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The Sisters of Mercy - Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy - 10.03.1991 - Complete (Flac)

The taper, Marco L. sent me this recording to be posted here, a HUGE Thank You to him for his generosity.

Not only the recording is very good, as it's the complete recording, including Flood II, which as been absent on the more common version, the Rise and Reverberate Vinyl bootleg.

The photo comes from the photographer Massimo Rana's wix page that contains a lot of excellent photos from this concert, and he's selling prints: go there and check it.

Source: audience recording
Taper : Marco L.
Equipment : Sony D6C + Sony ECM909 mic
Generation: master

Lineage: M.L. master tape > Teac V-1050 deck > Audio MOTU HD896 @ 96k-24bit card > Sony Soundforge Pro (plugins: Izotope Mastering Eq + Izotope Denoiser) > CD Wave Editor (for splitting the tracks) > flac 8


01 Afterhours (intro)
02 First And Last And Always
03 Lucretia, My Reflection
04 Body And Soul
05 Ribbons
06 Alice
07 Dominion/Mother Russia
08 Amphetamine Logic
09 Detonation Boulevard
10 Marian
11 This Corrosion
12 Gimme Shelter
13 Flood II
14 Temple Of Love
15 Something Fast
16 Jolene
17 Valentine
18 Vision Thing

Length : 88 min 46

From the collection of Marco L.
Ripped By Andrea L., October 2018
Edited by Marco L., October 2018

Fields Of The Nephilim - Reading Festival, Reading, UK - 28.08.1987 (Flac)

This recording was left by the taper on the comments of the a previous recording of this concert. Our THANK YOU to him for sharing it here. This is not the same recording that was posted here before and it's on YouTube:

So this should be considered an alternative version. The sound quality it's a bit unstable, probably due to this being an outdoor recording and the taper being far away. It's also missing the intro, starting directly on the first song.

Audience master untracked file
Lineage Unknown

Trees Come Down
The Sequel
Blue Water
Preacher Man

Total Time: 40m 53s

Salvation - City Hall, Sheffield, UK - 16.03.1990 (Flac)

And another recording sent by Egg_Crisis to share here. HUGE Thank s to him for his never ending generosity.

Cassette(aud,master,TDK D90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Supporting The Mission.
Judging by the first 20 seconds
 I must have started recording before I was fully in the concert hall, probably coming back from the toilet.


01 Very Go Round
02 Days Again
03 Tumbleweed
04 She Says
05 To High Heaven
06 All And More
07 She Is An Island
08 Clearing Out The Debris
09 Ravishing
10 Why Lie

Length - 39:01

Egg_Crisis, 3 May 2020.

Richard Lloyd - CBGB's, New York, USA - 08.03.1986 (Flac)

HUGE thanks to elegymart for sharing this recording on Dime! Good audience recording.

Original Info File:

FLAC master, 24 May 2020, by elegymart:
Analog audience recording (stereo) {recorded by Gene Poole}: unknown mics/recorder > two 1985-86 US Maxell XLII (Type II CrO2) 90-minute analog audio master cassettes {from the Gene Poole collection} > Sony TC-WE435 (azimuth adjustment) > Roland R05 (24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (audio cleanup, convert to 16/44) > SHNtool (fixed SBE) > CD Wave (track splits) > TLH (WAV > FLAC8).
Created this text file.

Total running time  [2:16:10]
-- Set 1 --
01  Jim Fouratt introduction [0:44]
02  Fire Engine [3:09]
03  Tramp [5:34]
04  The Only Feeling [7:30] 
05  Watch Yourself [3:43] 
06  Spider Talk [5:38]
07  Lowdown [4:12]
08  Pleading [4:04]
09  Lovin Man [3:22]
10  Backtrack [3:50]
11  Black to White [5:16]
12  Field of Fire [9:42]
-- encore --
13  Highway Signs [4:51]
-- Set 2 --
01  Jim Fouratt introduction [0:17]
02  Keep on Dancin [6:48] >
03  Don't Be Cruel [1:32]
04  Losin Anna [4:10]
05  Soldier Blue [4:34]
06  Watch Yourself [3:58]
07  Pleading [4:30]
08  The Only Feeling [7:02]
09  Tramp [5:27]
10  Fire Engine [3:22]
11  Esau Wood/band introductions [2:16]
12  Black to White [5:35]
13  Highway Signs [5:08]
14  Field of Fire [10:21]
-- encore --
15  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [5:03]
16  Lowdown [4:18]

Band line-up:
Richard LLoyd - lead guitar, vocals
Jon Klages - guitar
Steve Cohen - bass
Ulf Sundquist - drums



Here's the latest installment of the Gene Poole Collection, a random wellspring of recordings which have recently surfaced. To paraphrase Lou: This is gonna go on for a while, so we should get used to each other, settle back, pull up your cushions, whatever else you have with you that makes life bearable to kick off the new decade...

Some of Gene's handiwork has probably been heard by your very ears before, for the most part via the Stonecutter Archives, but this is the first major unearthing of tapes direct from the legend himself. As promising as that may seem, it's best to let the surprises hit as they are shared. The trade-off to the prolific taping on Gene's part is that the expectations for a perfect track record would be unrealistic and unfair. There will be instances of incomplete recordings, caused by late arrivals to gigs, recorder and mic malfunctions, and other assorted foibles as would befall any mortal taper. There will be times where a master from another source exists which could be superior. For the most part, Gene recorded with a variety and mics and recorders, and many shows suffered from wire dropouts, so that only one channel was extant in the capture. Due warning about the past imperfect given and out of the way, credit should be given where due as well -- for many shows thought lost forever, it's exciting to discover that many of these even in incomplete form have now cropped up.

The transfers, the audio fixes, and the research all have required some lead time -- many tapes had scant info (sometimes just the name of the artist/band, with no date listed for the performance). Needless to say, gear documentation is virtually nil -- if we wait around for that precise detail to be forthcoming, nothing from the collection would probably see the light of day.

This time we give you the two Richard Lloyd sets that bookended the Dumptruck set in the prior volume, so your near-complete experience of being at CBGB back on this date 34 years ago can be fulfilled. Since Richard didn't go on for his second set until 2:00AM, you could technically say that took place on Sunday, 9 March, but why complicate matters.

