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Faith And The Muse - WGT, Agra Halle, Leipzig, Germany - 23.05.2010 (Flac)

Very good sound. Thanks to piktstevs for sharing this recording on DIME.

Original Info File:

Source: audience, don't know about the taping spot

Approximate lineage: Tascam DR-1 [built-in mic, low gain, low cut at 40 Hz,
WAV 24-bit/48 kHz] > Amadeus Pro [sound panorama adjustment, EQ, normalizing, tracking, fade in/out] > iZotope RX (cleaning up some unwanted sounds) > Amadeus Pro (dithering/resampling to WAV 16-bit/44.1 kHz) > XLD (conversion to FLAC high compression)

Taped by odium, mastered by piktstevs
Artwork by piktstevs

Monica Richards – vocals
William Faith – guitar, cello, drums, vocals
Steven James – guitar, viola, percussion
Marzia Rangel – bass, cello, percussion
Paul Mercer – violin
Julia Cooke – taiko / percussion
Geoff Bruce – drums
Aradia – dance, backing vocals
Lucretia – dance, backing vocals
The show at 19. Wave-Gotik-Treffen was a part of the band's Ankoku Butoh Tour. This recording is incomplete and is probably missing 1,5 track ("Souvereign" is fading out and "Sparks" is missing completely). I didn't attend the event myself, so can't comment anything regarding the actual performance, just can note that I dont like the Agra Halle because of the fact that regardless what kind of music is played there, it drowns in the immense space of that industrial hangar.
So the quality of this recording is below the average (5/10). I left the recording uncompressed, just made the sound panorama correction, some very slight EQ and tried to attenuate irritating talkings, handling noises, etc. The recording was very polluted. I even removed the annoucement, because it was unrepairable.
There is another, more complete version of this show, taped by a different guy with the different equipment, appeared on DIME right after the show. 

- Please don't change anything in these files (incl. the info) during further distribution


 1. The Woman Of The Snow
 2. Kamimukae
 3. Blessed
 4. Interlude 1
 5. Battle Hymn
 6. Cantus
 7. Interlude 2
 8. Bushido
 9. Nine Dragon
10. Scars Flown Proud
11. Sredni Vashtar
12. Paul Mercer Solo
13. The Burning Season
14. In Dreams Of Mine
15. Souvereign [fade out]

Total time: 57 min.

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