Tuesday 11 December 2012

Echo & The Bunnymen - Festival SBSR, Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Algés, Portugal - 05.07.1997 (FLAC)

The Bunnymen in Portugal, if  I'm not mistaken, this was the third time they played here. Huge Thanks to Ziggy for sharing this one on Dime.

Original Info File:

This is the complete broadcast but not the complete show. They only allowed broadcast from the 4th song on. I don't know which songs were played before. Never knew about an audience recording of this show.
Anyway this is the first time i share my recording. It is not perfect, broadcast was not the best and reception aswell. So, this has a bit of hiss. But still very listenable.
Enjoy and share but don't sell.
Z :-)

Source:Amplifier Technics SU-V500>Tuner Denon TU-460>Minidisk Deck Sony MDS JE-510>Zoom H2 line in>WAV - 44,10 kHz / 16 bit


01. Altamont (cuts in)
02. The Killing Moon
03. I'll Fly Tonight
04. The Back of Love
05. Over The Wall
06. Nothing Ever Lasts Forever
07. Just A Touch Away
08. Rescue
09. I Wanna Be There When You Fall
10. The Cutter
11. Do It Clean
12. Radio Interlude
13. People Are Strange
14. Evergreen
15. Radio host

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