Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Einsturzende Neubauten - Den Bosch, Netherlands - 26.08.1985

Excellent sound, thanks to the original uploader.

01. Schwarz
02. Armenia
03. Treibsand
04. Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T.
05. Ich bin's
06. Schmerzen Hören
07. Tanz debil
08. Zerstörte Zelle


The Fuzztones - Peel Session - 26.05.1985

The only Peel Session from this cult band. Thanks to the original uploader. This is one goes to my great Friend F. Cuadrado, who's missing Lisbon by now.

01. She's Wicked
02. Epitaph For A Head
03. Bad News
04. Cinerella


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Project Pitchfork - Entities Tour (DVD)

Ultra rare video, limited to 1000 VHS copies and never re-released in any other form. Thanks to sisteruli for sharing his transfer from VHS to DVD. The image quality is far from HQ, as expected from a VHS with almost 20 years.

Track 1 recorded live in Hamburg (Germany), 25.12.1992
Tracks 2, 7, 10 recorded live in Augsburg (Germany),25.04.1993
Tracks 3, 6, 9 recorded live in Jena (Germany),16.04.1993
Track 4 recorded live in Durmersheim (Germany),12.06.1993
Tracks 5, 8 recorded live in Bonn (Germany),26.12.1992
Track 11 is the videoclip of 'Souls', recorded March 1993

01. Compliance
02. Song Of The Winds
03. Entity
04. The Island
05. Souls
06. K.N.K.A.
07. Go Further
08. Pan
09. Fire Trap
10. The Abeyance
11. Souls (Clip)


Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Sisters of Mercy - Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium - 12.07.1997

Average sound, but there aren't a lot of recordings from 1997, so this one has a special interest.

01. Intro
02. Comfortably Numb/Some Kind of Stranger
03, Ribbons
04, Come Together
05. Train/Detonation Boulevard
06. Giving Ground
07. Amphetamine Logic
08. On the Wire/Teachers/On the Wire
09. Dominion/Mother Russia
10. Summer
11. Anaconda
12. War on Drugs
13. Flood II
14. Temple of Love
15. First and Last and Always
16. This Corrosion
17. Something Fast
18. Vision Thing
19. Jolene

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Skinny Puppy - The Phoenix , Toronto,Ontario - 13.11.2009

Excellent sound. Thanks to sisteruli.

01. Intro
02. Love in Vein
03. Hatekill
04. Addiction (Doghouse mix)
05. Dogshit
06. Deadlines
07. Politikil
08. Pedafly
09. Rodent
10. Tormentor
11. Pro-Test
12. Morpheus Laughing
13. Ugli
14. Assimilate
15. (encore)
16. mini-Brap
17. Worlock
18. Brap
19. Far To Frail
20. Outro

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fields of the Nephilim - Hellfest Festival, Clisson, France - 19.06.2010 (Flac)

Huge thanks to ledl33 for letting me post his recording, in FLAC. Photos by BIMU_IbLg and Druide.

equipment: Sharp 1-bit portable minidisc recorder + Sony mic ECM-719
transfer: direct to HD > Audacity > CDWave (for splitting) > FLAC (8)

I fixed the mic on my hat, and I find that it is a good position (conversations are less audible), although risky with the security (not here)... At the beginning of the show, I was located center and fifth row but, during Moonchild, two heavy drunken guys intended to launch a pogo behind me. My hat fell down (you might hear it!) and I had to reach the third row. Some gentle fellow asked me if I wanted to do so (you can hear him, too!). Let me thank him!!
But from this moment, sound is louder on the recording, without too bad disadvantage.
Sound was quite good during the gig, even if the voice is a little distant. Finally, I'm quite satisfied with the recording (2 little clicks at the beginning). I've done nothing on it, but feel free to make any improvement and to post it after.

01. Shroud (2 seconds missing after 1 minute)
02. Straight to the light
03. Zoon (part 3)
04. Dawnrazor
05. Moonchild
06. From the fire
07. Penetration
08. Mourning sun
09. Chord of souls

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Friday, 18 June 2010

The Sisters Of Mercy - Powerhouse, Birmingham - 26.03.1985

Very Good Sound.

