Monday, 17 May 2021

Sins Of the Flesh - Dead Beat EP - 1992 (Flac)


 The only EP the band released from the 2ND Coming incarnation. This is even more dnace orientated than the rough mixes, but maintaining a clear industrial feel. Thanks to Scott for ripping the tape and sending it to me to post here.

This tape is again from the collection of DiploDerek, who unfortunately is not with us any more, so we dedicate this post to his memory and with it try to spread all the love that Derek had for (this kind of) music. Below is a picture of him with with Kælan Mikla, one of the new bands that he really appreciated.

A1 Cut 2 The Beat Severed     
A2 Butcher Short Cut     
B1 Cut 2 The Beat Stitched     
B2 Beating The Meat 

SinsDeadBeat EP