Sunday, 4 May 2014

Tom Verlaine – Errols, Gothenburg, Sweden - 26.03.1987 (Flac)

Brilliant FM broadcast, Thanks to the original uploader.

Recorded from Swedish Radio P3 “Bommen Live”

Original Info File:

Maxell UD1 >> Yamaha KX-300 >> Edirol R-09 44000/16 wav SD card >> Sound Forge 8 for track splitting and level adjustment >> Traders little helper >> flac level 6.

When I was searching the web for the exact date on this show, I discovered a bootleg that
I didn´t know of that have the complete show. (you can find the art for it here: ), but this torrent is the radio
edit as I recorded it 1987.

1. Bomb
2. The Scientist Writes A Letter
3. Red Leaves
4. Swim
5. Penetration
6. Clear It Away
7. Kingdom Come



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