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RE-UPLOAD: Tricky - MTV Fashionably Loud - 03.02.1997 (ProShot DVD)

This was lying around on the DVDs pile for ages, time to share it finally arived. Hope you enjoy. Recorded and authored by myself.

Lineage: MTV Europe Cable Broadcast -> VHS -> Sony Standalone DVD -> Menu Authored on Adobe Encore -> TLH -> DIME

Technical Info:
Video: PAL, 25.000 fps, 8 064 Kbps, 4:3, 720x576
Audio: AC-3, 192 Kbps, 2 channels


Info gathered from MTV:
MTV NEWS: Finally, rock takes over the fashion runway this Monday night, on MTV's second annual "Fashionably Loud" blowout.
Making the music this time around are Prodigy, Tricky, and Republica, and here's a preview.

MTV: The worlds of fashion and music came together again for House of Style's Second Annual Fashionably Loud.
Models sashayed down the runway to showcase Spring '97 collections by four hot designers to the live sounds of 3 of Britain's most buzzing acts.

ANDRE LEON TALLEY, Vanity Fair Fashion Editor: I love the whole feeling of it. The mix of the music and the girls walking on this sort of
industrialized Blade Runner catwalk, it's brilliant.

MTV: Italian designer Anna Molinari's ready-to-wear was ready to go down the catwalk to tunes by Republica... Gianni and Donatella showed off
their Versace and Versus lines to the sounds of trip-hop pioneer Tricky.

CLAUDIA MASSON: So Tricky, have you ever seen a fashion show before?

TRICKY: On TV, I've never been to one though. My knowledge of fashion is limited, very limited, very limited.

TODD OLDHAM: I know you've dressed so many rock stars, so how do you think music and fashion tie together?

GIANNI VERSACE: They're born together I think, why, even in the renaissance they use to dress up to play.


Program Tracklist:

01. Christian Sands
02. Black Steel
03. Lyrics Of Fury


04. Suffocated Love (Reading Festival, Reading, England, UK, 26 August 1995)
05. Hell is Around the Corner (Unknown Festival, xx.xx.1995)

Total Running Time: 18.45m


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