Thursday, 27 December 2012

Morthound - Death Time - Tape Rip (Flac)

In the winter of 1990 Morthond was created as a one-man project of Benny Nilsen. The idea was to make visual music without any moving pictures with coincidence as a main inspiration." (from "Karmanik Collection") In 1992 the name "Morthond" was changed to "Morthound"; the first release under the new name was "Spindrift". Morthound was disbanded in 1996 and Nilsen started out with his new project Hazard. - Info from Discogs

Quite atmospheric music from this industrial one man band. An offering from Ronan. Our Thanks to him. The tape was ripped in mono, so I duplicated the channel to make it stereo, in fact a dual mono. 


01. Death Time
02. Mithril
03. Fold Up
04. My Burning Flesh
05. Atmosphere - Distance
06. Anasthetic
07. Entertainment In The Desert I
08. Entertainment In The Desert II
09. Amen


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