Wednesday 26 December 2012

The Sisters Of Mercy - House Of Blues, Anaheim, USA - 18.03.2006 (Flac)

Another upgrade to FLAC.


I guess this would now be considered a second generation bootleg.  Although I appreciate the recording highly and the speed in which it became available, the original cutting of tracks seems to have been done in haste.

This version is of the complete recording, but with track turnovers edited in Wavlab.  If anyone objects... um -- I'll look into it.  I made my own personal edited version to fit on a single CD-R (wherein I also reduced the 'clip' when Von yells "Vote yourselves sicker" in response to... ehem... Bush at the beginning of 'Vision Thing').  I did try adjusting gain and make it louder, but now realize that many of the bass tones just turn to mud.  The original mix is rather clean so adjust your volume and EQ manually.

I recommend listening to crowd banter track simply for the guy screaming such things as "Andrew ...  I love you ... god damn...".  It's wonderful stuff.


MARCH 18, 2006

The Sisters of Mercy, live at the House of Blues in Anaheim! Venue holds about 2000 people. My knowledge of the Sisters of Mercy discography is a little weak, so please correct any innacurate song listings here on DIME. Depeche Mode fans and the Cure fans will definitely appreciate this!

Recorder: dmlive2k
Equipment: Sony Hi-MD MZ-RH10, PCM format. Core Sound Binaural Mic w/Bass Roll Off
Location: directly behind soundboard, center stage

SETLIST (Corrected)

00 Intro
01 Crash And Burn
02 Ribbons
03 When You Don’t See Me
04 Will I Dream?
05 Flood I
06 Suzanne
07 Giving Ground
08 Summer
09 Dominion/Mother Russia
10 Slept
11 Burn
12 Alice
13 Anaconda
14 Romeo Down
15 Flood II
16 Something Fast
17 Lucretia
18 Break/Crowd Banter
19 Top Nite Out
20 Temple of Love
21 Vision Thing

Absolutely no selling or EBAY of this recording. Purely for entertainment. Support the Band. Buy their CDs! Do not convert to lossy - it sounds like crap!


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