Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Cure - Panathinaikon Stadion, Athens, Greece - 27.07.1985 (ProShot DVD)


Thanks to Max1334 for sharing this recording. It's a high generation tape, but it's watchable.

Quality: 6
Generation: Unknown
Lineage: vhs>dvd recorder>you
Taped by: Unknown
Seeded by: Max1334 @ PPTC-ForeverDrowning in torrent

Give Me it
A Forest
Interview with Robert
3 Imaginary Boys
10:15 Sat Night
Interview With Robert and Lol
Killing An Arab

File size: 1 Gb

Total Time : 29 Min

Line up: Robert, Simon, Lol, Boris, Porl

(Max1334) Story: From an Old Vhs I have from a trade many years ago. The quality is not perfect but still watchenable. No menu etc.Enjoy! 


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