac)

I uploaded this for a friend, might as well post ot here. thanks to the original uploader on DIME:

Recorded from BBC Radio Evening Session
Ripped from CD to FLAC with EAC


01. I'll Be Your Saint
02. Kangaroo Court
03. A To Fade In
04. Sunshine Smile
05. Homeboy
06. Sistine Chapel Ceiling

Monday 22 April 2013

New Model Army - Parkpop, Zuiderpark, Den Haag, The Netherlands - 29.06.1989 (Flac)

Good FM broadcast. Thanks tto frankvink for sharing this recording on dime.

Original Info File:

Compiled of two partial recordings: track 01 and tracks 02-07. Bit of a weird mix on this one - hardly any bass and lots of high. Odd, with a band like NMA using very up-front basslines...

Acts on the bill that day: Kevin McDermott Orchestra, Kristi Rose & the Midnight Walkers, Golden Earring, Living Colour, Jim Capaldi & Friends, Aswad, Vengeance, Then Jericho, London Beat, New Model Army, Flaco Jimenez and Litte Steven & the Disciples of Soul.

Lineage: FM (master) > Audacity (wav, normalization, track splitting) > xACT (flac) > you


01 I love the world
02 225
03 Stupid questions
04 Smalltown England
05 Vagabonds
06 Poison Street
07 Ballad


Billy Idol - Wembley Arena, London, UK - 20.12.1990 (Pro-Shot DVD)

Vey good video, with billy revisiting all of his 80's hits. Thanks to sisteruli for sending me this DVD to share here.


License To Thrill
Cradle Of Love
(Do Not) Stand In The Shadows
Pumping On Steel
Eyes Without A Face
White Wedding
Sweet Sixteen
Trouble With The Sweet Stuff
The Loveless
Prodigal Blues
L.A. Woman
Mony Mony
Rebel Yell
The Right Way
Shakin' All Over
To Be A Lover


Reiz - Snow-Covered Sun (Free Download)

Moscow aggrotech project.

Reiz project was formed several years ago by Alexander Verzicht, former member of the bands Witchcraft and Cutoff:Sky. In 2012, project has released their debut EP So Spring Comes, became one of the winners of Wumpscut remix contest and entered the compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks Act VI with their track "Hakenkreuz".

New album Snow-Covered Sun will be available for download from the 18th of March. First disc includes original tracks by REIZ , and the second one includes alternative hard versions and remixes, recorded by Advent Resilience, Darkrad, Nitemare Machine, Detuned Destruction, Nosense, Nerva Tremo, Meine Liebe and Vhelena Project.

Also, don't forget to follow us on facebook:

Saturday 20 April 2013

Skinny Puppy - Head Trauma In Hamburg 1988 (Flac)

2013 Release:
Cover: Circle
Logo: Dan Christensen
Support: cEnda

Made by fans for fans, not for sale!
Support Skinny Puppy and buy their albums!


Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

01. Intro - God's Gift (Maggot)
02. Assimilate
03. One Time One Place - Addiction
04. Smothered Hope - Kill To Cure
05. The Choke
06. Deep Down Trauma Hounds
07. Glass Houses
08. Draining Faces
09. crowd
10. Brap - First Aid


Malmö Stadt, Hamburg, Germany

01. Intro - God's Gift (Maggot)
02. Assimilate
03. One Time One Place
04. Addiction
05. Smothered Hope
06. Kill To Cure
07. The Choke
08. Deep Down Trauma Hounds
09. Glass Houses
10. Draining Faces
11. Brap
12. First Aid


Head Trauma In Hamburg

Friday 19 April 2013

The Beauty Of Gemina / Fliehende Sturme / Golden Apes / The Last Days Of Jesus / Silent Scream / Soror Dolorosa - IV. Dark Spring Festival, K17, Berlin, Germany - 23.03.2013 (Flac)

You can't get much cooler than this, Northern Nephilim tapes the entire festival and shares it here with us.





i recorded all bands so collect them all ;)


recording made by NorthernNephilim (DIME: TimeBandit )

Do not transcode to lossy formats or remaster!

Not for Sale !!! Sharing is Caring, do not trade the FLAC´s without info file, checksum

If you like the band, please visit their concerts and buy their records.



