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Gary Numan - The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA - 02.11.2010 (Flac)

Very Good sounding recording from The Pleasure Principle Tour 2010. Huge Thanks to mixter_ for sharing his master on DIME:

Original Info File:

Ex- / VG+

30th Anniversary!

lineage / equipment:

location: 8'- 10' from stage, dead center -> 6.5' h -> slave sound ultra stealth omni's -> custom bb with no bass roll-off -> edirol r09 (44.1/16) -> sandisk 16gb ultraII 15mb/s -> reader -> audition 3.0 -> slight level adjust (no normalization) -> moderate eq (bass attenuate, treble boost, peak recovery) -> har-bal 2.3 (expansion, reduce bass rumble) ->cd wave editor (track split) -> tlh (flac level 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> sense of enjoyment -> sharing is caring ->support the artist (yes) -XX convert to mp3 (no!!!)

Please K.I.L.L. = Keep It LossLess! convert to mp3, a.m. or shortwave solely for personal use. don't pollute the trading pools; buy a bigger hard drive!

taper: mixter_

engineer: mixter_
the band:

 gary numan = vox, synthesizers, guitar
 richard beasley = drums, rhythm programming, percussion
 david brooks = piano, synthesizers, keyboards
 ade fenton = programming, synthesizers. keyboards
 steve harris = guitar, keyboards
 tim muddiman = bass


after an aborted attempt to play coachella, the el rey, and the legendary fillmore last april, gary was finally able to mount a 'proper' north american tour this fall with 16 schedule dates. the shows haven't been without incident however as gary regretfully had to cancel his atlanta appearance due to a severe bout with laryngitis. vip's to that show were treated to an instrumental rehearsal performance of "the pleasure principle" as well as their scheduled "meet and greet". all ticketholders still received a refund for the show. disappointing yes, but still very classy of gary and company.

numan fans and the press in the U.S. and Canada have been overwhelmingly positive in their support of these shows in spite of gary nursing his vocal chords. fans in D.C. were invited to help sing choruses for 'films', 'm.e.' and 'engineers'. by the time the tour arrived in new york, gary's vocals seemed to be on solid footing (much more so than the yankee's pennant race - sorry guys). in chicago, gary seemed a bit strained on 'metal' and 'engineers' but seemed back on track by 'films'. while some U.K. fans appeared somewhat bored during TPP09, U.S. and Canadian fans saw the band rocking so hard that ade impaled his forehead on his mic in toronto opening a nasty gash. crowd-surfing during 'down in the park' in chicago was a FIRST for me. i didn't even see this happen last year during this performance at nine inch nails. fans here have been more responsive and appreciative as we see gary only a leap year basis.

as stated before, much attention to detail was spent reproducing the sound of the pleasure principle album. this included everything from very faithful synth patches and samples to the exclusion of guitars (this landmark album had NO guitars) to the occassional guest appearance of nash the slash on violin (unfortunately not at this show). gary did change the running order of the album slightly and shed the 'cars' "holloween / psycho" inspired b-side 'asylum' to tighten the pace and to leave room for the telekon single 'i die: you die'
to lead the encore set. this song resonated well with the n.i.n. faithful during gary's echoplex and wiltern invitations during 'wave goodbye'.

the fillmore:

gary has stated in the past that the legendary fillmore auditorium is perhaps his favorite u.s. venue. this show, initially scheduled in april, was sold out for several months. you could tell that this show was to be very special. the crowd was very enthusiastic and appreciative as documented on this recording. the newer material (i.e. stuff from pure, jagged and dead son rising) was just as well received as the "classics" from t.p.p., replicas and telekon. gary and company were tighter than their performance the week prior at the metro. no false-start on m.e. this time around. gary's voice was also much stronger, benefiting from 3 days of rest spread across the previous week. previous labelmate kevin haskins was in attendance and could be witnessed singing the choruses of are 'friends' electric? along with the 1000+ others
in the audience. neat. 

this recording:

a little bit of chat between numbers. vocals are a bit lower in the mix due to my close proximity to the stage (not to andrew eldritch levels, mind you). still, the outward facing stage monitors produced a pretty clear mix. this one is near excellent IMHO.


my brother.
thanks to an anonymous subversive who makes much of this possible. you know who you are. thanks.
thanks to all the other numan tapers/traders out there. thanks to Numanoid7 as always (keeper of the Numan flame) and Paramnesiac and BlueSkyIS for getting a jump on the North American Tour and my buddy klingklang for getting the underworld and massive attack shows that i sorely missed
due to scheduling and funds. most of all: thank-you gary! can't wait to see you finally immigrate to the states! been a fan for 30 years and counting! welcome back steve! good to have you back on the bus!

a note on mastering:

i know to the purists out there it's considered bad form to tinker with the recording. i have my fans and my detracters. to me though most  raw audience tapes suffer from too much bass, too little dynamic range and reveal more detail of the room than the performance. considerable time was spent to even out the tonal balance and to mitigate a low 'minimoog' rumble that takes over many of the pleasure priciple songs.
still, to each his own. the recording does feature some exuberant cheering from the audience with the "Woo-Woo" guy replacing my dreaded nemesis, the "Yuh-Yuh" guy (see b.r.m.c.-echoplex and/or p.i.l.-club nokia). still, extremely enjoyable IMHO.


support the artist. if you enjoy this show please purchase the official cd / dvd of TPP09 at Townsend Records...

for additional info on gary numan please visit: and

to the mancunians -> get your tix to the numan + recoil double-bill now!

to the germans - > get ready to see recoil and gary and ade in d.j. form!

gratuitous propaganda:

a must for fans of: nine inch nails, depeche mode, kmfdm, ministry, revco, daf, skinny puppy, recoil, bauhaus, love and rockets, nitzer ebb, the sisters of mercy, human league etc...




 the pleasure principle:
 01. random
 02. airlane
 03. metal
 04. engineers
 05. films
 06. tracks
 07. m.e.
 08. complex
 09. observer
 10. conversation
 11. cars

extended set:
 12. the fall
 13. pure
 14. down in the park
 15. haunted
 16. halo
 17. jagged
 18. are 'friends' electric?
 19. encore break
 20. i die: you die
 21. zulu
 22. a prayer for the unborn


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