Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dead Can Dance - Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia - 13.10.2012 (Flac)

And with yet another 2012 recording ends the DCD dedicated week. Next stop: Cocteau Twins. Thanks to TimSmith for sharing his recording on DIME.

Taped by: TimSmith

Source: CA-14 cards -> CA-9200 preamp -> Sony PCM-m10 (24/44)
SDHC card -> original WAVs -> Sound Forge 9 (normalize, fades) -> Izotope RX Adv -> 16/44 WAVs -> CD Wave Editor -> TLH -> FLAC16

Sound quality: I was sitting in the center of the farthest balcony, but the sound (as usually at this great venue) was very good. No loud talkers/clappers/jerks. I'd rate the recording somewhere near 873 of 1000.

Few words from taper: Yes, the show was amazing, breathtaking, not of this earth, etc. You know. I didn't want to tell about that. My main impression is how good Lisa's songs from the new album sound live. When I listen to Anastasis it always seems to me that she's getting older or maybe just doesn't sing with full power. On concerts it is as it should be, like there were no years of hiatus.

01) Children of the Sun
02) Anabasis
03) Rakim
04) Kiko
05) Lamma Bada
06) Agape
07) Amnesia
08) Sanvean
09) Nierika
10) Opium
11) The Host of Seraphim
12) Ime Prezakias
13) Now We Are Free
14) All in Good Time

15) The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
16) Dreams Made Flesh

17) Song to the Siren
18) Return of the She-King

19) Rising of the Moon

Uploaded on Dimeadozen by TimSmith (2012-09-14)

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