Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Academy, Birmingham - 20.02.2001

AKA Dark Clouds Above Me

Another concert from the Exxile on Euphoria tour. Good sound.

First and Last and Always
Come Together
Crash and Burn
Body Electric
Dominion/Mother Russia
Will I Dream
On the Wire-Teachers
We are the Same Suzanne
Giving Ground
Romeo Down
Flood II
I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock'n'Roll)
Snub Nose
Something Fast
Vision Thing

Front Line Assembly - The Powerhaus, London - 6.07.1989

Vynil only Edition, limited to 4000 copies. Very difficult to find nowadays. The record sleeve doesn't give much information, not even the tracklist, so it's difficult to say for sure what concert(s) it is. Excellent sound.

1. Intro
2. Digital Tension Dementia
3. Sedation
4. Lethal Compound
5. Bloodsport
6. Body Count
7. Lurid Sensation
8. Foolsgame

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna - 03.05.1991

AKA Merciless.
Excellent concert and sound.

First and Last and Always
Body and Soul
Detonation Blvd.
This Corrosion
Flood II
Temple of Love
Vision Thing

The Southern Death Cult - Fatman (Video)

I've been posting some The Cult and Death Cult concerts, but was missing some Southern Death Cult... Let's start by this TV appearance of them playing "Fatman" live that ends with a fan(?) spraying shaving foam on Ian Astbury head!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Ochtrup, Helter Skelter - 13.07.1996

It's not easy to find Sisters concerts from 1996, they gave only four and the one that usually can be found is the Offenbach (already posted here). All thanks should go to 17.auflage that found it and shared it first.

On The Wire/Teachers
Come Together
First And Last And Always
Train/Det. Boulevard
Giving Ground
Flood II
Temple Of Love
Vision Thing
This Corrosion

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Docks, Hamburg - 26.02.2009

Another concert from the "Mechanised Europe" tour, this one has a slightly different setlist.

Taper: J.S. - docsommer

Lineage: Church Audio CA-14 > SP-BBox > Edirol R09HR (24Bit/96Khz, Manual Gain)Mastering (with Adobe Audition): slight EQing > converting to 16Bit/44.1Khz > tracksplitting/save files as MP3 (128kbit)

Crash and Burn
Train/Detonation boulevard
Giving Ground
Flood I
Dominion/Mother Russia
First and Last and Always
On the Wire
Romeo Down
Flood II
Something Fast
Vision Thing
Top Nite Out
Temple of Love

Love and Rockets - Coachella - 27.04.2008

A concert from last year's reunion tour.

01 Ball Of Confusion
02 No Big Deal
03 It Could Be Sunshine
04 Dog-End Of A Day Gone By
05 Haunted (When The Minutes Drag)
06 No New Tale To Tell
07 I Feel Speed
08 An American Dream
09 Holiday On The Moon
10 Kundalini Express
11 Mirror People
12 Yin & Yang/The Flowerpot Man

Link Dead.

Friday, 22 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Wake - The Missing Songs (Vob)

As most of you know, the "Wake" video doesn't include the entire live set played at the Royal Albert Hall, there were three songs that were left in the cutting room. This is an audience recording of those songs, for the sake of completion. The format is VOB, so the files are big but the quality is nice. I would like to thanks to Jost 7 from the Hearland forum, that uploaded this first.

1. Gimme Shelter
2. Train
3. Ghostrider / Louie Louie

Monday, 18 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Promo Clips - DVD

Here's a DVD compilation of clips from the Sisters (1.4 G). This is not a TVrip nor a VHSrip from "Shot", it's taken from the versions distributed by WEA to promote the band, including the start clocks. The quality is the best I could find, since there's no digital remasterings of these. Maybe when they make a 20th anniversay re-issue of "Overbombing" they remember to include a DVD with the clips...

This is by no means the complete videography, since is missing "Body and Soul", "1959", "Dr Jeep", "Temple of Love 1992" and "Under the Gun".
Thanks to Guest for sharing

Duration: 34:45

[01]. This Corrosion
[02]. Dominion
[03]. Lucretia My Reflection
[04]. Black Planet
[05]. No Time To Cry
[06]. Walk Away
[07]. More
[08]. Detonation Boulevard

Extras. Information: Unknown Origin (found in DC + +)
Quality: DVD5
Format: DVD Video
Video: NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR
Audio: Dolby AC3, 2ch, 192 Kbps

Front 242 - Peel Session - 1986

Peel Session 13.07.1986

1. No Shuffle
2. Funkhadafi
3. Don't Crash
4. Body to Body

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Adam and the Ants - Marquee Club, London - 12.01.1978