Richard had cleaned himself up by 1985 or so, and he and the band put in two strong sets here. Like the forward-thinking Dumptruck, the song selections are focused mainly on the second album; he gives his 1979 debut solo LP "Alchemy" no love despite repeated audience requests. His CBGB shows in April of the following year, released on "Real Time," saw him revisiting some cuts from "Alchemy" and playing more of a mix of the two albums. Here he covers Elvis, Dylan and the Thirteenth Floor Elevators (or Television if you must). "Highway Signs" is a new tune which Richard only popped out of the oven two days earlier, and it would eventually find its way on "Lodestones," a digital only release in 2010 (which was subsequently released on physical media on Record Store Day in 2018). Not really the shining moment of a great Richard Lloyd discography, it sounds so much like "Lowdown" it weighs down the flow of the night with its redundancy. For a rare track, "Tramp" is a much better selection. Thankfully the guitar work is alchemically stellar throughout as you'd expect. The classic tongue twister that Richard succeeds in reciting is impressive considering it was probably close to 3 in the morning when he decided to pull that stunt off.

A relatively decent capture from Gene, but he was having some issues with others at the show, possibly crowding and knocking into him. The record button slips a few times during the first set, in "The Only Feeling" and "Watch Yourself." "Lowdown" is slightly muffled as he momentarily loses his jacket during the song. A better recorder might have helped, but you're still getting served the two scoops nonetheless.


RE-UPLOAD: The KLF - Arkive Vol 3 (Flac)

Volume 3 of these rarities collection, this one is mainly the soundtracks of the videos Waiting and Stadium house.

01. Waiting (OST)
02. Waiting (End Credits)
03. This Is Not What The KLF Are About (from Stadium House Video)
04. What Time is Love (Pure Trance 2)
Rites of Mu ( Bonus Track)

RE-UPLOAD: Sonic Youth - Walls Have Ears (Flac)

SY most iconic "bootleg", ripped from the CD version. Track list is not totally correct.


02.Green Love
03.Brother James
04.Kill Your Idols
05.I Love Her All The time
06.Expressway To Your Skull
07.Spahn Ranch Dance
08."Blood On Brighton Beach"
09.Burning Spear
10.Death Valley '69
11.Speed Jam
12.Ghost Bitch
13.World Looks Red
14.The Word
15.Brother Jam-z

Tracks 01 to 07 recorded live at U.L.U (the University of London Union), Wed 30th October 1985
Track 08 recorded live at Brighton Beach, Fri 8th November 1985
Tracks 09 to 15 recorded live at The Palais De Dance, Hammersmyth, Sun 28th 1985

RE-UPLOAD: Butthole Surfers - Demos - 1983 (Flac 24/96)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Artist...............: Butthole Surfers
Album................: 1983 Demos [Green Vinyl Bootleg]
Genre................: Alternative
Source...............: Vinyl
Year.................: 2008
Ripper...............: [bar72]
Codec................: Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Version..............: reference libFLAC 1.3.0 20130526
Quality..............: Lossless, (avg. compression: 64 %)
Channels.............: Stereo / 96000 HZ / 24 Bit
Tags.................: VorbisComment
Information..........: Some Background Hiss / Noise is on the Vinyl.

                            Transfer Info

>Vinyl is VG+
>Rega P3
>Tangospinner Astor Stainless Subplatter [runs at proper speed]
>Audio Technica AT120e
>Pro-Ject Phono Box SE
>MAudio 2496 Audiophile
>Cool Edit Pro 2.1
>24/96 FLAC

   1. Butthole Surfers - Radical West                         [01:59]
   2. Butthole Surfers - White, Dumb, Ugly & Poor             [02:11]
   3. Butthole Surfers - Matchstick                           [02:51]
   4. Butthole Surfers - Bbq Pope                             [04:21]
   5. Butthole Surfers - Something                            [03:57]
   6. Butthole Surfers - I Hate My Job                        [02:02]

Playing Time.........: 17:25
Total Size...........: 332.43 MB

RE-UPLOAD: The Rose Of Avalanche - Janice Long Session - 05.03.1986 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Recorded 5th March 1986, first transmitted 11th March 1986

01 A Stick in The Works
02 Too Many Castles In The Sky
03 Never Another Sunset
04 Velveteen


Phil Morris - Vocals
Alan Davis - Bass
Paul James Berry - Guitar
Glenn Schultz - Guitar
Steve Allen - Keyboards

The session is notable for the appearance of an early version of Never Another Sunset, which disappeared from their repertoire until being release as the title track of their first full studio album in 1989.

Janice Long played Castles a lot when it was released as a single, which is when I really became aware of the band.

If anyone has any Rose of Avalanche tapes that haven't been on dime, please get in touch.

TDK D90 > Aiwa tape deck > Audacity > TLH (FLAC) > MakeTorrent

Check out my well-intentioned but rarely updated blog,, as well as James' excellent RoA webpages:

Convert to mp3 for personal use only.  Do not circulate without this info file.  Do not post on website in mp3 without permission.

You Slosh - Demos - 1987/88/89 (Flac)

Cassette(unknown gen,Boots FI90) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

I have no idea of the date of this one. Discogs says the band formed in Dec 1986 and I got the tape in Oct 1989 so any time between those dates.  They're a folk rock band from York, I remember friends mentioning them but never saw them.  Listening to the recording now it sounds a little out of place among the other tapes, but anyway, here it is.  And ooh, listen to that hiss between songs!  This must have gone a few generations!

01 ?
02 ?
03 ?
04 ?

Length - 27:50

Egg_Crisis, 12 May 2020.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters Of Mercy - Nightmoves, Glasgow, Scotland - 01.04.1983 (2 Sources Flac)

Two different sources for this concert, I personally prefer the first source, but both sound good.


01. Kiss The Carpet
02. Anaconda
03. Alice
04. Adrenochrome
05. Valentine
06. Burn
07. Jolene
08. Floorshow
09. Heartland
10. Body Electric
11. Lights
12. Gimme Shelter

Death Cult - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 28.07.1983 (Flac)

Very interesting audience recording. Thanks to Stacheleber or sharing it on Dime.

Original Info File:

from MILAVALENTI collection # 082

The MILAVALENTI collection consists mostly of 80's and some 90's and 2000's masters in generally great sound. Most of the concerts which will be uploaded from this collection are uncirculated. I met the taper who is an old friend of mine recently after more than 20 years.
He was happy to give me his very precious gems to be presented to a wider public. In the 80's I often went to concerts with him and sometimes both of us were recording.
So some of the recordings which will be uploaded have been uploaded by me before as of my masters collections and some of his recordings which had been uploaded by me already as first gen copies will now be re-uploaded as master transfers.
The musical style varies from "normal Rock acts" to Wave/Punk and Avantgarde. Also some German Post-Punk acts are included.

