Sunday 23 September 2018

Bikini Kill / Huggy Bear - Duchess Of York, Leeds, UK - 13.03.1993 (DVD)

HUGE Thanks to Egg_Crisis for sending me this DVD to share here.

Original Info File:

Witchy Poo consisted of members of Bikini Kill & Huggy Bear.
Unfortunately the master tape was damaged in 2001 when the original camcorder was breaking down and so there's a line on the screen during the first two songs but the damage clears up before Bikini Kill start their first song.

On entry to the gig leaflets were being handed out (scan included) explaining how girls feel intimidated at gigs by guys moshing etc, so guys weren't allowed at the front.  Also there were a lot of people at the gig so it was quite a squash fitting everone in.  Consequently for this reason I couldn't film from my favoured position standing on top of the seats next to the sound desk and ended up sitting on the very end part of the bar at the right hand side.
As well as me there were FIVE other people filming this gig!

video8 cassette(Aud,Master,Scotch P5-90 recorded in LP mode,filmed using a Sony CCD-F455E camcorder) > LG DVD/VCR combo > DVD-RW disc > TMPGenc DVD author(add chapters & menu,no re-encode) > VIDEO_TS folder

Chapters at the start of each track

Video: MPEG2 Video 720x576 (4:3) 25.00fps 6556Kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 256Kbps


Witchy Poo

01 ?
02 ?

Bikini Kill

03 Sugar
04 Jigsaw Youth
05 Star Bellied Boy
06 Feels Blind
07 [Speech]
08 Outta Me
09 ?
10 Not Right Now
11 [Riot Grrrl speech]
12 New Radio
13 Resist Psychic Death
14 Rebel Girl

Huggy Bear

15 [Say anything you want]
16 ?
17 Her Jazz
18 Teen Tighterns
19 [Speech]
20 Into The Mission
21 Pansy Twist
22 ?
23 Derwin
24 High Street Jupiter Super Cone
25 ? (1st attempt)
26 ? (2nd attempt)
27 Hopscotch
28 Can't Kiss
29 February 14th
30 ?

Length - 85:39

Egg_Crisis, June 2018.


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  1. 25-26 are both Snail Messenger Loss (from the EP Rubbing the Impossible to Burst) the other unreleased or obscure Huggy Bear songs are a mystery to me.