Sunday, 22 January 2017

RE-UPLOAD: Gang Of Four - Demos - xx.xx.1978 (flac)

Thnaks to the original uploader.

I think that these Demos are from 1978. Lineage and everything else is unknown.
Cool Stuff!

1. The Things you do
2. Iron Man
3. Hold up my Weekend
4. He called me a Wanker
5. Armalite Rifle
6. Anthrax


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  1. Indeed cool stuff, in fact essential - ta circle for re-upping this! Some scraps of information on this recording's provenance. The Go4 played their first gig in May 1977 in the basement of the Leeds Corn Exchange. The sleeve notes to “One Hundred Flowers Bloom” state that late in 1977 the group recorded some demos, including "Love Not Lust", an early version of "Damaged Goods." In January or February 1978, they sent the tape to Bob Last of Fast Product, following which the group recorded an as-yet unreleased session at Cargo Studios in Rochdale on 28-29 June 1978 which was used for the Fast EP released in December 1978. Although these demos don't include “Love Not Lust/ Damaged Goods”, they are clearly earlier than the Cargo session and are probably taken from the 1977 demo session ... or could be from early 1978, as indicated. Hold Up My Weekend (mistitled as Iron Man in these demos) was a play on words about limp masculinity (“hold up my weak end”) and would never be re-recorded in the studio but was played during the 1979 UK tour, announced as "I’m Not Stewing Steak"; the “UK 79” recording includes the track and also features "(Waiting For My) Elevator", a track only played live (to my knowledge) three times: 24.02.1979 Nashville (aka "UK 79"), 02.03.1979 Amsterdam Paradiso and 31.12.1980 New York City, Hurrah's. Track also covered live by the Mekons whose presence with the then-unknown Au Pairs on the late 1980 American tour probably explains the final late outing for the track. In turn, the Go4 covered the Mekons' Rosanne several times. For the other versions of Elevator and the Mekons tracks, see

    The last two are mediafire links, still live.
    Cheers, Dave Sez.