AUD master recording.
Recording equipment: SONIC SS 808 with integrated One Point Stereo Microphone

master recording / cass transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330 -> Magix Audio & Music Lab (edit/remaster) -> FLAC -> DIME
G+/VG-, some equalizing was done (check sample). Sound level adjusted. At high level the sound is quite distorted.

This recording seems to be very rare and at least was not on dime before. The sound is not perfect due to the distortions but still ok. The band as "Death" Cult existed only from April 1983 to January 1984 and this was one of their first gigs (the first one to be in Oslo, Norway on 25 July 1983).

Setlist (tape length 47:13 min.):

01 Ghost Dance
02 Ooh De Doo
03 Brothers Grimm
04 Waste Of Love
05 Moya
06 Christians
07 Flowers In The Desert
08 God's Zoo
09 Resurrection Joe
10 House Nation
11 encore call
12 Brothers Grimm (2nd time)

Support the artists, go to their shows, buy their albums.
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. Don't ever sell!

band line-up :

Ian Astbury: vocals
Billy Duffy: guitar
Jamie Stewart: bass
Raymond Taylor Smith: drums

RE-UPLOAD: Cocteau Twins - Black Sessions, Studio 105, Paris, France - 04.02.1994 (Flac)

I had already posted a lossy version of this one, time for an upgrade in quality.Thanks to borzage for posting this one on DIME.

Original Info File:

lineage :
my master tape (tdk chrome)->audigy platinum 2 ZS->wavelab->denoiser->flac frontend8


01- Pur
02- Road river and rails
03- Blue Beard
04- Heaven or las vegas
05- Whales tails
06- Carolyn's fingers
07- Iceblink luck
08- Summerhead
09- Ella Megalast Burls Forever*
10- Blue Bell Knoll
11- Pink Orange Red*
12- Aikea-Guinea*
13- Sugar Hiccup*

 * those tracks comes from a previous torrent by mahood on DaD 2006.
because my version of 'Ella Megalast' had a skip around 2'12 &'Pink Orange Red' was cut when it was broadcasted because it was the end of the transmission.
(by the way i don't know how Mahood got his complete version as this concert haven't been broadcasted since).

Aikea-Guinea + Sugar Hiccup have been played at a later date.

Mahood lineage
TDK SA90 > HDD via creative soundblaster > adobe audition (slight hiss reduction, editing) > CD wave > flac 6

and of course, you still have sometimes the DJ Bernard Lenoir who likes to talk on intro of songs...

Shriekback - The Ritz, New York, USA - 29.10.1985 (Flac)

Apparently recorded from FM radio. Unknown generation.

Known lineage :-

SBD -> ?? -> FM? -> Traded CD-R -> EAC -> WAV's -> TLH -> FLAC 8 & .ffp

Setlist :-

01 - Malaria
02 - Everything That Rises Must Converge
03 - Fish Below the Ice
04 - Health and Knowledge and Wealth and Power
05 - Faded Flowers
06 - Mothloop
07 - Nemesis
08 - Hammerheads
09 - My Spine Is The Bassline
10 - Whiteout
11 - Suck
12 - Lined Up

Length = 60:48

Salvation - Polytechnic, Leeds, UK - 01.03.1990 (Flac)

Cassette(aud,master,TDK SA90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

The left channel dropped drastically in the left channel for a few seconds near the beginning of the recording as well as most of Ravishing, so I copied from the right channel for those parts.  I'm told that SA90's don't hold up so well over time compared to the more standard D90's.

Supporting The Mission.

01 Very Go Round
02 Days Again
03 Paint it Rose
04 She Says
05 All And More
06 Tumbleweed
07 She's An Island
08 (Clearing Out The) Debris
09 Ravishing
10 Why Lie?

Length - 38:13

Egg_Crisis, 4 May 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Lisa Gerrard - KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic - 30.09.1994 (Flac)

Very nice session. FM analog 1st generation. There's some static, but even so quite worth the listen. Thanks to cEnda for the links.


01 Interview with Ivo Watts-Russell
02 untitled?
03 Interview with Lisa Gerrard
04 Persian Love Song
05 Interview with Lisa Gerrard
06 untitled?
07 Interview with Lisa Gerrard
08 untitled?
09 outro

Something Happens - St. Georges Hall, Bradford, UK - 14.03.1990 (Flac)

Cassette(aud,master,TDK SA90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Supporting The Missiion.
The title of track 2 is a guess.  It sounds familiar, maybe a cover?
When they sing a little bit of Wasteland in the last song it gets a funny reaction from some Mission fans!

01 Incoming
02 Miss You (?)
03 Boys (Summertime Love)
04 I Had A Feeling
05 7 Days Till 4am
06 Take This With You
07 Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol)
08 Burn Clear / Wasteland / Come Together

Length - 29:19

Egg_Crisis, 4 May 2020.

UPGRADE: Type O Negative - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, USA - 16.05.2008 (Flac)

Another TON recording I posted a decade ago, finally upgraded to Flac. Good audience recording.

Taper: Farve4

Core Sound Binaurals== Battery Box  (Bass Roll Off on) to Sony PCM-M1===Sony DG90P===Tascam DA 20 MKII

01 Prelude To Agony
02 Prelude To Agony (cont.)
03 Kill All The White People
04 Christian Woman
05 Kill You Tonight
06 Love You To Death
07 Some Stupid Tomorrow
08 Black No.1
09 An Ode To Locksmiths

RE-UPLOAD: PJ Harvey - Coliseu, Lisboa, Portugal - 27.10.2016 (Flac)

An excellent concert from Polly and the band, go see them live if they pass with their show near you, you won't regret it.

Taper: circle

Gear: Roland R05 with internal Mics

01. Chain Of Keys
02. Ministry Of Defense
03. Community Of Hope
04. Orange Monkey
05. Line In The Sand
06. Let England Shake
07. Words That Maketh Murder
08. The Glorious Land
09. Written On The Forehead
10. To Talk To You
11. Dollar Dollar
12. The Devil
13. The Wheel
14. Ministry Of Social affairs
15. 50ft Queenie
16. Down By The Water
17. To Bring You My LOve
18. River Anacostia
19. (enccore break)
20. Guilty
21. Last Living Rose

Do Not Sell!
Share and Enjoy.

Monday, 25 May 2020

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters of Mercy - The Ultra Traxx Remixes (MP3)

Remixed by Hellraiser, this is a very nice bootleg, even if a 17 minutes version of This Corrosion is too much (even for me)...