- Church Audio CA-11 (Omni Caps) mounted on glasses
- Tascam DR-05 @ 24 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for Jewel Case


01 - Victims Of Love
02 - The Lonesome Death Of A Goth DJ
03 - Shadow Dancer
04 - Kings Men Come
05 - Suicide Landscape
06 - This Time
07 - The Dark Revolution (Introduction)
08 - The Dark Revolution
09 - Dark Rain
10 - One Step To Heaven
11 - Rumours
12 - Kingdoms Of Cancer
-- - Encore Break
13 - Prophecy
-- - Encore Break
14 - Last Night Home


Michael Sele - Words & Music, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Mac Vinzens - Drums
David Vetsch - Bass
Marco Gassner - Guitar

Switzerlands most succesful Goth/Wave Band did the headliner on this event.
Their typical powerful, bass heavy sound filled the area and enforced all people to dance.
I really like the newer songs from Iscariot Blues, the synths are one step in the background and do2 not sound so cheesy compared to the older material.

On track 7 Michael Sele explained they are not allowed to play "Beautiful Mind" in Swiss radio stations because they thinking the song is bad for people's psyche.
So they wrote "The Dark Revolution" about it.
The song sounds like OMD from the 80's ;) nice groove.
Kingdoms Of Cancer nice wall of bass - play it loud :)



- Church Audio CA-11 (Omni Caps) mounted on glasses
- Tascam DR-05 @ 24 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for Jewel Case


01 - Kaleidoskop
02 - Ein Tropfen Im Feuer
03 - Springen
04 - Stahl
05 - Blauer Mond
06 - Zwischen Liebe
07 - Das Chaos Brütet
08 - Wolfsmensch
09 - Spieler
10 - Horizont
11 - Satellit
12 - Zugabe (Encore Break)
13 - Mein Langsamer Tod


Andreas Löhr: Guitar, Vocals
Uwe Hubatschek: Bass
Jens Halbauer: Drums, Programming

Founded 1983 from it precedessor Chaos-Z in Stuttgart Germany, Fliehende Stürme is one of Germanys most remarkable Punk Wave Rock band.
Their style is based from the traditionals like Joy Division or Discharge and influences by wave icons like Killing Joke, Xmal Deutschland, Bauhaus, Abwärts.



- Church Audio CA-11 (Omni Caps) mounted on glasses
- Tascam DR-05 @ 24 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for Jewel Case


01 - Devil
02 - Torment
03 - Vengeance
04 - Hearts Corrosion
05 - Prudence
06 - White Days
07 - Ferryman
08 - The Happy Losers Sweet Delusions
09 - Riot


Gunter Buechau - Keyboards
Christian Lebrecht - Bass
Joe Finck - Drums
Peer Lebrecht - Lyrics, Vox
Dirk Wildenhues - Guitars
Eric Bahrs - Guitars

As on every year The Golden Apes are hosting the Dark Spring Festival and they did a solid set again on this evening.
One exception: it was the last live gig with Joe Finck on drums.



- Church Audio CA-11 (Omni Caps) mounted on glasses
- Tascam DR-05 @ 24 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for Jewel Case


01 - Intro
02 - Revolution Of Sick Brains
03 - Positive
04 - Any Changes My Friend
05 - Everyday IS Halloween
06 - London Bridge Is Falling Down
07 - Steal And Learn (Unreleased)*
08 - Corrupted
09 - Machine Of Salm
10 - Looter Do Gooder
11 - Connected Or Infected
12 - She Died At My Wedding
13 - Zubatá (Pražský Výber Cover)
14 - Javna Kupatila (Paraf Cover)

* - Maybe Working Title, unreleased song!


MaryO - Vocals
Feššy - Guitar
Anjou - Keyboards
Vajco - Drums
Bajo - Bass

If you like the Early Killing Joke i think you will like this band. Very good performance and sound.

The Last Days Of Jesus is a Slovak Progressive Goth Rock band.
They formed in Bratislava in May 1993 to combine the spirit of old school Batcave and Deathrock with new musical sounds and patterns.
The name originates from a headline band member MaryO read in an American newspaper.

