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Public Image Ltd. - Commercial Zone - 1984 (Bootleg)


Keith Levene quitted the band in 1984 and took the masters of the supposed new album with him, releasing them in the USA on a record label made just for that purpose. This can be seen as the demos of the This Is What You Want album since most of the songs where released in another version on that album. Thanks to propylaen2001 for sharing this rip on TTD.

Original Info File:

PiL Records Inc. XYZ-007 (1984)

Lineage: vinyl > Technics SL-QD33 > BBE FJB-200X pre-amp > Creative X-Fi 24 bit sound card > SoundForge 9 > WAV (24/96) > HDD > iZotope RX2 (click removal) > FLAC

Side A:
1. Mad Max (4:13)
2. Love Song (4:31)
3. Young Brits (3:44)
4. Bad Night (3:22)

Side B:
5. The Slab (3:38)
6. Lou Reed Part I (3:58)
7. Lou Reed Part II (Where Are You?) (2:54)
8. Blue Water (3:34)
9. Miller Hi-Life (2:41)

Total time 32:34

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar/Bass - Keith Levene
Drums - Martin Atkins
Bass - Pete Jones

Recorded 1982/1983 at Park South Studios, New York
Produced by PiL & Bob Miller

More info:

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Uploaded to TTD by propylaen2001 in September 2020.