01. Marian (Hellraiser Remix)
02. Emma (Hellraiser Remix)
03. More (Hellraiser Remix)
04. This Corrosion (Hellraiser Remix)
05. Lucretia My Reflection (Hellraiser Remix)
06. Dominion / Mother Russia (Hellraiser Remix)
07. Temple of Love (Hellraiser Remix)

Fields Of The Nephilim - Polytechnic, Leeds, UK - 08.05.1988 - 2 Sources (Flac)

Extremely cool share by Egg_Crisis. 2 sources for the 1988 FOTN gig in Leeds.

Cassette(aud,master,TDK D90/Encores:Sony HF90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

With Dawn After Dark as support.

Tape flip during Volcane.  For some reason I lost track of time and turned the tape over after just 30 minutes even though I was using a 90, the rest of the main set ran for a further 25 minutes though so I had enough tape, and put a new tape in for the encores.

I've also included a partial 2nd source recorded by a friend, the vocals sound clearer in this version (apart from the first song which is muffled because she's moving through the crowd). The tape recorder also had a radio and the switch kept getting knocked onto the radio, just recording whitenoise for those parts.

In 1988 I made a tape that used the 2nd source (minus the first muffled track) + my tape for the rest of it.  I don't know if any of those tapes found their way onto the net, but if you have a version where the quality changes for those songs - that's why.


01 Intro
02 Endemoniada
03 Reanimator
04 Dust
05 Love Under Will
06 Moonchild
07 Volcane
08 Last Exit For The Lost
09 Blue Water
10 Chord Of Souls
11 Phobia
12 Preacherman
13 Dawnrazor
14 Power

Length - 78:56


01 Intro
02 Endemoniada
03 Reanimator
04 Dust
05 Love Under Will
08 Last Exit For The Lost (last 10 sec only)
(tape flip)
09 Blue Water
10 Chord Of Souls (end cut)

Length - 30:37

Cassette(aud,1st gen,TDK D60) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Egg_Crisis, 11 May 2020.

RE-UPLOAD: The Cure - PlayOut (ProShot DVD)

Another gem from the VHS days that never got a DVD release.


T&C Club, London, 17th January 1991
01. Wendy Time    
02. The Big Hand    
03. Away    
04. Let's Go To Bed    
05. A Strange Day    
Wembley Arena, London, The Great British Music Weekend, 19th January 1991
06. Pictures Of You    
07. Fascination Street    
08. Lullaby    
09. A Forest    
The Jonathan Ross Show 23rd January 1991
10. Harold And Joe    
E-Zee hire Rehearsal Studio, London, 22nd January 1991
11. The Blood    
12. The Walk    
MTV "Unplugged", 24th January 1991
13. Just Like Heaven    
14. A Letter To Elise    
15. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep    
16. Boys Don't Cry    
Dominion Theatre, London, 9th February 1991
17. Rehearsals For "The Brit Awards"    
Dominion Theatre, London, "The Brit Awards", 10th February 1991
18. Never Enough    

Running time approx 124 minutes

Salvation - Duchess Of York, Leeds, UK - 11.05.1989 (Flac)

Another master shared here by Egg_Crisis, a HUGE Thank You to him.

Cassette(aud,master,TDK D90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Support was Riprize. (I didn't tape them.)
Tape flip after Why Lie.

Of the three gigs Salvation played at the Duchess in Dec 88, March 89 and this one, the audience was larger each time.  On this night the place was quite packed.

11 minutes into the gig a stage diver landed on me right at the end of Payola and smashed the tape recorder!  (It's disappointing that you can't hear any crash, it just stops.)  I put the pieces into my pocket.  A few minutes later I needed the toilet and took the opportunity to have a look at how badly damaged the tape recorder was.  Some of the plastic panels had come apart but I was able to clip it all back together and nothing was irreparably broken apart from the door being missing.  I missed 2 and a bit songs and the tape recorder served me well for many more years.

01 Intro
02 Instrumental
03 Paint It Rose
04 Payola
xx MISSING (Pearl Necklace or The Happening)
xx MISSING (a new song)
05 Hunger Daze (start cut)
06 To High Heaven
07 Clearing Out The Debris
08 Bamboo
09 Puppet Master
10 She Is An Island
11 All And More
12 Why Lie
13 Blind Among The Flowers
14 Kids In America

Length - 54:51

Egg_Crisis, 30 April 2020.

RE-UPLOAD: Tones On Tail - X-Tacy, Worthing, UK - 03.05.1984 (Flac)


01 War
02 Performance
03 Burning Skies
04 Lions
05 The Never Never (Is Forever)
06 Happiness
07 Movement of Fear
08 Slice of Life
09 Go!
10 There's Only One
11 OK, This Is The Pops


LINE UP (Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, Glenn Campling) guessing





Sounds like cassette copy (unknown generation) to computer to CDR (then EAC to FLAC 8 to torrent to you)

"Lineage unknown"


see here for a photo and track list etc.

Bad Religion - Volksbildungsheim, Frankfurt, Germany - 21.06.1991 (Flac)

"Loosing My Love" classic bootleg. Thanks to SRV for sending me this one to share here.

Source: SBD > Loosing My Love (silver) > EAC > CDR > EAC > FLAC (8)

01. Modern Man
02. Change of Ideas
03. Big Bang
04. Suffer
05. Doing Time
06. Damned to Be Free
07. Operation Rescue > Along the Way
08. Do What You Want
09. Faith Alone
10. You Are (the Government)
11. 1000 More Fools
12. Yesterday
13. You
14. Get Off
15. Sometimes I Feel Like
16. Automatic Man
17. What Can You Do?
18. Tomorrow
19. Sanity
20. Henchman
21. Flat Eart Society
22. I Want Something More > We're Only Gonna Die
23. Pessimistic Lines
24. 21st Century Digital Boy
25. Anesthesia
26. Turn on the Light
27. I Want to Conquer the World
28. Best for You

Fade out/in at end of 1000 More Fools
Fade out/in at end of You
6 sec. silence at end of Henchman. Flat Earth Society fades in
Fade out/in at end of Pessimistic Lines. Sounds like something got cut out
Fade out/in at end of 21st Century Digital Boy

UPGRADE: Type O Negative - House Of Blues, Las Vegas, USA - 18.04.2000 (Flac)

This was the first TON recording I posted on the blog, now upgraded to FLAC and with the corrected date.

CSB > Sharp MD702

01. In the Flesh
02. Kill All The White People
03. Everybody I Love is Dead
04. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
05. Prelude to Agony
06. Christian Woman
07. Love You To Death
08. World Coming Down
09. Too Late: Frozen
10. Black No. 1

RE-UPLOAD: Japan - Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan - 08.12.1982 (Flac)

Thanks to Dave Solar for posting this one on MWP.