MaryO formed the band with Vajco on drums and Sulo, an organist, then they collected Feššy and Andrea, an early bass player.
During 1994 this line-up recorded their first demotape and played several shows around Slovakia culminating in a support slot for Das Ich and Faith and the Muse.
They continued to tour throughout 1995 including Germany with Marquee Moon and Forthcoming Fire and completed another demo tape, gaining considerable interest within the European goth scene.
A few lineup changes have occurred since then and apart from bringing in a session bass player for their studio albums their current lineup continues to record and play live.

The band has made many (mainly gothic) festival appearances almost every year since their formation including Wave-Gotik-Treffen five times.
In 2003 and 2004 they did two mini-tours of the UK which included Beyond the Veil and Dead and Buried.
Also in 2004 they were featured in a Slovak music TV show which resulted in their only live album to date. On the side MaryO organises regular events under BatCave.SK



- Church Audio CA-11 (Omni Caps) mounted on glasses
- Tascam DR-05 @ 24 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for Jewel Case


01 - Public Execution
02 - Rotten Days
03 - Hive Mind
04 - Lost Living Witness
05 - Haunted
06 - Nine Black Sunrises
07 - Spirit Invocation
08 - Cinema
09 - Meat
10 - Skull Face Child


Antti Lautala - Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Pallasoja -  Bass & Vocals
Jukka Laine - Drums

Two tragic deaths within a year, not the easiest start for a new finnish goth/post-punk band Silent Scream.
The story goes back in 1996 when Antti Lautala and Henry Waldén formed a band called Varjo (a shadow in english).
Varjo was influeced by gothic rock, post-punk and ambient but it differed from other gothic bands by the finnish lyrics.
At the beginning of the 21st century Varjo was the most successful gothic band with finnish lyrics.

After the third album there were changes in line-up but also a tragedy: ex-keyboard player disappeared and after a year and a half he was found dead.
After those difficult times Varjo made new songs, supported New Model Army and was ready to record the fifth album.
Two weeks before the studio Henry died in a fire accident and that ended the story of Varjo.

Four months after the funerals the trio recorded the last album "Viimeinen näytös" and it was released in January 2010 (Stupido Records)

After the recordings Antti, Matthew and Jukka decided to continue with a new band name and new songs. It was also natural to change the language and write lyrics in english. Silent Scream will go further to the core of post-punk with influences like Killing Joke, Amebix etc.

In the same year 2010 Silent Scream released the debute album "In the Cinema" (Stupido Records). Outside Finland Silent Scream has played in Berlin and Moscow. They have also played as a support for Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance).

The second album "Public Execution" was released in autumn 2012 and they played as a support for UK Decay in Helsinki.



- Church Audio CA-11 (Omni Caps) mounted on glasses
- Tascam DR-05 @ 24 Bit / 44 kHz
- Cubase (Master, Tracksplitting, DC Offset Remove) -> WAV 16 Bit / 44 kHz
- Trader´s Little Helper 2.6.0 (FLAC Level 8, SBE Fix, Checksum)
- including artwork for Jewel Case


01 - Hologram
02 - Beau Suicide
03 - Autumn Wounds
04 - Dany
05 - The Figure Of The Night
06 - Low End
07 - Silver Square


Hervé Carles : Bass Guitar
Frank Ligabue : Drums
Andy Julia : Vocals
Nicolas Mons: Guitars

The first act was my main reason to visit this Festival, the first time i saw Soror Dolorosa live.
Intense performance, very good sound and the stage appearance of Andy Julia in the dry ice was unforgetable.

With "No More Heroes" Soror Dolorosa have created another monument to the great spirit of the 80s.
Like their highly acclaimed debut "Severance", their sophomore albums "Blind Scenes", "No More Heroes" contain nothing but excellent songs that are deeply rooted in the 80s Gothic Rock scene and hint at their main influences, cult acts like The Cure, Bauhaus or The Sisters Of Mercy.

However, Soror Dolorosa don't copy the originals. They don't need to. They keep growing to eventually become one of the cult acts themselves. The consistently high quality of all their material in the past and on the new album, as well as their flawless performance in the studio and on stage, attest to the tremendous talent of this band.