Tuesday 9 October 2012

Dead Can Dance - Koninklijk Circus, Brussels, Belgium - 02.11.1990 (DVD)

A video bootleg from DCD that appeared on eBay some years ago. very good image quality, the camera angle is mainly still, wich in fact can be a positive thing, no heads in front of the image and no shaking. Huge Thanks to sisteruli for sending me this one to post here a long time ago, finally it seeems adquate to post it on this week focusing on DCD.



01. Agniau Dous
02. Song of Sophia
03. Oman
04. Song of the Sybil
05. Spleens
06. Swans
07. Cantara
08. Towards the Within
09. I Am Stretched On Your Grave
10. Orbis de Ignis
11. Lyndra
12. Isabella
13. Rakim

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  1. Still enjoying the last concert in Belgium... very interested in this 1990 show on DVD. But I can't find links to download this... Can anyone help me?
    Thanks for any answer!