Original Info File;


Source: FM Tokyo Radio
Lineage1: ?? > Tape > WAV > APE (Most of release)
Lineage2: ?? > Vinyl > WAV > APE (Bridges, Quiet Life, Islands Africa)
Transfered by: Michael Whincup, Remastered by: Carl (erutan)

Artwork is included.

01. Burning Bridges 3:50
02. Sons Of Pioneers 4:53
03. Alien 5:11
04. Gentlemen Take Polaroids 6:33
05. Swing 5:45
06. Cantonese Boy 3:46
07. Visions Of China 4:03
08. Nightporter 6:31
09. Ghosts 6:06
10. Still Life In Mobile Homes 5:29

01. Methods Of Dance 6:37
02. Quiet Life 4:39
03. European Son 4:28
04. The Art Of Parties 6:21
05. Bamboo Music (duet with Akiko Yano) 6:45
06. Taking Islands In Africa (Yukihiro Takahashi sings lead vocals) 5:11
07. (applause for encores) 0:54
08. Life In Tokyo 7:01
09. Canton 5:18
10. Good Night (duet with Akiko Yano) 2:28

CD2 was corrupt and I had to convert to wav and to retrack.

David Sylvian - voc, guitar
Mick Karn - bass
Steve Jansen - drums
Richard Barbieri - keys
Ryuichi Sakamoto - add. keys
Members of Yellow Magic Orhestra (YMO)

YMO joined the band near the end of the set on various songs.

earlier seeder's comment:
This is one of the last shows Japan ever played! Members of Yellow Magic
Orchestra (YMO) join the band near the end of the set on various songs. The
recording was originally captured from its broadcast on Ryuichi Sakamoto's
"Sound Street" radio. As with nearly all Sylvian related boots before 2001,
lineage is unknown. The tracks on tape are superior but the tape was missing
the three tracks that had to be added in from vinyl. Taking Islands in Africa
seems to have been a little warped on the LP it was taken from, the other two
tracks blend in surprisingly well.

I used noise reduction and FFT EQ filters optimized for both sources, and spent
a LOT of time trying to get a good balance between cleaning up the sound and
leaving original frequencies and integrity intact. I basically tryed to make up
for the alterations caused by a tape transfer, then match the vinyl tracks to
the sound that came out of that. EQ is still a *little* rough because I decided
to err on the side of caution (you can always tweak on your own). In the end I'm
very pleased with the results, and am glad I used a light touch, hiss is
noticable on some of the softer tracks but isn't distracting like it was before.
This show was mixed by John Punter, so I didn't want to destroy his work.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

RE-UPLOAD: The Sisters Of Mercy - Suffer In Vain (Flac)

Lineage: Bootleg Silver CD -> TLH -> Flac (level 6)


Bootleg with songs from 2 concerts of 1991. Tracks 1 to 9, 11 to 13 are from Citi Club, Boston, USA - 29 March 1991, tracks 10 and 14 are from Popular Creek Music Theater, Chicago, USA - 12 July 1991.

For a long time this silver bootleg has been labeled as Popular Creek Music Theater, Chicago, USA - 12 July 1991, probably because of the inclusion of Stop Draggin' my Heart around, wich was only played in this concert during 1991, a cappella.

The reason of this improvisational moment from Andrew Eldritch is the crash of Doktor Avalanche during Body and Soul (wich was cut halfway). A lot of fans of the band had already noted that Body and Soul is complete in this bootleg, so at least that song wasn't from the Chicago concert.

Since I'm not an expert on the post 1985 TSOM, I asked the assistance of Heartland Forum Meth to try to figure out wich songs where from wich concert. He managed to solve the puzzle and also noted that the songs from the Chicago concert don't seem to be from the same source as the complete recording of that concert that is in ciculation. So maybe a second complete source of this concert exist.

Huge THANK YOU to Meth for helping figuring out the venues of the songs.


01. First and Last and Always - (Boston 29-3-91)
02. Lucretia my Reflection - (Boston 29-3-91)
03. Body and Soul - (Boston 29-3-91)
04. Ribbons - (Boston 29-3-91)
05. Alice - (Boston 29-3-91)
06. Dominion/Mother Russia - (Boston 29-3-91)
07. Amphetamine Logic - (Boston 29-3-91)
08. Detonation Boulevard - (Boston 29-3-91)
09. Marian - (Boston 29-3-91)
10. Stop draggin' my heart around - (Chicago 12-7-91)
11. Gimme Shelter - (Boston 29-3-91)
12. Flood II - (Boston 29-3-91)
13. Temple of Love - (Boston 29-3-91)
14. This Corrosion - (Chicago 12-7-91)

Do Not Sell.
Support the band.

Christian Death - Al's Bar, Los Angeles, USA - 24.07.1982 (Flac)

Good audience recording. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff File -> Soundforge -> FLAC

01 audience chatter - Sleepwalk 04:31
02 Cavity - First Communion 03:13
03 Figurative Theatre 03:19
04 Spiritual Cramp 03:20
05 Romeo’s Distress 03:09
06 Stairs - Uncertain Journey 03:41
07 Into The Light 04:53

Sonic Youth - CBGBs, NYC, USA - 23.06.1988 (Flac)

Very good soundboard recording. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime.

Original Info File:

Very early versions of songs + some much later finished editions.

- CBGB blast first & last seen on DIME in 2005.

- Known Lineage: Transfers
"Reportedly from the master soundboard. I got the CDR recently in a trade." - DIME's own, loughney

- Files: in same form as I found @
[Snatched before the malware was known to have hatched & the door was then latched by the ghouls @ Google so they oughta know.]


