Sunday, 13 December 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Billy Idol - Cyberpunk; Shock To The System [1993/DVD-NTSC]


Billy Idol's late arrival to the Cyberpunk culture, in another relic from the VHS era. I remember not being a great fan of Billy's music, but liking this videoclip, wich is highly influenced by the Tetsuo films, wich I like a lot. Thanks to sartana for sharing this rip and to   S+©kmªÑ for the links.

Original Info File:

I purchased this back in 93 from the local Camelot Music..Remember them?

 So,you get 3 music videos and a behind the scenes look at how they made the Shock to the System video.
"Blendo"has something to do with some kind of virtual reality doo hickey Billy seemed to enjoy playing with at the time.Really it just looks like some kinda' video effects that might have seemed cool at the time but now,....OK,they do go with his version of Heroin quite nicely

This was transerred to DVDR by my brother.I than took that DVDR and used TMPGEnc to create a menu and chapters.


What we have here is;
SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM (directors cut) 3:33
HEROIN "blendo" 7:48
SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM "blendo" 3:33


Thanks to sartana for sharing






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