Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Skinny Puppy - Logo, Bochum, Germany - 21.10.1986 (Wav)

I already posted this concert in MP3 and with less tracks, therefore this is an upgrade in WAV and with the total tracklist. Taken from the Fractal Zoom bootleg, wich is equal to the Kill To Cure bootleg. Thanks to cEnda for sharing this one here.


Copy of the 1991 Kill To Cure bootleg cd release, recorded at Logo in Bochum, Germany 10/21/1986.

Source material deliberately mis-attributed as being "Recorded live at the Geigerzähler, Basel (Switzerland) 1986"; except Track 11; 'Addiction' was taken from the "Nettwerk Sound Sampler Volume Two - A Food For Thought" CD, and track 12 'Incision' was taken from the "Remission" tape-this track is also available on the cd release.~

The tracklisting on the CD is wrong; tracks 8 & 9 are listed seperately on the cover, but are a single track (8) on the CD; making track 13 incorrectly listed as 'Incision', where it should be 'Choralone (Live In Houston)' - which is not listed on the back of the case and is taken from the "Spasmolytic" Maxi-Single.

'Glass House' and 'Far To Frail' are incorrect track titles; they should read 'Glass Houses' and 'Far Too Frail'.

Special Limited Edition, produced in The Glass House.

01. Film 
02. One Time One Place 
03. Deadlines
04. Smothered Hope
05. Assimilate
06. Dig It 
07. Last Call
08. The Choke / Glass House 
09. Brap
10. Far To Frail 
11. Addiction (Dog House Mix) 
12. Incision
13. Choralone (Live In Houston)


  1. I downloaded this concert (THANKS A LOT).
    I corrected speed and pitch and some more.
    Want to share what I did w/u.!4QUTFLzZ!L4KzahCOWDjQYs-wZcX-OXq9vo1FMCoi0ipGKAAq5FE

    Thank you again for sharing this gem.

    1. Thanks a lot! It sounds better now :)

      Would it be possible to have a WAV or FLAC version of your emaster?

  2. I'll do it gladly. Just give me a few days (tons of work to do right now).