L: "There you have proof that these are the new songs."
T: "I'll count, and you change."
L: "I remember the end! I'll trade you the middle for the end."
T: "This song is called 'Public Rehearsal Is a Good Idea'. How's it start?"
L: "This time I'm gonna play the next one, after this one."
T: "I'm gonna play the encore, which we're probably not gonna get."
K: "And you all have to sing along!"
- 'Cross the Breeze

Date: Thursday, June 23rd, 1988
City: New York City, New York, USA
Venue: CBGB's
Capacity: 300
Other Performers: Lunachicks
Complete: No [likely missing encore]

Setlist / Tracklist

01 Candle
02 Kissability
03 Hey Joni
04 Teenage Riot
05 'Cross Breeze
06 Rain King
07 The Wonder -> Hyperstation
xx Eliminator Jr. / *

* Cuts out near end /
removed anyway for reason of treason listed below

Sonic Youth - CBGB's, NYC Thurs 6/23/88  52 EX SBD-M
NOTE: Very early versions of songs.
#  Working titles on set list included: "Dinosaur (Wombats!)" for 'Cross the Breeze, "UBU/Mellencamp" for Rain King, "Huskeriffic" for The Wonder, "Dream" for Hyperstation, and "ZZ" for
Eliminator Jr. Most songs have early, alternate lyrics. Thurston sings "Cross the Breeze".
# "Eliminator Jr" from this show appears on the Forced Exposure 7" [Silver Rocket, FE-012, OOP] as "Non-Metal Dude Wearing Metal Tee" [thus removed par moi - ed. md]
# "Silver Rocket" was probably an encore, and isn't present on the copy of the show I have.

L: "Alright, get out the graph paper!"
- Rain King


Sonic Youth – Nobody Better Lay A Finger On My Buttafuoco
Label: Amy Fisher Price Playset Co. – AFPPC
Format: Vinyl, 7", Unofficial Release
Country: Belgium
Released: 1993
2 tracks recorded at CBGB's 06-23-1988. Pressed on marbled purple vinyl.

side A: "16 will get you 20"
side B: "Yeah I got your socket wrench right here!"

[Art c/o discogs incl.]

{Factual songs: 1. Kissability 2. Hey Joni}
('Hey Joni' renamed 'Hey Amy' on label)

T: "! Please boo us. What song is this? No titles...No titles, no lyrics, no ends."
L: "Are you riding on a bummer?"
T: "Whoa, haha! Ahahaha... [untelligible crowd scream].. Haha, man...How'd you know?"
K: "Yeah that last song was a cover of uh, our favorite Pere Ubu song!"
T: "This is for Lyle because it's the worst song in the set, believe it or not. Can I, um, change with you? This song's about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. You want me to start it or you want me to count it? Does it matter? You count it! The drummer always counts."
- The Wonder

Bummers count but not as much as drummers in living large amounts.

Salvation - Duchess Of York, Leeds, UK - 10.03.1989 (flac)

Cassette(aud,master,TDK D90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Support was The Keep. (I didn't tape them.)
Tape flip during Bamboo - quality is weird for the rest of the song, but whatever it's doing it stops doing it after a couple of minutes.

01 Intro
02 Instrumental
03 All And More
04 Pearl Necklace
05 Payola
06 Cleaning Out The Debris
07 Paint It Rose
08 The Happening
09 To High Heaven
10 Hunger Daze
11 Bamboo
12 She Is An Island
13 Puppet Master
14 Why Lie
15 Shakin' All Over
16 Blind Among The Flowers
17 Kids In America

Length - 73:27

Egg_Crisis, 30 April 2020.

Groovin' With Lucy / Dustdevils - Polytechnic, Leeds, UK - 01.12.1987 (Flac)

Cassette(aud,master,TDK D90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L+R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

2nd on the bill, after Groovin' With Lucy and before Ghost Dance.

The vocals were VERY quiet for their whole performance, almost inaudible.  It's always assumed the sound man will adjust stuff like that during the first song, but not in this case. The band seem to go down badly but much of the blame goes to the sound man for not bringing the vocals up.  Normally I'll nip over to discogs and get some album tracklists to look at while I listen... and try and match any of the titles to what I'm hearing, but with this it's not possible so I can't even begin to have a guess at a setlist.

"The New York City noise-rock band DUSTdevils was led by British expatriate Michael Duane, who formed the group during the mid-1980s with Australian-born singer/bassist Jaqi Dulany. Originally based in Leeds, England, Dustdevils issued a handful of records on the Rouska label before hopping the Atlantic." -Discogs.

Dustdevils Setlist:

01 ?
02 ? (aborted)
03 ?
04 ?
05 ?
06 ?
07 ?
08 ?
09 ?

Length - 39:32

Groovin' With Lucy Setlist:

Polytechnic, Leeds, UK, 1987.12.01

01 You Should Have Guessed
02 Life And Joy
03 Silly In Bed
04 Fall In Love
05 Hip Hop
06 Live For Today
07 That's Rock N Roll
08 Something Alright

Length - 34:27

Although the singer introduces most of the songs I'm not always sure what he's saying, so one or two of the song titles may be wrong.  Corrections welcome!

Egg_Crisis, 19th Dec 2019.

RE-UPLOAD: Skeletal Family - Funhouse, Keighley, UK - 21.05.1985 (Flac)

Again Thanks to Egg_Crisis for another rarity.

Cassette(Audience,unknown gen,TDK D60) > wav > Soundforge(normalise uneven L&R channels) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)
Bonus track was quiet and needed dehissing with Adobe Audition-Hiss reduction-Light setting.
Tape flip after Trees, the end of the song is very slightly cut (the song was coming to an end, there's only a few seconds missing.)

She Cries Alone also cuts out at the end.  The song was coming to an end but the ending is different to earlier versions - the drums continue.. as if they're going into another song.

I only have that one song from Croydon Underground so added it as a bonus track.

Anne-Marie's final show with Skeletal Family was around 2 months after this gig, in July.  I'm told at least one show from July exists as audio, but I don't have it.

01 Intro
02 Mixed Feelings
03 Hands On The Clock
04 Move
05 Don't Be Denied
06 So Sure
07 Waltz
08 Trees
09 Far & Near
10 Promised Land
11 Cool Hand Luke
12 The Wind Blows
13 Batman
14 She Cries Alone

Length - 60:37

Bonus Track:

Underground, Croydon, UK, 1985.05.16

15 Batman (4:52)

Uploaded by Egg_Crisis for Dark Circle Room
Convert to mp3 for personal use only. Do not circulate in FLAC or WAV format without this info file.

RE-UPLOAD: Gang of Four - David "Kid" Jensen Show, London, UK - 12.08.1982 (Flac)

Thanks to Kingrue for sharing this recording on TTD.

The Stonecutter Collection vol 133
Source: FM Broadcast > 2nd generation cassette (Maxell XL-IIS)
Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > gold tipped cables > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1)
Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 8
Traders Den 4/4/16
Transferred and Tracked by kingrue upload 758

Here's a short FM performace from Go4.
It was filler at the end of another tape, unfortunately the last song is cut off.
If anyone has the complete recording, please share it.
thanks to Rich for supplying the tape.

