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Nine Inch Nails - The Live Essentials - Vol 2 (DVD)

Second volume of these compilations.

Original Info File:

Created in 2006, originally posted  by nympholept.
Posted in Dec 2007 by nympholept.

This non professional, fan made DVD was compiled by eatyourblud (of for fans to enjoy without paying for the priviledge.
Please do not allow these to be sold.
If you see them for sale, report the person selling them or forward their details to
Share with everyone freely and enjoy!
Any questions about this DVD can be directed to:

At time of writing, this is Volume 2 of 2 of the Live Essentials
Also available are The Interview Essentials Volumes 1, 2 and 3

EYB says: "
    1. Lollopolooza footage 1991 -
        Thanks to Slaytez for this.
        Different footage to what appears on the Closure leak, features Head like a hole (with Ice T on guitar)  and a brief interview with TR.
        10 minutes

    2. Previously uncirculated shoot of the 7/11/05 - Manchester, UK show -
        This has been spoken of before in the bootleg thread of the Tour News section in 2005, and i remember a few UK fans being anxious to get it...
        Apparently it has never been released, until now.
        Nicely shot from the pit, some obstructions, very nice sound.
        Only source of this show available, supposedly.
        Released with the full permission of the filmer.
        75 minutes. (Incomplete)

    3. TR performing 'Suck' with Pigface -
        Best quality version i've ever seen, as requested.

    4. Previously uncirculated DV cam footage from the Melbourne 2005 Rod Laver Arena soundcheck. -
        Sound isn't great but definetly worth having, especially if you were there.
        Shot from up in the back somewhere
        You can see me and my better half down in front of the stage, so it would've been a bit hard for me to shoot it, eh?
        How it was shot, i do not know.
        This was sent to me unsolicited from a Mt Eliza address about 15 months ago.
        I still don't know who sent this to me, apparently i posted my old p.o box address somewhere on the forum and one day this popped up in it.
        The writing on the address form and the accompanying letter looks very feminine, so i'm presuming a female fan sent this.
        Whoever you are, obviously you lurk or are registered on this forum, so thank you very much.
        If you'd like to contact me i will promise not to reveal you as the sender.
        I'd like to thank Matt, Dave and Devon who have had this footage for awhile now and upheld their promises not to share it without asking.
        Cheers dudes.
        15 minutes

    5. Extras -
        A few highlights from the 2005 tour DVD boots, including the "Something's gonna get BROKEN!" Philly HLAH and Reptile performances and the stage invader during Suck in Argentina.

Thanks to the usual people. (The original thankyou list has been lost)

Note from nympholept:
Do not transcode.
Do not youtube without citing, and linking to your source - everyone deserves this in full quality

Essentials 2

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