Monday 31 May 2021

RE-UPLOAD: Peter Hook and The Light - Estragon, Bologna, Italy - 09.04.2017 (Flac)


Very good sound. Thanks to doublec for sharing on Dime.


--- 24-bit version ---

source:     AUD (see location below) > Church Audio CA-14 Cardioids > Church Audio battery box >
        > Edirol R-09 (24-bit/48.0 kHz, LINE-IN, rec. level 28/30) > SDHC Panasonic RP-SDM04G
location:     10 m from the stage, centered, hat-mounted mic
transfer:     SDHC Panasonic RP-SDM04G > HD > Audacity 2.1.2 (editing, see below) >
        > CD Wave 1.98 (track splitting) > r8brain 1.9 (44.1 kHz resampling/very high quality 16-bit dithering) >
        > TLH (level 8 compression) > FLAC
generation:     master (no optical media extraction)
taper:         G.P. (doublec)

"New Order's Substance" set:

01 [3:58] Procession
02 [5:09] Cries And Whispers

03 [5:06] Ceremony
04 [4:08] Everything Gone's Green
05 [6:58] Temptation
06 [5:49] Blue Monday
07 [4:34] Confusion
08 [6:35] Thieves Like Us
09 [8:47] The Perfect Kiss
10 [5:24] Subculture
11 [5:25] Bizarre Love Triangle
12 [4:46] True Faith

13 [5:29] 1963

"Joy Division's Substance" set:

14 [3:57] No Love Lost
15 [3:34] Novelty
16 [3:03] From Safety To Where...?
17 [3:30] Komakino
18 [4:02] These Days

19 [3:11] Warsaw
20 [2:41] Leaders Of Men
21 [2:45] Digital
22 [5:37] Autosuggestion
23 [3:49] Transmission
24 [5:22] She's Lost Control
25 [2:52] Incubation
26 [5:21] Dead Souls
27 [4:27] Atmosphere
28 [5:52] Love Will Tear Us Apart

Total running time     [2:12:27]
WAV 16-bit         1.30 GB
FLAC 16-bit         449 MB

Tape story:
The venue is a big club in Bologna. I located myself at about 10 m from the stage.
This is a mono recording because I had massive problems with the connection between the 9V battery and the battery box (left channel unusable).
Nevertheless the sound is crisp and clear (and with a very professional screamer during the first half of JD set).

What about the show?
It was my fifth Peter Hook and The Light show in about three years (Movement/PCL set in Roncade 2014 and Unknown Pleasures/Closer sets in Lisbon 2014, Florence 2015 and Soliera 2016, all taped).
NO set was significantly shortened compared to the other Substance shows (only 2 B-sides at the beginning and no Shellshock nor State Of The Nation).
Dave Clough on keyboards.

Technical notes:
- As mentioned above this is a mono recording: right channel has been used in place of the unusable left one with a slight equalisation because the original recording was a little bit boomy.
- The total running time of the recording was 2:31:47; I have cut the first 9:17 mins of intro recorded music from PA and the last useless 24 secs reducing the master firstly to 2:22:06.
- Then I have divided the recording in two separate parts, "New Order" set (1:12:16) and "Joy Division" set (1:00:11), deleting 9:39 mins of recorded music from PA between the two main sets.
- "New Order" set: I have amplified the recording (+3.5 dB) and faded-out the last 6 secs.
- "Joy Division" set: I have amplified the recording (+3.0 dB), faded-in the first 8 secs and faded-out the last 7 secs.
- If you burn to audio CD, you will need 2 CDs (CD1: 01-13; CD2: 14-28)

Please do not sell nor convert to mp3 for distribution (mp3 only for personal use!)
Feel free to share in the way you prefer, but please share this fileset as originally torrented (so preserve file integrity!)









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