Band line-up
Jon King - Vocals
Andy Gill Guitar & Vocals
Sara Lee - Bass
Hugo Bumham - Drums

01 The World At Fault
02 We Live As We Dream, Alone
03 I Will Be A Good Boy
04 History of The World (incomplete)

Total Time = 14:03 min



RE-UPLOAD: Robin Guthrie - The El Rey, Los Angeles, CA - 13.06.2011 (Flac)

Very Good recording. Thanks to mixter_ for sharing his master.

Original Info file:

Emeralds Tour

Lineage / Equipment:
6' - 8' from rail / dead center / fob  -> 6.5' h -> slavesound omni's ->
custom bb - no bass roll-off -> edirol r09 (44.1/16) -> sandisk 8gb ultraII 15mb/s -> reader ->
audition 3.0 - slight level boost (no normalization) -> har-bal 2.3 slight eq
(bass attenuate, treble boost) -> cd wave editor (track split) ->
tlh (flac 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> sense of enjoyment -> sharing is caring ->
support the artist (yes) -XX convert to mp3 (no!!!).

K.I.L.L. = Keep It LossLess


01. Slightly Out Of Focus
02. 3:19 (Intro)*
03. Bordertown
04. Horse Heaven
05. Neil's Theme
06. lisa@
07. Mission Dolores
08. Snowfall
09. Monument
10. Pale
11. The Little Light Fades*
* I cannot be certain of these two titles. They may be variations or completely new/different selections.

Performed by...
Robin Guthrie - Bass VI, Pedals, Loops and Effects
Steve Wheeler - Bass
Antti Makinen - Drums

The performance:
Much has been lauded about the best guitarist in the world over Rock and Roll history. Suffice it to say there have been many arguments over who is/was the fastest over the years (Time magazine's #9 pick Yngwie Malmsteen, anyone?). Still, I have never heard any arguments over who is the "slowest".
Robin Guthrie formerly of "The Cocteau Twins" would be best suited for this category. To say it doesn't require as much technical proficiency to play the guitar in this manner, would be a gross mistake. Guthrie creates lush "aural landscapes" by looping and layering several guitar sounds over one another, something the Scottsman has been doing for 30+ years. It does take talent, skill and creativity to play each note and to suspend them in ether, giving the listening enough time wrap their mind around the music. Though not likely a candidate for The Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame (don't get me started),  he has had an indelible impression on several other artists and guitarists over the years including Robert Smith and The Edge.  

The recording...
I have intentionally left the quieter moments quiet. Much of the strength of this performance is through the subtlety and the dynamic range. Portions of the songs that employ bass and drums will be LOUDER whereas the guitar soloing will be quieter. That's OK, really. If not feel free to re-master for
personal use only and run everything up to -.1dB. My nemesis the "Yuh Yuh" guy makes his infamous appearance including his unique brand of bird calls. Much of this is done between songs and doesn't distract from the performance too much, otherwise an EX- perhaps.

I really could use some help on this one. I regretfully did not grab a set list. I was only able to identify the four tracks he played during the KEXP performance + five other for certain. Perhaps one of the more ardent Cocteau Twins - Robin Guthrie fans could have a stab at this one.

Oh and if you enjoy the stylings of...
Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, My Bloddy Valentine, Brendan Perry, Robert Fripp, Michael Brook, Durutti Column, David Sylvian, Christian Fennesz, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Bill Nelson, latterday Talk Talk, John Foxx, David Gilmour, The Orb, Massive Attack and of course, Harold Budd.

Please support the artist by buying his latest albums "Emeralds" and "Bordeaux" on Darla Music Group out now!

Thank-you to my followers and supporters not the least of which fellow taper klingklang and of course my brother.



RE-UPLOAD: The Monochrome Set - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 20.09.1980 (Flac)

A requeest from Dave Sez. Thanks to the original sharer.....his notes are below

Recorded and broadcasted by VARA Radio.

Set list :

01 B.I.D
02 405 Lines
03 Eine Symphonie des grauens
04 Love Zombies
05 Adeste Fideles
06 The Etcetera Stroll
07 The Apocalypso
08 Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
09 The Weird Wild And Wonderful Life Of Tony Potts
10 Espresso

Line up :

BID - vocals, guitar
Lester Square - lead guitar, synth
Andy Warren - bass
J. D. Haney - drums
Bob Sargeant - keyboards, vocals
Tony Potts - visuals

Source : FM > cass >  Total Recorder> WAV > Flac8

Another one from the big box of old tapes !



Wednesday, 20 May 2020

UPGRADE: The Sisters of Mercy - The Ritz, New York, USA - 07.06.1985 (Flac)

Someone asked for this upgrade to Flac. Very good sound. Thanks to the original uploader on Dime. This photo is not  from the actual concert, if someone has any info on the venue, it's appreciated.

Original Info File:

Length: 77 minutes
Lineage: CDR > EAC > WAV > TLH > FLAC (Level 8)

Track List:

01 Audience/First And Last And Always
02 Body And Soul
03 Marian
04 No Time To Cry
05 Possession
06 Walk Away
07 Emma
08 Amphetamine Logic
09 A Rock And A Hard Place
10 Floorshow
11 Alice
12 Gimme Shelter
13 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
14 Train
15 Ghostrider / Louie Louie

Andrew Eldritch
Craig Adams
Wayne Hussey
Doktor Avalanche


Finally got a hold of this one.  My 2nd show at The Ritz and the only time I saw the classic Sisters lineup (although Gary Marx had left by this point).  A pretty good recording with maybe a bit too much bass but no distortion.  Included are some photos, from the actual show, that I found on the Heartland forum.  Tune in, turn off, burn out & Enjoy!

Fields Of The Nephilim - University, Leeds, UK - 28.04.1987 (Flac)

Another gift from Egg_Crisis. HUGE Thanks to him, for continuing to share his masters.

Cassette(Audience,Master,TDK D90,recorded on Saisho PS 35R with built-in mic) > wav > Soundforge(join 2 sides together) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

As support to Zodiac Mindwarp.

Tape flip came about a minute before the end of the last song.  Quality isn't great, either the batteries were a bit flat or it was quite loud, possibly a bit of both.

The first part of Phobia seems to be an early version of what would later become The Watchman. It seemed better to leave it as one track rather than split it.


01 Intro (The Harmonica Man)
02 The Watchman / Phobia
03 Slow Kill
04 Dust
05 Volcane
06 Laura
07 Blue Water
08 Preacherman
09 Dawnrazor
10 Power

Length - 48:01

Egg_Crisis, Feb 2013.

Ghost Dance - University, Leicester, UK - 02.12.1987 (Flac)

Good recording, a little distant but very clear, seems that an EQ was made befor being shared.

