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The Sisters Of Mercy - Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld - 21.04.2006 (Flac)

Very good sound. By the taper notes, he doesn't seems very into the whole Doktor Avalanche thing, all the drums, bass and synth are launched by the Doc's nurse since 1993, it's not quite playback... Anyway, Thanks to him for sharing his recording.

recorded from second row, left side

The "highlight" of this show was surely the power shortage during "Dominion"!
The band had used too much smoke on the stage (one could barely see anything) so that the smoke detection alarm went off and shut down the power circuit of the whole building. It was so obvious that the band were using playback that almost everybody had to grin or laugh...

After 15 minutes of patient waiting the ('playback') show continued. Definitely a TSOM night to remember!

Recording Info:
Sony ECM-717 -> Sharp MD-MT15 -> PC -> Feurio (track split) -> CD-R -> Audiograbber (WAV file) -> TLH (flac level 8)

No art - make your own!

Do not sell this recording - trade freely!



CD #1 [45:12]
01 <intro>
02 Crash & burn
03 Ribbons
04 Dr. Jeep/Detonation Boulevard
05 When you don't see me
06 Flood I
07 We are the same, Susanne
08 Giving ground
09 Summer
10 Dominion/[Mother Russia] *** power shortage ***
11 <crowd noise> 10 minutes! (yes, the German audience was very polite and patient:-)

CD #2 [50:16]
12 <crowd noise> another 4 minutes...
13 Dominion/Mother Russia [now in its full glory!]
14 Slept
15 Alice
16 Anaconda
17 Romeo down
18 Neverland
19 This corrosion

Encore #1:
20 <crowd noise>
21 Something fast
22 Lucretia my reflection

Encore #2:
23 <crowd noise>
24 Top nite out
25 Temple of love

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