Wednesday 28 November 2012

Nick Cave / Mick Harvey - Radio Sessions - 1990 (2 Flac Sources)

Very good FM broadcast with acoustic versions. There's two diffferent sources of the 2 Meter Sessies on the RAR file, both sound very good but at the same time very different. you choose wich do you prefer. Thanks to the original uploaders on DIME.

Version 1 original Info File:

14/03/90   Nozems A GoGo, VPRO radio, acoustic.

01 The Ship Song
02 The Mercy Seat

24/04/90   2 Meter Sessies, VARA Radio The Netherlands  (recorded 21/3/90)

03 Sad Waters
04 City Of Refuge
05 The Good Son
06 The Mercy Seat

Version 2 original Info File:

NICK CAVE AND MICK HARVEY playing live in the studio for VARA Radio, in Hilversum, The Netherlands on March 14. 1990.

This performance was exclusively for the radio program "2 Meter Sessies".

Setlist :

01 Sad Waters
02 City Of Refuge
03 The Good Son
04 The Mercy Seat

Source : FM > Cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > FLAC

Another one from the box of old tapes !


As the other upload used some other dates: lists this as being from 14-Mar-90 NL VARA FM radio,2 Meter Sessie. So, I sticked to that info.

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