Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ministry - Exit Club,Chicago - 20.12.1984

One of the last concerts including songs from the "With Sympathy" album. sound is fair, taken from the video acording to INFO:

This was supposedly the final date of this tour, and was to be a send-off
of all With Sympathy material (Al was pretty much fed up with Arista at this point).

The intro to this show is possibly an early version of the track "Hizbollah",
while "Ricky's Hands" is a Fad Gadget cover.

A video recording of this show exists. There is an audio version in circulation,
however it was ripped from a copy of the video.


01. Intro
02. All Day
03. Do You Even Like It?
04. Cold Life
05. The Nature of Love
06. Revenge
07. (Everyday Is) Halloween
08. I Will Do Anything For You
09. Work For Love
10. Here We Go
11. (Encore Break)
12. Ricky's Hands
13. I'm Falling

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