Monday, 22 October 2012

Cocteau Twins - Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany - 12.10.1990 (Flac)

And this excellent sounding rocording we finish the CT dedicated week. Huge Thanks to the taper for sharing his recording on DIME.

Original Info File:

You can hear now my recording of Cocteau Twins *Heaven or Las Vegas Tour* Hamburg 1990,
1st time digitized and now on dime !!!!
This evening not the perfect Cocteaus Sound, thats for the accoustics in this venue and sometimes Vocals where mixed too much in the backround.

Remember , This Tape is 20 Years old and sounds still great !!!!
Raw recording, no remastering done, feel free to do it by yourself.

Hope you like it ?!!!

Lineage : Row 19 , left side - Sony WM D6/ Denon HD8 Cassette(2nd part TDK Sa-x) .. in-ear mics -
                               direct copy to CDr  - Traders little helper - Flac - You

Tracklist :

01 Blue Bell Knoll
02 From The Flagstones
03 Pitch the Baby
04 Cherry Coloured Funk
05 Orange appled
06 Crushed
07 Wolf in the Breast
08 My Love Paramour
09 Cico Buff
10 Road,River & Rail
11 Heaven or Las Vegas  (Tape flip)
12 Pink Orange red
13 A kissed out red Flatboat
14 Aikea-Guinea 
15 Mizake the Mizan
   Encore 2 needs time (ca 100sec.)
16 Cherry-Coloured Funk


  1. Thanks for sharing, but seems there is no link provided, will it be provided later? Thanks from CT fans in Hong Kong.

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