Lineage unknown (made avalable on the now extinct Ghost Dance Forum)


01. River Of No Reurn
02. Born To Be Your Slave
03. Turn To Me
04. Nothing Without Me
05. Take My Hand
06. I Will Wait
07. When I Call
08. If Only You Were Here Now
09. Dr Love
10. A Deeper Blue
11. Last Train
12. Spin The Wheel
13. Heaven Can Wait
14. Blood Still Flows
15 Teenage Kicks

TOTAL TIME: 58m 15s

Do Not Sell!

RE-UPLOAD: Peter Hook and The Light - Espaço Armazém F, Lisboa, Portugal - 12.04.2014 (Flac)

As requested. Peter brings the house down, quite an awesome concert and an extensive setlist, Thanks to doublec for sharing it on Dime.

Original Info File:


--- 16-bit version ---

source:     AUD (see location below) > Church Audio CA-14 Cardioids > Church Audio battery box >
        > Edirol R-09 (24-bit/48.0 kHz, LINE-IN, rec. level 22/30) > SDHC Panasonic RP-SDM04G
location:     10 m from the stage, centered, hat-mounted mic
transfer:     SDHC Panasonic RP-SDM04G > HD (via USB) > Audacity 2.0.5 (editing, see below) >
        > CD Wave 1.98 (track splitting) > r8brain 1.9 (44.1 kHz resampling/very high quality 16-bit dithering) >
        > TLH (sector boundaries alignment/level 8 compression) > FLAC
generation:     master (no optical media extraction)
taper:          [G.P.] (doublec)

"New Order" set:

01 [00:28] *** intro ***
02 [06:49] Your Silent Face
03 [04:18] Senses
04 [04:37] I.C.B.
05 [05:30] Age Of Consent
06 [04:59] Leave Me Alone
07 [05:15] Ceremony
08 [07:08] Blue Monday

"Closer" set:

09 [05:47] Atrocity Exhibition
10 [02:58] Isolation
11 [04:34] Passover
12 [04:18] Colony
13 [04:18] A Means To An End
14 [04:31] Heart And Soul
15 [04:12] Twenty Four Hours
16 [05:29] The Eternal
17 [07:40] Decades

"Unknown Pleasures" set:

18 [02:58] Digital

19 [03:16] Disorder
20 [05:02] Day Of The Lords
21 [02:57] Candidate
22 [04:39] Insight
23 [05:23] New Dawn Fades
24 [04:25] She's Lost Control
25 [05:05] Shadowplay
26 [02:36] Wilderness
27 [02:20] Interzone
28 [07:03] I Remember Nothing

29 [02:26] *** encore break ***


30 [04:16] Atmosphere
31 [05:11] Dead Souls
32 [03:04] Warsaw
33 [04:03] Transmission
34 [05:12] Love Will Tear Us Apart

Total running time     [2:33:02]
WAV 16-bit         1.50 GB
FLAC 16-bit         863 MB

Tape story:
This is my first recording "abroad" (I mean, out of Italy).
The venue is a small club at Lisbon port area.
I arrived early so I could check the spot with the better sound, about 10 m from the stage.
People completely into the show with acceptable clapping and someone at my left singing (very good!) the first Closer tracks.
Another very good recording but again (as in Roncade) several small dropouts appeared.
I am sorry for this because in the meanwhile I have taped Depeche Mode, Editors and Franz Ferdinand without problems... seems Peter Hook has a "special" effect on my equipment.
Since I have found the mic's cable severely twisted, maybe my occasional movement (I was taping, but I was also into the show) were "registered" as excessive tension by the cable plugin... just an hypotesis.
Anyway the problem is limited to only four tracks (5, 13, 16 and 18) and the quality of the recording has been substantially preserved.

What about the show?
It was my second Peter Hook And The Light show in two months (the first one was the Movement/PCL set in Roncade, taped too).
I flew to Lisbon just in the afternoon and I enjoyed a 2-day holiday in this fine and friendly town.
I have decided to give me a chance to attend to the Unknown Pleasures/Closer set because I missed it in Italy two years ago and I feared this was one of the last chance to catch it... at a reasonable distance.
As a matter of fact I have really appreciated the previous show and my positive feeling was confirmed by this one.
Another quality show, with one of the longest setlist ever (32 live tracks).
Peter Hook And The Light has won the challenge with its genuine passion (more than a tribute band) and offers 2 hours and half shows at an unusual low price (less than 20 euros in Roncade and 25 euros in Lisbon).
I have never thought to listen Decades played live by one of the original JD members (that songs really moved me and is worth the money spent for the flight and the hotel).
And it is my great pleasure to share this recording with you.

Technical notes:
- The total running time of the recording was 2:56:32; I have cut the first 4:44 mins of intro recorded music from PA and the last useless 6 secs reducing the master firstly to 2:51:42.
- Secondly, I have amplified both channels (+9.0 dB)
- Thirdly, I have divided the recording in three separate parts, "New Order" set (0:39:08), "Closer" set (0:43:51) and "Unknown Pleasures + Encore" set (1:10:02), deleting about 15:15 and 3:25 mins of recorded music from PA between the three sets.
- "New Order" set: I have faded-out the last 10 secs.
- "Closer" set: I have faded-in the first 5 secs and faded-out the last 10 secs.
- "Unknown Pleasures + Encore" set: I have faded-in the first 5 secs and faded-out the last 10 secs.
- If you burn to audio CD, you will need 2 CDs, but I suggest 3 CDs (CD1: 01-08; CD3: 09-17; CD2: 18-34)

Please do not sell nor convert to mp3 for distribution (mp3 only for personal use!)
Feel free to share in the way you prefer, but please share this fileset as originally torrented (so preserve file integrity!)

First seeded by doublec @ DIME on 2014-04-18

RE-UPLOAD: Project Pitchfork - Va I Luce... (ProShot DVD)

First Live-Video from 1992 which was limited to 250 copies. It was self-marketed by the band. It also contains the first self-made videoclip. The full title is: Va I Luce (Eno Nol Si Unir) which means: "Go in light till next we meet!".

Huge Thanks to mopple for sending me the DVD to post here.

Label: Not On Label (Project Pitchfork Self-released)
Format: VHS, Limited Edition
Country: Germany
Released: Feb 1992


01.  Inside
02.  Fire And Ice
03.  Message
04.  Lam-'Bras
05.  Box Of Steel
06.  Ruins Of Ignorance
07.  K.N.K.A.
08.  Psychic Torture
09.  Conjure (Videoclip)
10. Fire Trap