Monday, 31 May 2021

Sins Of The Flesh - Straight Outta Kennington Demo - xx.08.1992 (Flac)


 Don't have much info about about these demos, some of the these songs are features on the Sex Sounds tapes, with very minor changes. This tape has a richer sound than the Sex Sounds.

This tape is again from the collection of DiploDerek, who unfortunately is not with us any more, so we dedicate this post to his memory and with it try to spread all the love that Derek had for (this kind of) music. Below is a picture of him with with Irita, the bass player from LA Witch.

01. Go Ahead Funk (Make My Day)
02. Recruiting Song
03. Murder Rap
04. Like Dogs
05. Show No Mercy
06. I Do





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