Friday, 26 October 2012

Front 242 - Docks, Hamburg, Germany - 20.03.1991 (Flac)

A now, a mystery. This naster was shared by electropop on DIME last year. And contains a recording that is labeled as Hamburg 20 March 1991, the same date as the Berlin Bootleg, wich is circulating for some time now. This version contains one more track. The sound is better than the bootleg. I compared the versions and they're similar but seem to be from different concert. Seems very unlikely that the band made two concerts in tha same day in two different cities, one possible explanation is that one of the concerts was scheduled for the 19th, but started after midnight, making the real date the 20th. Maybe someone has more info on this matter.

Thanks to electropop for sharing this recording on DIME and to mopple for send it to me to post here.

sony wm-d3 + unknown sony mic

ANA(M) -> ANA(1) -> PC -> MagixMusicCleaningLab17 -> FLAC 6 -> YOU


01. Intro
02. Rhythm Of Time
03. Masterhit
04. Tragedy For You
05. The Untold
06. Until Death (Us Do Part)
07. This World Must Be Destroyed
08. Moldavia
09. Im Rhythmus Bleiben
10. Take One
11. Gripped By Fear
12. Slo-mo
13. Sacrifice
14. Never Stop
15. Soul Manager
16. Headhunter
17. First In-First Out
18. Punish You Machine

TRT: 85:59

Transferred from cassette and shared on dime by "electropop" march 2011


thanks and enjoy!

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