Friday, 26 October 2012

Dead Can Dance - Bâtiment Des Forces Motrices, Geneva, Switzerland - 20.10.2012 (Flac/Mp3)

NOTE: This is a repost of this one because now Alex sent me a lossless version to post also. HUGE Thanks! This nice cover plus hundreds more here:

It's a pleasure to present you with another excellent sounding recording of the Anabasis Tour (it seems that the DCD week is expanding to the entire month). A huge THANK YOU to the taper for chosing DCR to share his and to Alex for making it possible by uploading it.

Today t'is the concert in Portugal, unfortunately the tickets sold out just 30 minutes after being made avaiable, and I wasn't quick enough... Maybe someone tapes it also, that would be nice. Only three more concerts and the tour is over in Europe.

Taped from the third row, center (very little handclaps)

1-18 : Edirol R-09HR with Church audio Mics
19 : Canon camera (audio rip)

Slightly edited (normalized & encores cut)
Encoded from Wav to FLAC(level 8)  and MP3@320

Total time : 1:52:40

01.    Children of the Sun (7:27)
02.    Anabasis (6:31)
03.    Rakim (6:28)
04.    Kiko (8:19)
05.    Lamma Bada (4:50)
06.    Agape (6:29)
07.    Amnesia (6:31)
08.    Sanvean (5:36)
09.    Nierika (4:34)
10.    Opium (5:55)
11.    The Host Of The Seraphim (5:59)
12.    Ime Preziakas (5:19)
13.    Now We Are Free (5:22)
14.    All In Good Time (6:37)

    Encore 1
15.    The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove (5:26)
16.    Dreams Made Flesh (4:14)

    Encore 2
17.    Song To The Siren (4:35)
18.    Return of The She-King (7:12)

    Encore 3
19.    Rising Of The New Moon (5:20)

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