Monday, 3 December 2012

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 08.06.1985 (Flac)

Excellent  FM broadcast. Thanks to Deminew and Spacebandit for sharing this pearl on DIME.

Original Info File:
from DIMENEW collection # 132

Rec. Info:
FM broadcast VPRO Frontline Nederland via Radio Hilversum. Master tape. Airing date unknown.
This cassette (TDK SA90) -> playback on Harman Kardon CD 491 -> Zoom H2n (at WAV 16/44) -> SD -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME ->
YOUR EARS AND MIND... look over yonder... Excellent short FM-Master found as a filler on a SATB show. Maybe this airing was up here before, but it's a fresh transfer/remaster from
a master source. It's all that was aired (?) and the last song song fades due to news break...SHIT!
Oh, maybe there's a NICK CAVE master audience somewhere in those collections of tapes I'm presenting here on DIME. Would really love that. I've seen that great musician a few times way back end 80's/beginning 90's (a marvellous "warm-up" gig in Coesfeld90 comes to mind!), and always apprechiated his work, up to his most recent works.
This little snippet of a show at great Paradiso in lovely Amsterdam shows him backed up with prime musicians, and serving at least two alltime clasics from his catalogue of fantastic songs: Tupelo/Black crow king. As well as two satisfying takes on Bob Dylan tunes. Hope you like that one as much as I did/do. Thanks to DIMENEW for capturing this off air some 27+ years ago.

NICK CAVE - vocals, piano
MICK HARVEY - guitar, vocals
BLIXA BARGELD - guitar, vocals

FM BROADCAST (35:17 min.)

01. Dutch radio introduction (1:09)
02. Tupelo (5:47)
03. Well of misery (6:59)
04. Wanted man (5:49) *
05. Train long suffering (4:18)
06. Black crow king (5:49)
07. Knocking on heaven's door (5:23) *

* Bob Dylan cover

Support the artist, go to his shows, carry off all that merch.
Please, do not convert to fucking mp3, unless for personal use!
If you sell (this) - go to hell!

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