Wednesday 14 November 2012

Love And Rockets - Cat's Paw, Atlanta - xx.12.1995 (Flac)

There was some requests to extent the Love and Rockets week, so here's another recording, an excellent FM broadcast. Enjoy. Thanks to judgesmails for sharing this one on DIME.

Sound quality: A

FM radio broadcast > cassette received in trade > recorded to hard drive > fades added and tracks
separated using Cool Edit > burned to CD > extracted from CD using iTunes > FLAC > you!

** confirmed lossless with Exact Audio Copy **

Original Notes:

In late 1995 L&R did a mini-tour in promotion of their new record "Sweet F.A."  As far as I know there aren't any audience recordings from any of these shows, but luckily two of the appearances were broadcast live on the radio.

This is the better-sounding of the two radio broadcasts, and it also features a longer set.


1. Intro.
2. Natacha
3. So Alive
4. Judgment Day
5. No New Tale to Tell
6. Use Me
7. Sweet Lover Hangover
8. Sweet F.A.

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