Saturday 29 December 2012

Simple Minds - Irvington, New Jersey, USA - 27.05.1984 & Festival Grounds, Werchter, Belgium - 08.07.1984 (Flac)

AKA "Under The Crystal Lights"

A recent bootleg from SM, but probably the best sounding one ever. A pity that the setlist of both concerts is identical. Thanks to HARMONIZER09/APOPTYGMA for sharing this bootleg on DIME.

Original Info File:

Format: Double CD
Release Information: Far East Recordings SM84 1/2
Source: Soundboard
5 STARS!!!

Silver bootlegs produced in 2009 and remastered by Noddy C > WAV through NERO > FLAC8 through TRADER LITTLE HELPER > 2U

The band:
Jim Kerr: vocals
Charlie Burchill: guitar
Derek Forbes: bass
Mel Gaynor: drums
Michael MacNeil: keyboards

While Simple Minds are still on the roads in 2009 and 2010 with "Graffiti Soul", while Jim Kerr will propose in May 2010 his 1st solo album "A.K.A. lost boy", it's time to remember the golden era...
In three albums (New gold dream-81-82-83-84-, Sparkle in the rain, Once upon a time), the band touched the sky and raised the sun with ecstatic performances during the different tours.
in 1984, for the "Sparkle in the rain tour", the band proposed apocalyptic versions of songs from the two previous albums, performances still in mind of all the SM fans.
This tour was amazing and especially Soundboard's recordings from these two dates present on this double silver CD are the finest candy for all of us!
Don't dream anymore:
These gigs have been already uploaded in remastered versions through DIME with more complete versions and/or remastering tools.
I personally uploaded the full gig on Dime in 2009-11-28 for the Irvington Show and the show from the Festival Grounds at Werchter was uploaded a couple of months later.
Nevertheless, today, this liberated double bootleg for the community of SM fans with full artwork in HD is a gift I know that will be appreciated.
Not everyday appears one jewel in silver CDS as this one!

That's all folks!



1994-05-27, Irvington, New Jersey, USA CD1:
Duration: 75:01:22

01 - East at easter
02 - Up on the catwalk
03 - Book of brilliant things
04 - Glittering prize
05 - The american
06 - Speed your love to me/"C" moon cry like a baby
07 - Someone somewhere (In summertime)
08 - Promised you a miracle
09 - Big sleep
10 - Waterfront

1984-07-08, Festival Grounds, Werchter, Belgium CD2:
Duration: 75:10:28

01 - Up on the catwalk
02 - Speed your love to me/"C" moon cry like a baby
03 - Glittering prize
04 - The american
05 - Someone somewhere (In summertime)
06 - Promised you a miracle
07 - Big sleep
08 - Waterfront
09 - New gold dream (81-82-83-84)/Take me to the river/Light my fire


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