1. Plastic Surgery
2. Puerto-Rican
3. Deutscher girls
4. B-Side Baby
5. Dirk wears white sox
6. Fat fun
7. It doesn't matter
8. Lou (New York Coke Joke)
9. Fall out
10. Hampstead
11. Whip in my Valise
12. Beat my guest
13. Send a letter to Jordan
14. Red scab
15. Juanito the Bandito
16. Fall out

Friday, 15 May 2009

Marilyn Manson - Saytama, Japan - 21.10.2007

Good Quality Soundboard.
1. Intro
2. If I Was Your Vampire
3. Disposable Teens
4. Mobscene
5. Tourniquet
6. Irresponsable Hate Anthem
7. Sweet Dreams
8. The Fight Song
9. Putting Holes in Happyness
10. Heart Shaped Glasses
11. The Dope Show
12. Rock is Dead
13. The Reflecting God
14. Antichrist Superstar
15. The Beautiful People

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Columbiahalle, Berlin - 27.02.2009

Another one of DocSommer adventures trying to tape a concert. Excellent.

Lineage: Church Audio CA-14 > SP-BBox > Edirol R09HR (24Bit/96Khz, Manual Gain)Mastering (with Adobe Audition): slight EQing > converting to 16Bit/44.1Khz > tracksplitting/save files as MP3 (128kbit)

Crash and Burn
Train / Detonation Boulevard
Flood I
Marian (X)
Susanne (X)
Arms (X)
First and Last and Always
This Corrosion
Flood II
Something fast
Vision Thing
Top Nite Out
Temple of Love

Notes from original TXT file:

The songs marked with (X) are messed up/incomplete or missing because I got caught during filming the show. The security took me away to handle the situation in a separate room. I had to delete my video recording BUT the good thing was that the guys haven't recognized my audio equipment so I was able to resume my recording after I got back to the audience.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 24.02.2009

Another 2009 concert, this is one of the four concerts DocSommer recorded this year, I must say that he's my hero, his persistence is out of this world. He got caught 3 of the 4 concert and managed to fool the bouncers, by pretending to erase the recording and still bringing some songs to share with us. Excellent!

Taper: docsommer

Lineage: Church Audio CA-14 > SP-BBox > Edirol R09HR (24Bit/96Khz, Manual Gain)Mastering (with Adobe Audition): slight EQing > converting to 16Bit/44.1Khz > tracksplitting/save files as MP3 (128kbit)

1. Intro/Afterhours
2. Crash and Burn
3. Ribbons
4. Train / Detonation Boulevard
5. Alice
6. Marian
7. Anaconda
8. Giving Ground

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Sisters of Mercy - All Along the Watchtower - 7''

Old Vinyl Bootleg. These songs are already in "The good, The Bad and The Ugly" bootleg, but here they have a better sound quality.

Monday, 11 May 2009

The Sisters Of Mercy - Alter Schlachthof, Dresden - 28.02.2009 (Flac)

I had already posted a couple of songs of this excelent concert, now here it is finally complete, in lossless flac, according to the wishes of the taper.
This beautiful artwork was made by WOOLFEN from the Heartland Forum, my (and yours) BIG THANK YOU to him.

[16bit Master by scttrbrn]

Edirol R-09 (16/44.1) + Church Audio STC-11 [hat mounted] + Church Audio Bat2B-Battery Box > PC via USB > CoolEdit Pro (fading) > CDWave (splitting) > FLAC 1.2.1 (Level 6)

01 - Intro
02 - Crash And Burn
03 - Ribbons
04 - Train/Detonation Boulevard
05 - Alice
06 - Flood I
07 - Anaconda
08 - Marian
09 - We Are The Same, Susanne
10 - Arms
11 - Dominion / Mother Russia
12 - Summer
13 - Floorshow
14 - First And Last And Always
15 - This Corrosion
16 - Flood II
17 - [Audience]
18 - Something Fast
19 - Vision Thing
20 - [Audience]
21 - Lucretia, My Reflection
22 - Top Nite Out
23 - Temple Of Love

Type O Negative - Crowbar State College, PA - 15.01.1997

This bootleg has their version of the Doors "Light My Fire". Good audience recording.

1. Prelude to Agony
2. love You to Death
3. Cinnamon Girl
4. Christian Woman
5. In Praise of Bacchus
6. Kill All the White People
7. Light my Fire
8. Wolf Moon
9. Too Late: Frozen
10. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
11. Black Nº1

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Cult - E-Werk, Cologne, Germany - 31.10.1991

AKA Sonic Ceremonies
Good audience recording. It's not easy to find concerts from this era of The Cult...

Lil' Devil
New York City
Sun King
Automatic Blues
American Horse
Edie (Ciao Baby)
Peace Dog
She Sells Sanctuary
Wild Flower
Wild Hearted Son
Earth Mofo
Sweet Soul Sister
Fire Woman
Love Removal Machine

Monday, 4 May 2009