Monday, 10 June 2019

Pig - The Round Venue, Toronto,Ontario, Canada - 29.09.2018 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader on Dime. Sounds better than the info file says.

Original Inhfo File:


the chosen few
the revelation
loud lawless and lost
morphine machine
leather pig
prey and obey
truth is sin
the diamond sinners
juke joint jezebel
viva evil
secret skin
Find it Fuck it Forget it !

Pig live in 2018 is
Raymond Watts - vocals
Ben Christo  - guitar
Jan-Vincent Velazco  - drums (i like this guys drumming!)

rec'd gear used
AT853'S (4.7k mod) - Sound Pro's Batt Box - Tascam DR-05

aah, im so use to using my Mini Disc Recorder i still havent got my head around these digital recorder things and am still experimenting.
I decided to use the ''automatic recording level'' cause it always worked with MD so well for me.
Not the case with these things! my 3rd recording in with using it and its pretty blown out. id say more for collectors only in this case :/ some songs are bad,some are tolerable maybe even kinda good. at least i know what def NOT to do again esp when im really close to the stage. oh well. i figured id share it anyway.
Turn your volume down on this one.

share freely,never sell or try to make money on youtube with bootlegs! thats the new f'n problem if you ask me.
rec' by bob


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