Thursday, 13 December 2012

Michael Gira - B2 Club, Moscow, Russia - 23.09.2004 (Flac)

This recording is a little rough, but even so quite enjoyable. Thanks to V.S. for sharing his recording through torrent.

Michael also played your brilliance 'Failure' as an encore, unfortunately i forgot turn the tape on side B.

Recording and digitization by V. S.

AUDIENCE RECORDING: with Panasonic RQ-L11GC-S (or similar tape-dictaphone, i
don't remember exactly how it was long ago and i was pretty drunk)

TAPE: TDK SA-X100 high (CrO2) position

TRANSFER: same tape-dictaphone via cable from headphone socket to line in socket
of SoundBlaster Live! (with kX audio drivers)

IN EAC: recording and saved as .wav file

IN COOL EDIT PRO 2: track splitting, deleting extended guitar tuning and adding
a little fade in/out, NO noise reduction or something like t


01. Destroyer (5:53)
02. The Provider (6:18)
03. To Live Through Someone (5:28)
04. Michael's White Hands (4:19)
05. The Family God (3:43)
06. Nations (5:35)
07. The Kid Is Already Breaking (2:59)
08. God Damn The Sun (4:16)
09. On The Mountain (5:03)
10. New Mind (6:24)

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