Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Velvet Underground - Documentaries 1986 & 1993 (ProShot DVD)

Excellent Documentaries about the bands history and their reformation in 1993. Huge Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Taken from a DVD obtained in a trade ages ago, this lot are a set of British programmes about the Velvet Underground.
The first one, The South Bank Show special, is from 1986 and is the best one in content I'd say, although it is a little poorer in quality than the rest. THe other three programmes are from 1993 and formed a "Peel Slowly and See"strand broadcast one night on Channel 4. Debbie Harry links these programmes and appears within them. Indeed there is almost as much Debbie Harry on this DVD as there are Velvet Underground members. Enjoy! 



1.  South Bank Show Special - BBC 1986 (52.49 approx)

Peel Slowly and See - CH4 1993 (presented by Debbie Harry)

2.  Curious - Documentary on the 1993 tour (45.35 approx)
3.  MCMCXIII Outakes (26.59 approx)
    - The Gift
    - Hey Mister Rain

4.  Sunday Morning - 8mm film of Band Rehearsals 1966 (6.07 approx)

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