Monday 26 December 2011

SONOIO - Red Remixes (Free Download)

SONOIO is giving away the new remixes album for free on their website, grab it while it's there.

Message from SONOIO:

Hello all,
 the new NON SONOIO remix record is now available : It includes reworkings and remixes by Eric Avery, Alan Wilder, Telefon Tel Aviv, Drumcell, Daniel Myer, Mark Verbos, Gino Robair,Baseck, Except the Cat and IanCurtis.
 It's available in the following packages:
-A very limited (350), numbered and signed 7 inch for Scientist: red vinyl, artwork by Caspar Newbolt at (v) ,includes Scientist (album version) and the Drumcell remix. $ 8.

-An even more limited run of 6 test pressings from the vinyl manufacturing plant. It includes the above mentioned 7 inch (and download). $ 30.

-hi def digital upgrade (format of your choice: mp3, apple lossless, flac or source wav) for $ 5.

-free mp3. happy holidays.
 A few other things on sale on the site, until the end of 2011:
BLUE or RED album download: $ 5 (instead of 8)
BLUE or RED album CD :$ 8 (instead of 10)
BLUE or RED prints (yes we found some extras) $ 20(instead of 25)
 Happy holidays to  all of you and thank you for your support: 2011 was a great year for me and i am looking to release new music in  2012.
 ...and play shows, yes.
 Spread the word...share!
 Alessandro - SONOIO

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