Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Young Gods - S-Cube, Olomouc, Czech Republic - 13.12. 2012

Sound on the concert was very loud so the recording is overloaded on the lower frequencies. Even so it nice to hear, but be advised nevertheless, mainly for completists. Thanks to Tomas for sharing his master. In MP3 320kbps.


01. C.S.C.L.D.F.
02. Jusqu'au bout
03. Fais la mouette
04. The Irrtum Boys
05. Jimmy
06. A ciel ouvert
07. L'eau rouge
08. Did You miss me
09. Percussione
10. Pas Mal
11. L'Amourir
12. Si Tu Gardes
13. Feu
14. Envoyé
15. La Fille De La Mort


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