Thursday 22 November 2012

Echo and The Bunnymen - The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 18.07.1983 (ProShot DVD)

"Lay Down Thy Raincoat and Groove"
18th July 1983

Artwork: not included

Notes: the video quality is only ggod, seems VHS tape is not first generation or time damaged it, but also there was some compression, quite strange, cause the gig is less than an hour.
The sound quality is excellent.

Info: on Crocodiles there are a snippet of Light My Fire, on Do It Clean one of All You Need is Love and of some other songs I didn't recognize.

Beezer from ZOMB, "Do It Clean and Never Stop were broadcast by the BBC on The Old Grey Whistle Test, but (as far as I know) the whole show was never broadcast.It's one of (if not THE) best performances that I've ever seen, and I saw them a lot between 81-85"...lucky guy..."The version of Do It Clean that is on here is the one that was released on the B Side of The Killing Moon 12" Single".


01.Going Up
02.With A hip
03.All That Jazz
04.All My Colours (Zimbo)
06.The Cutter
07.The Killing Moon
09.Never Stop
10.Over The Wall
12.Do It Clean

This is another Wacko Brothers production.

Author: unknown
Video Source: VHS unknown generation from the TV broadcast, probably BBC
Lineage: VHS > standalone DVD recorder > trade > ZOMB > MWP
Menu: just accese to the title
Chapters: 11 auto-chapters each 5 minutes
Transfer Rate: ~4.5 mb/s
Format: PAL / 25fps
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 256 Kbps (stereo)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Number of Discs: 1
Disc Type: DVD5
Total Running Time: 54:15

Display Information:
  Video Mode: Bob
  Display Mode: DirectDraw
  FourCC Code: YUY2
  Surface Type: Overlay

Video Attributes:
  Video compression mode: MPEG-2
  TV system: 625/50 (PAL)
  Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  Display Mode: reserved
  Source picture resolution: 704x576 (625/50)
  Frame Rate: 25.00
  Source picture letterboxed: Not letterboxed
  Bitrate: ~4.5 Mbps

Audio Attributes:
  Audio Coding mode: Dolby Digital
  Sampling Rate: 48kHz
  Audio application mode: Not specified
  Number of Audio channels: 2
  Bitrate: 256 Kbps
  Number of Audio streams: 1

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  1. I was at the first night of the two gigs at RAH in 1983. Within the first few songs the crowd on the floor of the hall had crashed the barriers set up at the stage for photographers and cameramen. The band left the stage briefly and someone came out to explain what the band was trying to do, and they begged the crowd to move back from the stage so the cameramen could work.

    I still rate this as THE BEST gig I have ever been to. Ian was channeling Jim Morrison that night, without a doubt.