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RE-UPLOAD: Dawn After Dark - Junction 10, Walsall, UK, - 01.04.1989 (Flac)

Cassette(Audience,1st gen,Sony FN90) > wav > Adobe Audition(Dehiss left channel of side B-tracks 12-20) > Soundforge(normalise,only used right channel of side A) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

The tape ran out during "Maximum Overdrive" and wasn't noticed for a couple of minutes. (Comparing with other versions, the last 44 sec is missing from "Maximum Overdrive" and the first 53 sec is missing from "Don't Fuck  Wiv Her 'Ead".)

There's a stop/start after Make Me Proud, nothing missed.  A couple of times you can hear the guy on the merchandise stall trying to sell t-shirts - the recording must have been made near the back, or it's a small venue and the guy just had a loud voice!

For side A of the cassette the left channel was very poor, fading almost to nothing in parts.  It wasn't worth saving (I tried), and in the end decided to copy the right channel over to the left, so tracks 1 to 11 are in what I call "double mono".  Side B was in a lot better shape and the left channel just needed a light dehissing.

They play an extra long set to make up for the gig being cut short last time they were in Birmingham(Xmas'88).

01 Intro
02 Crystal High
03 Midnight Train
04 Let Me Touch
05 Nothing Can Fulfill Me Without Your Love
06 The Groove
07 Down To The Ground
08 Dead On Time
09 When Will You Come Home To Me
10 Count Every Minute
11 Maximum Overdrive (end cut)
12 Don't Fuck Wiv Her 'Ead (start cut)
13 Sweet Chiquita
14 Make Me Proud
15 Way To Go
16 Wild Wild Love
17 Is There Time?
18 No Shame
19 Habit
20 (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)

Length - 84:09

Uploaded by Egg_Crisis for Dark Circle Room

Convert to mp3 for personal use only. Do not circulate in FLAC or WAV format without this info file.


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