Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Jesus & Mary Chain - U4 Club, Vienna, Austria - 04.10.1987 (Flac)

This recording sounded pretty good, now sounds even better.

Original Info File:

AKA "Live In Heaven"

 **Remastered** by thir13en

I remember a close friend of mine who wasn't all that musically inclined coming back from the record store one day in mid-1987 with two albums in tow: The Suicidal Tendencies debut and Psychocandy by the Jesus & Mary Chain. At the time I was still pretty much a hair-rocker, and this stuff represented the edge of musical integrity as far as I was concerned. Well, I don't listen too much to the things I did back then, but Psychocandy still see's action around here.

And here's a fine example of their wall-of-noise musings of '87. A well-known boot from them that needed more oomph! It got it, 13 style.



1. You Trip Me Up
2. Happy When It Rains
3. Cherry Came Too
4. Everything's Alright When You're Down
5. Just Like Honey
6. The Hardest Walk
7. April Skies
8. The Living End
9. Taste Of Cindy
10. Nine Million Rainy Days
11. Down On Me
12. Kill Surf City
13. Never Understand


fm broadcast > ? > cdr > shn


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