01. Intro
02. First And Last And Always
03. Body And Soul
04. Train
05. Marian
06. No Time To Cry
07. Possession
08. Walk Away
09. Burn
10. Emma
11. Amphetamine Logic
12. A Rock And A Hard Place
13. Floorshow
14. Alice
15. Body Electric
16. Gimme Shelter
17. Knocking On Heaven's Door

Front 242 - Spleen Festival, Hilversum - 01.05.1983

Excellent sounding early concert.

01. Geography
02. Operating Tracks
03. Body To Body
04. U-Men
05. Take One

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Sisters Of Mercy - Academy, Manchester - 23.04.2003

Very Good sound. Another concert from the Smoke and Mirrors tour.

01. Intro
02. Temple Of Love
03. Crash And Burn
04. Ribbons
05. When You Don't See Me
06. Summer
07. Alice
08. Flood I
09. Will I Dream?
10. Dominion / Mother Russia
11. We Are The Same, Susanne
12. Anaconda
13. Slept
14. Giving Ground
15. First And Last And Always
16. Romeo Down
17. Flood II
18. I Was Wrong
19. Neverland
20. Lucretia My Reflection
21. Snubnose
22. Vision Thing

The Young Gods - Frankfurt, Germany - 29.09.1987

Brilliant sound for this early concert from The Young Gods. A short set of songs including some of my favorite early songs, "Envoyé", "Feu" and "Did You Miss Me".

01. Percussione
02. A Ciel Ouvert
03. Envoyé
04. Feu
05. Did You Miss Me.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Velvet Underground and Nico - Columbus, Ohio - 1966

AKA Melody Laughter

Nice sounding bootleg, the more interesting track is "melody laughter" a 30 minutes song that was never recorded for any official release.

01. Femme Fatale
02. Venus In Furs
03. Melody Laughter
04. The Black Angel's Death Song
05. All Tomorrow's Parties

Mach Fox - Free Downloads

This band is great, they have a postpunk/electrogothrock sound, that I think willappeal to a lot of the readers of the blog. They have most of their back catalogue avaiable as free downloads at their site, so go and get it, and don't forget if you like heir sound to drop them a messsage on the site or MySpace page.


Also, here at the blog we had the pleasure of hearing first hand their forthcoming release, Nu Dead Pretty that comes out June 28th 2010, on afmusic(germany) & Zorch Factory Records(france), and we recoment it, you can check a preview in Youtube.

Nu Dead Prettyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuPRl3aoAeA
Nu Dead Pretty(Toxic chicken remix)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFX_hVw0-To

Mach FoX

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Saviour Machine - Demo - 1990

The first demo from this band. Their sound is a strange mix of goth/metal/prog but quite enjoyable. Another offering from ronan.

01. Carnival of Souls
02. Streams
03. The Wall of Life
04. Transcendence
05. Silent Vision
06. Retribuition
07. When the Cat Came Home
08. The Revelation

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Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Sisters of Mercy - Lorca Rock Festival, Murcia, Spain - 02.06.2007 (DVD)

This DVD is audience shot, the image is not the best, but the audio is excellent. The concert it's not complete, just 4 songs. This was the first of the three concerts TSOM gave in 2007.

01. Crash and Burn
02. Dominion
03. Alice
04. Temple of Love

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fields of the Nephilim - Gagarin, Athens, Greece - 22.03.2008

And an excellent concert from the Nephs, again courtesy of ronan. The second night of the two concerts in Athens in 2008. The band was still promoting the Mourning Sun CD, so there's a more songs from it than in more recent concerts, and they really playing in top form.

01. Shroud
02. Straight Into The Light
03. Zoon III
04. Penetration
05. The Watchman
06. Requiem Xiii-33 (Le Veilleur Silencieux)
07. Xiberia
08. Dawnrazor
09. Psychonaut
10. Last Exit For The Lost
11. Moonchild
12. Mourning Sun

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